Update on my Diet 'Experiments'…

Hiya. This week went a little better.

As usual, I ate 3 meals a day, averaging at about 1,700-2,000 calories. I cut out mashed potatoes this week! But I still have white rice, everyday.

What I did change is that I unintentionally exercised less. I did about 30 minutes, sometimes less than that.


Last week I was 287.2lbs.

This week I am 283.6lbs.

That's a loss of 3.6lbs.

That's very strange, considering I felt like I overate on some days. Either way, I'm glad.

Also, I reached a milestone!

Earlier in the year, I tried to lose weight by only eating once a day, and over-exercising. I relapsed, hard. I gained weight quite quickly. At that time, I remember being 20st 4lbs on the old Weight Watchers scales. Well, I'm now back to 20st 4lbs. I consider this the begining of my weight loss, properly. When I lose weight past this point, I'll be very happy.

My next goal is to get myself into the 19s, or on pounds, the 270s. That'd be a dream! I hope to achieve this by the time I start college in September.

I'll update you all next week. 🙋


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13 Replies

  • Wow!! That's wonderful!! Keep it up.

  • I'll try! 😂

  • It is going well DiDiZia keep it up.

    You are so much more positive and I know you have been waiting for the day when you got to this weight so that you could really start you weight loss journey in your own mind. I think you have already been on that journey.

    Keep clear of the mashed potato seems to be a good message for you.

  • Yes. I consider this as the beginning, lol. But yes, I have lost quite a bit of weight already. I hope it continues.


  • I am sure it will.

  • Wow! Well done DiDiZia!

  • Well done, that is a good loss

  • Thank you!

  • Great loss DiDiZia and really glad that you've reached such an important goal. The 19s aren't far away and probably well within reach for you for the start of college.

    All the best for your continuing journey.

  • Gee, I hope so. Thanks! 😂 My weight is very unpredictable.

  • Well done DiDiZia it sounds like you've found a good formula that is working for you that has good results.

    Fantastic weight loss and congratulations for being at your favoured starting point.

    Cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉

  • You are so near the 19s it won't be long sure you will do it before September That's fabulous about your weight loss It's lovely to hear you sounding positive we all know you will do it xx

  • Well done!

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