Anyone wanna Join me?

Anyone wanna Join me?

Day 1 today :) Just a little fun way of exercising πŸ’ͺ


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  • Go CathyProc πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

    I am sure you will have support with this πŸ‘πŸ»

  • Just tried this to see if it irritated my back, and it doesn't so I'm in! I think it might take longer than 30 days to build up to 5 mins but I'll increase a little each day and see how far I can get! Day one done πŸ˜€

  • That's great. It's always best to do at your own pace! Good luck :)

  • Thanks, you too, just doing a little chart so I can record each day πŸ˜€

  • I would like to join - have done day 1

  • Well done :D

  • If I got down that far I wouldn't be able to get up again! Good luck though. x

  • Cheer leaders are always welcome!!

  • Would you record this as strength excercise on nhs weight loss chart

  • I think so yeah :)

  • If you do them slowly then it strength exercise, if doing fast its aerobic. good luck

  • It is remaining in static position against a wall for a set amount of time. There is no doing it fast or slow.

  • Oh - have I got it wrong? I did ten squats from upright to squatting and back up using the wall as a back support!

  • lol. Yes, I'm afraid you have.

  • Count me in. I think it will help my sciatica. Will be doing with an exercise ball.

    Good Luck

  • The sheet is printed out and on the fridge - day one done ;)

  • Same here chart on fridge

  • Great minds Summercool6 - although I was half dead by the time my husband ensured I was in the absolute correct position before he'd start the timing!

  • I know I looked on you tube to see how to do it properly but my hubby said he didn't think I was 90 degrees by about 3" By the time he moved me around I was hanging onto the wall for grim death. See how I go tomorrow - the thought of 5 mins scares me

  • I'm In!

  • I'm going to try, as can still do some. Thanks

  • I hate to be a party pooper and voice of doom, but this really isn't a sensible 'challenge'. There are a lot of these '30 day challenge' things that float around on the internet: pushups, situps, plank etc and they all follow a similar progression. getting from 0 to 100 situps in the 30 days or 10sec to minutes of wall sits in this instance. The progressions look very manageable and nice and linear, and they are often very popular on groups/forums. Over on the C25k group there was one a few months back, I think for 0 to 100 pressups in 30 days.

    The problem is they are not based on any sensible kind of exercise science at all. The progressions are just entirely arbitrary, and I would bet money were made up by some Social Media Content writer, rather than a fitness trainer or anyone with any knowledge of exercise or the human body.

    What happens is everyone starts out really enthusiastic. The forst week or so is not too unreasonable. Holding a squat for a minute isn't too bad. Then around day 10 its starts becoming really hard work (to say nothing of your poor quads and glutes are not getting any rest days whatsoever), and people start dropping like flies. But rather then recognising the programme for being the nonsense that it is, blame themselves and it puts them off doing squats or exercise altogether. No one finishes.

    Sorry to sound negative, but this really is the truth of the matter. Ask a personal trainer or a PE teacher if you don't believe me. See if you can find any bona fide exercise programme anywhere: online, in a book or at a gym, that works on this kind of principle. I get quite annoyed by these 'challenges' (although I hide it well, obvs) beacue they are just an invitation to disillusion at best and injury at worst.

    *rant mode disengaged*

  • What would you propose as a solution Rignold?

  • To the problem of this kind of tripe proliferating on the internetz? Lengthy prison sentences for millenials and hipsters who promulgate dangerous fitness advice online. Perhaps with a good birching thrown in.

    In terms of this specific challenge, or the situp/pressup ones. Well, its a rather boring answer i'm afraid. I would say a far better use of 30 days of your life would be incorporating thoe movements into a sustainable circuit that you can do, say, 3 times a week, and concentrate on doing just one or two reps of an exercise with correct form, or holding a wall sit for 30 seconds (trust me that will feel long enough) for however long as it takes to really feel comfortable with it before doing it for longer. Build up to doing 3 sets of 30 seconds.

    Correct form is always more important than volume of reps. If you can do 1 pressup well you have a base to build on. If you do 30 pressups badly, you are just wasting energy, doing yourself no benefit, and possibly damage.

  • Lol taken on board. However I was sitting watching the telly and now I have done something and that cannot be bad even if I last a few days it's a bit of fun. I wouldn't use it to train for a fun run but if it let's people do something for a few days great. No need to beat yourself up for not completing it when every step you take is a positive one.

  • A challenge that gets folk moving, trying to achieve and having some fun by challenging each other in a friendly manner along with getting to know ones with similar interests can only be a good thing to enjoy together..

    If it becomes too difficult and your body says "No" then listen to your body.. Otherwise enjoy this post together. None of us are here to discourage, but to encourage one another.

    Cheering us all on πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  • I meant no discouragement of folk getting moving, as I think I made clear. Merely that there are some methods that are not particularly good for you. If this challenge were to lose increasing numbers of pounds every day for a month, I wonder how it would be viewed?

    But anyway, I could be totally wrong in my assessment of the plan.

    I wish everyone the beatbox luck with the challenge and look forward to reading of your progress.

  • I'm in, just done my first 10 seconds.

  • Day 2 done πŸ’ͺ

  • Day two done! I think there is something wrong with my legs, it really hurt lol :-)

  • It did me to, I'm not used to it I think :)

  • I've completed day 2 with 2 sessions of 10 secs which is what I could manage today

  • Well done :)

  • Feeling the burn today! Remember to do it at your own pace everyone :)

  • Day 3 done!

  • Day 3 managed in 3 separate 10 secs . Not sure that I can manage more than this, but will let you know again tomorrow.

    Even so if I can keep it up at this it's got to help a little ,I'm sure

  • Day 4 completed!

  • Same! Well done, defo getting harder but I do in small reps :)

  • Day 4 but not a good day, so only managed 10 squats.

    Better than none

  • Are you sure you are doing the right exercise? A wall squat is sitting with your back against a wall with your thighs roughly parallel to the ground, as per the little cartoon, and holding that as a static pose for whatever duration.

  • Thank you for correcting me, NOT what I was doing.

    My physio and dr. Call wall swats as, back against the wall,arms out straight and bend as far as you can.

    Thank got me motivated again, but not doing it right, so I quit this challenge.

    I shall still keep moving for my benefit and to aid hip op. Recovery.

    Thanks and good luck all who face the true challenge. It got me going.

  • Yeah as Rignold said, make sure you're doing it right.

    Also just do as many as you can do, the thing I like about this challenge. I don't mind if I don't make it to exactly what it's saying I should be doing but it's giving me the motivation to get up and move which is great :) 10 is great!

  • Thank you, not what I was doing, hospital and Dr. Said to do wall squats ,back against wall, hands in front and bend at the knees as far as you can go.

    I'm still trying and moving, for me that is the main thing, so I

    Quit the challenge, good luck everyone. Keep moving

  • I'm in. Recovering from a muscle contusion on thigh so I will see how far I get.1st day done

  • Day 5: omg, I thought it might be easier in the morning, I was wrong... it burns :-(

  • Just completed 1 minute. Omg I felt the burn 😱

  • That's Fab, burn is good right? :D

    I'm defo feeling it at day 6.

    I highly doubt I will do 5 mins in a row at dat 30 but maybe 5 x 1 mins same thing but easier for me :)

  • That sound like a good plan πŸ‘

  • Day 7: just managed to complete it! Nearly gave up and could feel my body rising by itself 😨 but I held in there ☺ . When I joined this challenge I remember reading the sentence " just a little fun way of exercising" WELL, I'm not sure where the fun is.........but I will do my best to rise to the challenge!

  • Well done :) Some people enjoy things like this, especially myself I make it fun, stick on some crazy music and challenge myself, but any day I find it too hard I break it up!

    You've been doing fab though!

    If you're finding it too much just stick to doing what you can manage you're still working them legs :D

  • I managed to get to 30 secs so I just do this a couple of times a day. Don't think I will be able to get much higher than this for a while. Doing other exercise too.

  • I skipped day 8 but, completed day 9. 1.30 seconds!!!!!!!!

  • Day 10 completed. Dare I say it felt slightly better doing it first thing in the morning, rather than in the evening πŸ™„

  • So today I managed 2 whole minutes. I think I've missed a day??? I didn't post yesterday (too knackered) but did 1 m 50 secs......

  • Doing fab :)

  • Day 15 (half way) ....2 minutes 30 seconds completedπŸ˜† is it easy no, but possible, wobbles and all lol.

  • I'll join you Cathy 😩😩😩😩 I always hate getting ready for step aerobics or my cross trainer but love it when I'm actually doing it and am in the zone . I feel so proud of myself when I'm done too.

  • Wooo :) it's a fun challenge but do at your own pace. I love doing it in the morning listening to a great song time goes a lot quicker πŸ˜‚

  • Very impressive, Emma. How is everyone else getting on? You must have quads of steel by now.

  • Very well @rignold :) not as much burn any more! day 15 done πŸ’ͺ

  • So, month up. How did you all get on?

    5 minutes non stop wall squats... cores of steel and thighs of... um, titanium...

    How did you find the experience? Are you going to carrry it on?

  • Hi rignold and anyone else on challenge. In my case ,after you advised. I kept up my style squats, right up till op day,feeling better with myself that I was able to keep it up.

    Day 10 post op. Doing good, but not ready to get back on the wall YET, but will do, WATCH THIS SPACE.

    diet slightly off course, but ready for weigh in Monday again.



  • tremendous work, Rose. Don't rush back to it. The wall will still be there when you have recovered from the op, and the important thing is to give your body time to heal.

    Top marks for 'tude, though.

  • I did well, there were some days near the end where I did 3 lots of 1 minutes in a space of 10 mins, for example, if I was finding it a little harder. Doesn't say any where that you have to do all of the minutes in one go πŸ˜‚ But for the last day I stuck on an upbeat song and did the 5 mins in a row :) very proud of myself never thought I'd keep to it πŸ’ͺ

  • Soooo did I complete the challenge....I'm afraid excuse I've been unwell with the bug that's been flying around.... slowly on the mend....I've decided to start again today....rather than daily updates I'll give an update once a week.....

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