No fryup today!

Morning all and have a good Sunday, it'll be my first Sunday without a fryup for brekkie since I don't know when, it was always a reward for a long week but that has to change, today its either going to be yoghurt and fresh fruit or poached eggs on wholemeal, can't say I am savouring the thought like a did the fryup but it has to be, onwards and upwards lol


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34 Replies

  • Poached eggs on toast sounds good to me 😋

  • I think I will :-)

  • You still can have a tasty healthier version of your fried breakfast with less calories if you tweak it a bit. Depends if you'd enjoy it or if that would just make you crave the old one! I can't eat a big breakfast but I sometimes have a version of hot breakfast for lunch. I don't eat meat so would have a veggie sausage but you could probably have a couple of bacon rashers, small sausage, grilled tomato and mushrooms (make the veggies a bigger portion and the meat a smaller one) and an egg for under 500 cals. Depends if you're saving your calories for a Sunday dinner!

    I agree with Minniewhinny though, I love egg on toast !

  • Hi ya Fran, I didn't buy my veggie bacon and sausages on purpose because I knew I would want to eat the version of the old breakfast I used to have, once I feel in control of my food more I shall add them back in, so today its two poached eggs on nimble wholemeal bread (which is surprisingly nice and I had always talked about it with such derision in the past lol) some grilled tomatoes and a very small portion of beans and hopefully that will do the trick for me.

  • That does sound really good! Enjoy 😀

  • If I want a cooked brekkie I have one ;) something like boiled egg instead of fried etc. mushrooms, tomatoes grilled, rasher or 2 bacon grilled, ( sometimes baked beans and the occasional sausage :) ) I normally have this for a brunch so we then don't eat apart from snacks of fruit etc until the evening meal :)

    I have the low calorie breakfast for week days :) and make sure I enjoy my Weekends, without going overboard :)

    Enjoy whatever breakfast you have - The whole point of calorie counting is not to deprive you of the foods you enjoy :) that is the main thing to enjoy what you eat, just watch the potion sizes :)

  • Thankyou Cracker.

  • Hi Eve60. Well done on your motivation. If there are days when the temptation of a fry up is too much you could always do a 'lower calorie' version as long as you build it into your calorie allowance (although it would be a grill- up or a "fry light" up Ha ha).


    2 rashers of back bacon - grilled and fat trimmed = 106 cals

    Slice of wholemeal bread = 103 cals

    Poached egg (small) = 53 cals

    Scrape of sunflower spread (10g) = 28 cals

    Total = 290 Cals. Not too bad :)

    (No sausage I'm afraid!)

    Good luck with it. let us know how your week goes. Onwards and downwards !

  • Thankyou Argyll :-)

  • You can see from all the replies that cooked breakfasts are a subject close to all our hearts. You have struck a chord there :)

    Love the little pooch :)

  • Definitely lol, can't beat a fryup but to tweak it better is the way forward, thankyou for liking my dog, always such great companions to have, funnily enough I won't let my dogs get fat as I know its so bad for them but shame I didn't apply that to myself when it all started loading on lol

  • Another vote for a low calorie fry up - I love it! I'm veggie too though like Fran182716. I even have fried egg - just measure the oil and count the cals - or try spray oil. But poached egg is good too. Linda Mccartney sausages don't break the bank calorie wise, and you can make your own veg-heavy bubble and squeak. Halved tomatoes under the grill, shallow fried mushrooms, even a few baked beans. But I have to admit I call something like this 'brunch' - follow it with a light afternoon snack rather than lunch, then an early dinner :)

  • Thankyou Ruth.

  • A fried egg won't absorb any of the oil so they are actually not as bad as people think they are.

    If you want some good oil try ktc coconut oil, it doesn't have the coconut taste but is very good for you.

  • Hi Jim, does it not take on the oil when fried? I seriously didnt know that :-)

  • No, it doesn't absorb it but you need to let the oil run off of it when you are lifting it out of the pan.

  • Yes I read that about eggs not actually absorbing oil too. I also learned it was worth getting a very good non stick frying pan then you hardly need much oil anyway :)

  • That's a good idea Ruth ☺

  • I just use a teaspoon of oil in a really good non stick pan, they're worth the expense! I use a pastry brush to spread it over the base of the pan and (carefully!) flip the egg over when its set enough so the white on the top cooks as I find runny white bleurggh!

  • Me to, runny uncooked eggs make me heave lol

  • Oh it has to be done properly or its minging lol

  • Sure is lol

  • Oh I have a tip for that! When the whites 'look' set, put a lid on top of the pan for about 30 seconds, it sort of steams the soft bits of white on the top. I also hate any runny white, and my egg-turning can be quite hit and miss! :)

  • I'll have a go at that, thanks for the tip.

  • Yes that would avoid the occasional splattered yolks!

  • Why not have a grill up instead? Much healthier than a fry up.

  • I will defo be changing the way I cook from now on

  • Hi Eve60 when I fancy a cooked breakfast I put two Linda McCartney sausages in a casserole dish with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, spray oil and a glug of balsamic vinegar. It is lovely.

  • That sounds gorgeous, I will try that.

  • I sometimes also have it as a main meal and add peppers, onions and a couple of baby potatoes too. It also saves on dishes as it's all cooked in the same dish.

  • My kind of cooking lol

  • have a healthy grill up, I always used to , dry cure lean bacon or saus, grilled mushrooms , tomatoes and a lightly fried egg (use a spray) and toast, all ok if you calorie it into your day

  • Anybody else has scrambled egg on toast and tomatoes for dinner, very lazy perfectly healthy tho

  • I think its fine for a dinner, sometimes you just dont want to much :-)

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