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Hi all have just discovered a free app for your phone called "Lose it" you can scan barcodes on food which tells you the portion calories and you can record everything you've eaten and drank in a day, I'm finding it useful as a food diary, I am so used to just eating without thinking that it's actually really helping me to realise the intake of calories I was having per day which most of the time I wasn't even hungry I was just eating because I wanted whatever it was (mainly sweet high fat foods) anyway I thought I would let you know in case you might find it useful in your weight loss journey, I am at the very beginning of it so am looking for any help I can get!


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5 Replies

  • Morning Eve60 I use MFP (Myfitnesspal) and you can do barcodes on that too - I have only signed up for the free part though :)

    Will have a look at the one you are on about :)

  • I shall have a look at MFP to, anything that helps is a good thing, I only do free to, no need to pay when you can use it for free and still get results.

  • alot of people on here use MFP - I have it on my phone and it syncs with my fitbit too :)

  • How does it work for fresh foods without barcodes?

    I use MFP as it covers everything, although you do have to make educated guesses with some foods when it gives you such wide choices.

    MFP has other benefits, like tips and blogs to read, progress charts, nutritional pie charts etc and it counts how many days you have logged your meals - 245 and counting for me! I find that highly motivating. 😊

  • Hi there its the same as MFP you have to make educated guesses for fresh food, I just google the same food and calorie value and use that, am going to give MFP a go though, I certainly need to up the exercise, my favourite pastime is sitting on the computer chatting, not very good for health lol

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