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Technology distractions

Hello, I'm being inundated with technical issues since the middle of week three of starting to lose weight - currently in week five. Our son gave me a lovely tablet to bring me into the modern world and I set my NHS 12-week sheets up easily, followed this forum, started looking at the recipe app and generally thought the worst part of this whole process was giving up alcohol - NO. I lost everything on the tablet three and a half weeks in because it kept turning itself off in the middle of being used and had to be returned to the support dept. My phone is OK but has not been as easy as the tablet to keep in touch with and keep up with the motivation offered by the forum, so everything has begun sliding in the wrong direction and alcohol is so tempting. To cheer me up, my husband took me out today to buy him some jeans for our holidays and some new sandals for me. I didn't see any sandals but I tried on a pair of lightweight trousers in my normal size and the waist was baggy - baggy!! So, alcohol is back to being something to look forward to on holiday!! Inconvenience of technology is now less significant and I think the coming week may be easier. Good luck to us all.

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Hi Overweightrider

Sorry to hear you have been having such a lot of technical problems with your tablet and I can understand you feeling frustrated with it all.

That must of made you feel so good that the trousers were baggy on you, well done it shows your healthy eating is working well.

Have a good weekend.

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That's fantastic news! I'm so glad your usual size is too big. Definitely a great way to cheer yourself up. :)

I feel your pain on the technology front. At work we've just gotten a new "updated" database and it's a right pain in the backside. Apparently data can't be migrated without something getting lost...... :P

Keep up the good work and congratulations again! :D

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You have got to love the people who actually buy the software without a user requirements and technical training package.


Lovely feeling when the usual size becomes a baggy size!! I hope your tech problems get resolved and you have a great holiday to enjoy.

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