Help!!!. My weight has been the same for about a month.

So my weight has been about 174 since July 17th. I haven't exercised yet because I am just too tired after work and my commute. I do have a gym membership now. I just don't know where to start with that because I'm so weak and everything is so hard to do. I eat lean beef, steak, chicken and fish with veggies. I eat fruit during the day along with my meal. No sugar, bread, crackers or anything fattening for about sixty days. I don't count calories, just eat clean. What can I do to get it started again? I'm losing the enthusiasm I once had. I want to eat the bad stuff lately. I'm afraid I'm going to fail. I have lost fifteen pounds so far and then it just stopped. Help before I binge and give up like usual.

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27 Replies

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  • This has happened to me many times where my weight has stayed the same for weeks. I count all my calories, to make sure i don't go over my allowance. Is there anyway you can check how many calories you should be having each day? You might then find it a bit easier. As we lose weight our calorie allowance decreases.

    Last week i gained a pound, this week i have lost it, and probably end up putting it on again next week. That's how it's been going with me lately.

    You will get back on track again, you have done so well. You can do this!!

  • I should eat a lot more. I'm probably eating only 500-700 calories per day. I think I know my mistake. I tell others not to do it. Because of money I have very little food on top of not being hungry and in the mind set of starving will make you lose weight. I know what Im doing. I just don't know how to change it.

  • If your feeling weak, your body is telling you to change what your doing.. You say you've been eating this way for 60 days.. Thats long enough to know it's not working well for you.

    Maybe you could add some high fat, high proteins into your mix - not everything is bad for you as long as it's in balance, but your balance has got lost along the way and you are doing what you would tell others to avoid..

    Get back to better eating Melhall and get better health and energy back for yourself.

    We are all cheering you on πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  • Melhall you have done so well keep going you will get there. It can be hard when you know that you have not exceeded your calories but you still don't lose any weight. I've not lost any weight this week and I know that I haven't gone over as I have a healthy diet. If you feel that you might be tempted it would probably make it worth your while to have some veggie soup made in advance and frozen in portions so that if you do feel that you want to eat that at least it is something healthy.

    I had a similar conversation with my sister tonight about how when I don't lose weight that I am more likely to question whether I will be successful and would find it easy to fall off the wagon. She told me not to be silly as this time is different and that I shouldn't think like that and give into temptation as I have worked too hard to give it up. I don't feel that I want to sabotage my healthy eating but I am aware that it is when I don't lose that I am more likely to eat unhealthy food and give up. She is right and this applies to you too Melhall. You have come this far, maybe haven't lost the past few weeks but you have improved your health by losing what you have and if you are aware that you might give into temptation make sure you have no junk food in your house and just have healthy low calorie foods until you get through this.

  • Thank you for the kind words. I know what I have to do. I need to eat more. I will have to figure out how to have more healthy food in the house I will try to do better because your right, I have come so far. Thank you.

  • Thank you for the support. I will try harder to do what I need to do.

  • Hi, I can hear you are low and just want to give up. You already learned how to make good healthy choices and you had that big first boost. But now you came to the point where we all had to realize that we are living with other people. We ant to go to restaurants, drink wine and exercise and never ever get back to being overweight.

    You will read about this from a lot of people: up your calories! Get an app or use NHS calorie checker. Use the amount of NHS BMI checker to know how much you must eat everyday. I find that if I eat my carbs I have loads more energy and motivation. I eat with my family. Avoid empty calories like cookies and chocolates - you already conquered this. Join the Daily Diary people - they are absolutely great on planning their meals and giving support and advice.

    For starting exercise - get more active. Move every hour. Pick up things. Mop or vacuum with attitude. Try to walk to the next stop or get of one earlier.

  • Well done for posting Melhall. You're feeling down but you obviously haven't given up.

    Everyone else has already given you loads of good advice and it seems that you know where you have to make changes. Do make those changes as they are your next steps to the next part of your journey.

    Wishing you all the best.

  • Thank you.

  • Melhall, remember how far you have gone before finally decided to give up. Usually the first month, doesn't really show a lot of progress in weight loss. Make use of your gym membership and spend even a little time with light exercises. Great things take time. Continue on eating clean - your body is happy with the nutrients you are giving it. When you feel like you can't do it anymore, just think of the endless benefits of having a good weight.

  • Thank you. I will try to go walk at least. My daughter can go with me and benefit.

  • Don't give up Melhall. Consider at least doubling your calories. I'd eat slow release starchy carbs, that should give more energy. Don't waste away your muscles by starving yourself. Wishing you all the best!

  • Thank you. I will try.

  • I know calorie counting can seem like a real chore it's something I struggle with myself even though I know it works. But I think it would really help for you to keep a meticulous food diary for a few days and work out how many calories you're actually having. If you are only eating 500 -700 per day with an active job and commute it's no wonder you are too exhausted to exercise, that's not enough to fuel anyone's body through a normal day. You will lose muscle at that number of calories which in turn will lower your metabolism further. In fact if it turns out that is your actual calorie intake I wouldn't consider the gym until you've increased you calories or you could make yourself quite poorly. You need to look after yourself πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ check the NHS BMI calculator for the right number of calories for a small deficit which will allow weight loss but with enough energy for family, job and excercise too which will make you feel better in the long run, your food is already healthy, you just need more! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Thank you. I will try the diary as soon as I can get some more food.

  • Melhall you have already done so well for yourself. Look back and celebrate your success. It will give you motivation to move on. You have also been great to the newbies by sharing great tips with them! I can only say, please try and increase your calories by having some healthy carbs and fats in your meals, especially in the morning or evening to give you sufficient energy to work out. All the best!

  • Thank you for not judging me.

  • Hi Melhall this certainly isn't enough calories for you to have. Please do check how many you should be having daily on the NHS bmi calculator for how many calories you should have to be able to lose weight. I used to only have 1000cals a day and it didn't take long for me to stop losing weight and then I started putting weight on instead. This was because my body thought I was starving it and turned what I did eat into body fat and this weighs more than eating the extra calories does so it stopped me from losing weight and sometimes puts weight on instead. Please don't make this same mistake I did as I done this for years and only found out about this on here. I never lost weight with any other type of diet that I did. Now I count my calories and have upped them to eat between the amounts advised by NHS bmi calculator I have finally managed to lose 2 1/2st so far. Good luck with your journey too.

  • Thank you. You have done very well.

  • Hi Melhall,

    I was like that a while ago did everything right but didn't loose weight .

    Don't give up , I have stayed the same over the last two weeks but think of what you have lost .you don't want to gain again.

    It will happen.


  • Thank you

  • Sorry to hear you are struggling Melhall but I am very concerned that you are not eating enough. 500-700 calories a day will make your body believe there is a famine, and it will be holding on to every single calorie you consume.

    Can I ask what the BMI link on this site suggests your calorie range should be? Please do check it.

    I would suggest that you start reading and or posting on the Daily Diary now. That way you can ask for suggestions and get support on how to eat more, without having to spend more. For example, porridge here is very cheap to make, nutritious and great at filling you up.

    Take a look in the recipes section too. There are so many different ideas there, costing different amounts to make. And you could share them with your daughter.

    I realise that foods that are cheaper in the UK may be more expensive in the US, but hopefully the opposite applies for other things.

    Don't miss out on the Friday Weigh In today either. You know how much we enjoy supporting each other there.

  • thank you. When I am able to shop for food I will try the dairy. Promise. Thank you.

  • I'd have a go at the Daily Diary now Melhall You may have things in your cupboard/fridge/freezer that will build up into a proper meal for you. People will willingly help if you ask

    You have said that the lack of food is making you feel unwell. You need to keep yourself well for yourself and your daughter.

  • I really don't have what I need to make complete meals til Wednesday. Some days I just don't eat. Things are real bad now.

  • Not good Melhall πŸ˜•

    Have a look around though, and ask any questions you want. You can always draw up a shopping list while you are waiting for funds.

    You might like to take a look at this blog too. It is not aimed at calorie counting so you would need to calculate this, but it is aimed at healthy, nutritious meals on a very low budget. πŸ™‚

  • Thank you so much!!

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