The end result of jealousy...

Well contacted my sister and asked how she did the losing weight. And I invited her to coffee while she is on vacation. She said she does not know how she has done it. last week she ate a peach cobbler. And no coffee date in the end. I am tired of trying to be nice to her over the years. It just makes me frustrated and upset. My deceased mother always say to me (I the oldest) when your father and I are dead there is the only 2 of you left. Oh well I see her once a year at Christmas time. Maybe once or twice than that.

I want to personally thank-you for the great messages you sent me which helped and strength to reach out to my sister. Can you return sisters for faulty brain parts.haha I am so blessed to have found this site. And now I am working more on the forum. It took me a year with great encouragement from the administrators. Thank-you!!!!!! I want to end this situation on a positive thought. Thanks and have a great day and evening!!!!!!!


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8 Replies

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  • Keep being positive Wadestreet you never know what is round the corner.

  • Hi Wadestreet

    Sorry to hear it didn't work out as you hoped for with your sister, families can be hard to deal with at times. Try not to let it upset you, maybe the next time you see her you can have a heart to heart to see if you can solve the problem.

    Glad to see you are more on the forum and that all the messages you received helped you.

    You have a great evening too.

  • The best way to get back at her Wadestreet is to lose that weight! However long it takes, it would be worth it to see her face, wouldn't it? If you lost 2lb a week between now and Christmas, when you say you will see her, you could have lost 40lb! πŸ‘

  • Stay positive and focussed, you can do this Wadestreet :)

  • Sorry to hear that it didn't work out with your sister and you have not managed to arrange a coffee date with her :)

    You have family here ;) We are all here to support you on your journey.

    Really pleased to see you more on the forum and taking part - it really does help doesn't it :)

    Will catch up with you over the weekend ;) perhaps I can adopt you as my sister :) Then I will have to come and visit :) I've never been to Canada :)

  • I'm similar to you I think. Lost both my Parents including my mum in April last year. You loose a big part of yourself. That's what changes you, how you see things and the world your in. I have read a few interesting things including developing a new self-identity and searching for meaning with the support of people around you. Good luck.

  • Thank- you kindly.

  • Yeh my weight probs coincided with Dad's death & taking on responsibility for mum (now 95yrs!!) x I've not got masses to lose but am in the unhealthy range & it is still hard to be kind to my body x Aah do feel for you; my bro' winds me up sometimes - he has NO idea!!!

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