calories to lower on a diet, but what if you don't eat a lot cant cut out anymore

Hi. I just read your page on the Nhs says you should cut down on food..but does not say if you don't eat a lot then should eat more...meals can be better than not eating for weight loss too..I am over weight but not down to eating..probably as I'm older plus not eating enough good things..and I'm not a food junkie I don't have take aways...don;t drink or smoke.


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9 Replies

  • Hi oldermumfittermum

    Have you use the BMI checker to see how many calories a day you should be having? If you eat very little you won't lose weight as your body will start to go into starvation mode and store the fat rather than lose it. The recommended amount of calories for a women is 1400.

    Why not have a look at the Daily Dairy to see what other members are having on their food plan to help you with your own plan.

  • Hi.. thanks for getting back...I did do the BMI..thats interesting about the Fat and thank you for that..that's a great help..I can;t do the 5-mile jog as I have a young son...I do walk a friends dog..and might think of a Jogging or light run when he goes back to school...I definitely need all the help to Motivate me and will look at the Daily Diary..thanks for taking the time to message me and your time and help..many thanks Christine.

  • It could be down to portion sizes or carb:protein ratios etc. I thought I didn't eat that much at the start either but there are hidden calories in places you wouldn't expect. Try weighing and calorie counting everything you currently eat. If you enter it into something like myfitnesspal then you may be surprised with results such as total protein being low, carbs being high, unexpected calories etc. Then, it may just take a few tweaks to change your diet into something that enables you to lose weight. There's loads of advice in the NHS 12 week plan about small food swaps, making small changes 1 week at a time. So that's a good place to start. Hope that helps :)

  • It's not just about the calories or the amount of food you eat. Different food affects your body in different ways, sugary and starchy foods can cause more weight gain than eating lots of vegetables. Also not eating enough good things, as you say, can affect your weight. It's important to work out if you are eating enough good quality protein, as well as a good variety of vegtables etc.

    The 12 week plan can be a good place to start. Try to make sure your plate of food is really colourful, and not beige. There have been some lovely recipes and pictures posted on here recently.

  • Thank you for your help and reply..I don't eat enough really..and going to try juicing to help..I must eat more and good things..I do have lots of tea and coffee and a sugar in each..that's not really enough though and my body is starting to feel it..thank you about the colour guide..that is easier for me to remember..I will go and look at the 12-week plan..thank you for your time in replying and help Penel.. Christine.

  • Sugar can be used for energy by your body, but it can also be stored as fat, so this may be why you have put on weight.

  • I fully understand because although I did have occasional takeaways I never seemed to eat too much either as I only ate around 1000 Cals a day but this was my problem. As soon as I started eating around the amounts advised by the NHS bmi calculator by upping my calories to these amounts I started to lose weight. I have now managed to lose 2 1/2st so far and lost a fair bit of the fat my body had been storing. I am pleased I have managed this so far and can't wait to finish this. Good luck with your journey.

  • That's definitely an inspiration for me to start doing then..and thank you for that..I could do with some encouragement to Start and everyone has been great..well done on the weight loss. That amount can make a big difference and I know I must lose about 2 stone.. I try and tell myself I would not go to the shops and carry that in bags of sugar..infact they are heavy if I bought 2 stones worth..which is what I'm carrying around on my body..legs and tummy..thank you HubbysMissMouse for your time and help.. Chrsitine.

  • No worries, oldermumfittermum I am just pleased I have managed to help and I am also pleased I even finally got told about this on here myself by someone who has now left which is why I try and let as many people know about it who may also be making this same mistake because I know how much it has helped me and I wish I just knew about this years ago as it would have made such a difference to me before. All the best.

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