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The Sun has got his hat on so get your walking boots on


Wonderful - the sun is out. No excuses now for not taking my 10000 steps but more to the point with the sun shining I shall enjoy it. I will take the long route through the park to the shops and home

I walked the shopping centre yesterday as the rain was torrential. Got the steps despite having to dodge browsing shoppers by walking the long mall at speed, walking up escalators and down stairs and walking up and down aisles at speed and as nothing caught my eye spent nothing.

Since taking up walking to improve my health I have changed my attitude entirely. I used to look for the nearest parking spot even going round the block several times to get that bit nearer. Now I really look forward to my walk. What a change in attitude and habit in 5 weeks - and a 7.5kg weight loss to boot. Even my dodgy knee is feeling better not having to lug all that extra weight around.

So get those walking boots on and enjoy the sun

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YellowRose554st 7lbs

Morning pcrw

Enjoy your walk in the sunshine today. Hope you manage to complete your 10000 steps today. I do a lot of walking and I must say I certainly feel so much more healthier than I did this time last year.

Have a good day.

in reply to YellowRose55

Nice to hear from you

Enjoy the day

in reply to YellowRose55

Suns disappeared but no rain and my daughter is joining me on the walk so that's nice

Hope you have a good day

Well done, I really like yesterday's solution to rainy walk!

Glad to hear it's helping and enjoy the walk today. I really enjoy walking too.

VickyDLM2 stone

Glad you found a way around the rain yesterday! Good luck getting your 10,000 steps!

in reply to VickyDLM

Thanks for replying and hope you have a good day too

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