Pure Jealousy!!

I come from an overweight family. I have a younger sister who is losing weight. I saw her a couple of weeks ago. She was always bigger than me. Now that it is the opposite now. How do I stop my brain of nasty jealousy thoughts and be proud of her because I know how hard it is to lose weight and keeping it off is a job in itself as we all know. Thanks...


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7 Replies

  • Go ask for her to show you how to do it.

    See it as a chance for you to do it too.

  • Oh Wadestreet that is so hard, does she know you are trying to loose weight as well? Maybe you could support each other. Tell her your proud of her and then be proud you told her, the jealousy will pass.

    I remember going to slimming world with a friend some years ago and she lost weight very quickly, I hardly lost a thing, I used to praise her with a lump in my throat and hated going every week with her and feeling a failure. What's more she 'cheated' she lived on biscuits and little else. In the end the evil thoughts disappeared.

  • Totally agree with the other comments you have received. How about you both support each other with your weight losses and compare what you are eating etc, and in time i am sure the jealousy will pass?

  • HI I must admit I suffer from sibling rivlery too! My younger sister is younger, better looking, richer etc. but from being the same size she has put on weight and I have lost it. :) x

  • OOO hun that is hard and you are working so hard too :) Does she know you are trying to lose weight too? If not tell her and ask her for advice and hopefully you can work and support each other :)

    You are doing brilliant with your 8lb loss at the weigh in on Monday :) Looking forward to seeing you lose another 1lb next Monday :) remember small 1lbs in the right direction count up to stones :)

    You can do this :)

  • How about giving you some tips or inspiration?

  • That must be really hard for you. As Jimatom says maybe you should congratulate her & ask her to share her secrets so you can lose together.

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