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Hi, I'm 56, married with two adult daughters. I love to read, paranormal romances, and cook. I am fat, no other way of saying it. I'm here because I need to lose weight. I am type 2 diabetes on the max Metformin with the doctors putting me on more as its not enough. I have previously lost over 2" at SW, I reversed the diabetes, unfortunately I had a Consultant who put down more than she praised so I left. Unfortunately most of the weight went back on and the diabetes returned. I have to lose this weight, more for my health than looks.


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  • Welcome Jenn_Oleksik.

    Sorry to hear about your consultant. The good thing, is that here things only work in a positive way.

    When an admin replies to your post, take the time to read through everything they mention as it all does help.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you

  • Hi Jenn_Oleksik

    Welcome to the weight loss forum.

    You will find lots of support and encouragement on this forum so feel free to shout out any time you are struggling or want any advice.

    Take a look at the Welcome Newbie post in the Pinned post section at the right hand side or at the bottom if your on a mobile. Have a look at the nhs 12 week plan, many members have had success following this plan. Use the BMI checker to work out your daily calorie allowance. Take your measurements at the start together with a photo so you can see the changes on the days the scales don't move.

    Below the Pinned posts are the Topics where members share a range of weight related subjects.

    Have a look at the Daily Diary which you can find on the Home page in Events. It is where all the members are sharing their daily plans on what they are eating and any exercise they are doing. This thread will give you some ideas on how to start.

    We have daily weigh in's so why not come along and join us today. You can find the weigh ins on the Home page in the Events section on the right. Just click on the post in Events and record your start weight and any loss/gain or maintain for the week.

    You may notice that members have a grey box next to their name, these are achievement badges. All new members have a "newbie" badge to begin with.

    Please note if you are using the new HU app it does not have all the forums features on it, so we suggest you use the full website version.

    To get the most of the forum be active, share tips, recipes and experiences. Read some of the posts they are very motivating.

    Have a good first week.


  • Welcome and good luck. Such a shame you've had a bad experience but this forum is a great support and lots of lovely people :) I've only been on here for 2 weeks but feel more welcome than I did going to the WW meetings!

  • Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the support

  • Hello and welcome Jenn_Oleksik

    You are not alone in regaining weight previously lost . . . But this is the perfect chance to,lose the weight for the final time. Remember, nothing tastes as good as healthy feels ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Well done on not giving up on yourself and your health. You've done great before so remember what worked for you and please share your wisdom with the forum. You've great motivation to lose weight for your health and your futheure. I look forward to hearing about your progress ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Good luck!! Glad to see you here!

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