Pilates??? Opinions please

As it says, I'm sure there are some of you that do or have done Pilates. I feel that I would benefit from a bit more flexibility which I believe this targets. Sometimes I feel like the tin man.

And to those of you that do it, are there many men or is it predominately female? I think I know the answer to that but it will be interesting.



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30 Replies

  • I did pilates for a few years and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had had back problems for years and found that the pilates strengthened my core and relieved the back problem. Only left because the instructor changed and I didn't like the way the new one did it. I still miss it.

    The class I went to was predominantly women, we had a few men that stopped and started but 2 who stayed with us for a long time.

    Go and at least have a try, a group of women in an exercise class are not really that scary. We were all there for the same reason.

  • Thanks for that. There's an instructor very near to me but it's £45 for an initial consultation, so any information about it beforehand is very hopeful.

    And I must beg to differ, a group of women can be very scarey

  • Hahah, don't be a coward - you'll have great fun😃

    Does your local gym have a pilates class, it would be cheaper than going to a private instructor.

  • It seems I'm constantly stepping out of the comfort zone lately.

    Unfortunately the gym has stopped doing all types of classes this year.

    It looks like I might have to take the plunge and have a consultation. She might say I'm beyond hope or help, and that would solve the dilemma.

  • What a shame your gym has stopped classes.

    I say take the plunge, I can guarantee you won't be beyond help and I bet you really enjoy it once you start. It is really quite gentle, a little strenuous to start with maybe, but gentle and slow. It is important to make the moves correctly and in time get your breathing right, takes a bit of practice but is sooo worth it. If you go privately I'm guessing it will be 1:1 which will be even more beneficial.

    If you go let us know how you get on. This is making me want to look for a class again :)

  • Hi Tonyst Go for it! Not only good for flexibility, brilliant for strenthening your core and for building strength in general. Also great for the mind as you have to concentrate on what you are doing (in my case, often to stop myself falling over...). I have found classes vary, I tend to go to a daytime class and there are usually a few men. I have a friend currently going to an evening class for a back problem and despite being very much the minority, he says it is the best thing he has done. Good luck and enjoy.

  • I've been going to Pilates classes run by a physio for just over two months, like lucigret to help with back problems, I started it a too late to avoid a recent flare up but I'm persevering because there's a noticeable increase in my abdominal muscle strength and I think it's helping me recover/ protecting against further damage. My initial consultation cost similar to yours and the physio was very thorough and gave me individual tailored excercises so I felt it was money well spent. There's occasionally one man in my class, but in the class that's on after mine there's the same chap every week so you aren't the only one in the country! Good luck 😀

  • At least there's more than one of us poor souls.

  • Thanks for all the replies. You've convinced me to give it a try. I'll have a quick google to see if there are any other classes nearby, but I don't think so.

    On the plus side if it gets me standing straighter and taller, my bmi will be in range.

    Just off topic, does anyone else's phone autocorrect bmi to bum?

  • Lol 😂 How big is your BMI??

  • Now that's a question I never thought I'd hear.

    To be serious it's about 29. Better than it was, but getting harder to move.

  • I was joking Tonyst but my autocorrect didn't autocorrect!! Lol 😂

  • I was going to suggest googling other classes. £45 seems an awful lot for a consultation. I pay £6 per week for an hourly session with a physiotherapist (who I initially saw when I had a ruptured disc last year). She never has more than 8 in her classes. There is a young man who comes regularly but the other seven are women. Go for it, keeps all your joints supple!

  • Hi Tony, there are several men in the Zumba,Pilates and dance steps classes here where I go and I live,ranging from beginners, nice'easy(over 55,/disabled) and advanced.

  • Googling over. I've found a couple within reasonable driving distance, the downside is they are booked in six or seven class sessions. Looking like sometime from middle of September before anything can happen.

    Thanks for all the replies. You've convinced me it's worth a go.

  • I have to book and pay for six sessions at a time. Although I have to miss the odd one, I find it provides an incentive to keep going, when I know I've paid up front!

  • From the ones I've looked at that seems to be the norm. I just need to find one reasonably local because I know I won't put up with any travel for long.

  • I had to pay for 6 sessions at a time as well, adds incentive.

  • I've attended Pilates classes on a few occasions over the years, recognising its worth in helping to develop strong core stability, which is useful on many levels.

    Try the following website to see if it provides you with greater success: pilatesnearyou.co.uk/

  • Thanks, that brought up another one👍

  • Think I'm due for a rest now. That's more involvement with any forum or social media than I've done….…ever

  • Some places have taster classes which might be worth trying. As a woman I love to see men joining the yoga classes. Women go out of their way to welcome the occasional man who joins the class and after the first week no-one notices. Give it s try? What's the worst that can happen?

  • I used to go to classes years ago due to back problems, but then moved (several times) and didn't continue. Now I am more settled I am giving it a go again. I am having a taster session next week locally for £6, and my local gym also have sessions for £6, but these get very booked up. I think £45 sounds rather steep. Think you need to shop around.

  • Right.....decision made. I'm going to the local one around the corner. Limits the excuses I can make when it's a five minute walk away. Initial one on one consultation is pricey I know, but classes are £8 an hour which seems about right.

  • Hi I was just reading your posts. I don't do Pilates nor have I, but it seems great. Does your local council have adult learning schemes? As I know Pilates and yoga are available through my local council. Also as I attend Slimming World in the next town along under a different council they too have Pilates and yoga. Some of these schemes may have a fee of £10-£45 for 10 weeks. Up to you if you want to continue to book up in advance before they get booked up.

  • All ladies at my class. We have a great instructor who makes sure everyone is doing it right. It's fun and £30 for 6 x 1 hour sessions. There's all ages and it definitely helps with muscle tone. We do lots of stretching too.

  • Right!!! Initial consultation/induction booked in for next Friday. I might be back here next week cursing you lot for talking me into this.

  • Well done Tonyst, even if you do come back to curse us, at least you will have had a go. I bet you love it :)

  • Good luck! In the consultation you'll get an idea of the exercises. I liked that because I was very self-conscious. Enjoy it.

  • Tomorrow is consultation/induction day. I overdid it at the gym yesterday, must of thought I was twenty again , and my thighs are suffering today. The plan was the gym again this morning but that was quickly kiboshed. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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