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Am new..... help please!

In desperate need of advise and tips to loose weight. I'm 157cm tall but weigh a horrid 99kgs! Am on ambulatory oxygen since april 2016 due to lung fibrosis from Nitrofurantoin longterm antibiotic course. Used to do aqua Zumba 4 times a week now no pool will take me on due to their insurance not covering. Am also borderline diabetic, have hypertension, diverticulitis and a hernia, otherwise perfectly healthy!

I do keep fit for over 60's twice a week, but need to do lots more and follow some sort of a diet. So any tips and help would be greatly appreciated. 😀


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Hi and welcome, Krissy :)

Take a look at the Pinned posts section to the right of your screen (bottom if you're using a mobile), or in the drop down on the 'Posts' page (it says 'arrange by'). Read the Welcome Newbie thread, then move through to the challenges, where we hope you'll find at least one that will appeal to you.

Move down to the Topics, to find a variety of threads, collated into specific topics for ease of access and we ask that you also 'file' your own threads, so that others won't miss your important news.

Take a look at the NHS 12 week plan, as a lot of people have been successful with it, making sure to enter your details into the NHS BMI calculator, to get a calorie allowance tailored to your personal requirements. Don't forget to take your starting measurements and a 'before' picture, as they can be very motivating on days that the scales refuse to co-operate.

To the right of the HOME page (bottom on a mobile), you'll find Events. In there, you'll find links to our daily Weigh-in's (you will choose just one day per week), our Daily Diary, where we post our menu and exercise plans, for accountability, advice and support and our “What's happening today” thread, where we pop in for a chat.

Be aware, that the HU app doesn't give you access to all of our important features, so we advise that you use the full website page.

We've found that to get the best out of this community, we need to be active on the forum, as it's where we exchange information, get motivation and inspiration and make friends. We hope that you'll join us here, regularly, too.

It's only left for me to wish you well on your journey :)


You have come to the right place for support and inspiration. Just get involved with posts that other people write and consider joining some of the challenges at the level you can make them.

Daily Diary is a great place to look at, great for pinching ideas from others.

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Welcome krissetyttidietti to our friendly Forum!

We "shorties" have our work cut out for us (I'm just 144cm!), especially if we have additional problems affecting our health and our mobility.

The good news is, that those things alone won't stop us from losing weight - but it will make it more of a challenge and it may well take us longer! I guess you may be on all sorts of drugs too to treat your various health issues?

I managed to lose 28kg - started at 89kg... it took 2.5 years and a lot of hard work, but I reached my goal in August 2014. Since then, I've gone up again, but now about 7kg from where I want to be and maintain.

I was born with a disability (Thalidomide) which meant my legs and arms are shortened and walking was difficult. In fact, they are amazed I am able to walk at all, as I don't have "regular" hip joints and my femurs/thigh bones are shortened and attached higher up my pelvis then they should be!

Here are a few of my past posts which I hope you will find helpful and inspiring. I won't try and tell you that my journey was easy - and you'll see that there were many blips along the way, but 5 years down the line, I feel about 20 years younger than I did when I was lugging around 25kg more.

Please do pop back to the forums and share your journey with us - we are here for you, day and night and happy to share your success or support you when you need it.






Love your positivity, krissetyttidietti ! With that on your side, be sure you can succeed. Hope to hear how things are going for you. Follow moreless' advice, and we will all support you. My tip is look carefully at your diet, Eat healthily and count calories. In my experience, it is 95% diet (in the sense of what you eat) and only 5% exercise requirement to lose weight. Good luck! 😊


Hi there when I first joined I found out I was never eating enough calories in a day before as I used to only eat around 1000 Cals a day in general. I never counted calories before so never realised this. It is best to check out how many calories you should be having in a day to be able to lose weight on the NHS bmi calculator as this gives different amounts for each person individually, whereas the other sites that can give us amounts tend to only give us average amounts that are very often too much lower as well and when I tried going by the lower amounts at the beginning I was never getting anywhere either but when I changed the amount to the bmi calculator amounts I started losing weight and have now lost 2 1/2st so far. When you know how many you should be eating between do not eat any lower because by not eating enough calories your body thinks you are starving it and turns what you do eat into body fat and this weighs more than eating the extra calories does so it stops you from losing weight and sometimes puts weight on instead. This was the mistake I had made for years so please don't make this same mistake. Good luck with your journey.

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Thank you everyone for your encouraging replies. Hopefully I can make some progress in the next week following all your positive attitudes. 😊


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