2nd week

After losing 2kg last week I am a bit wary as to this week, I found last week dieting was quite easy as my husband was on lates so I just had to provide for myself but this week we will be eating dinner together as he is on earlies this is my problem I cannot expect him to diet with me & I don't want to eat different meals so I have decided to eat the same as him only on a small plate, anyone else with this problem?


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10 Replies

  • I don't consider myself to be on a diet, so my hubby and I eat the same food. My portions are slightly smaller than his, but apart from that, there's no difference :)

  • Yes, in with moreless. I'm in this for life so need to eat normal food 😊

  • Hi Anna61 I normally eat healthy but fell off the band wagon & put weight on so that's what at the moment I am trying to get off .

  • I only cook for myself so don't have the problem but I would say that I haven't really changed the type of food I eat. In fact that is why it is working for me; nothing is restricted so I'm not getting silly cravings which result in me going overboard and I am in control and making my own choices. So, I have some smaller portions, some larger (e.g. larger portions of veg) but I also try to think about the day as a whole e.g. if I am intending to have macaroni cheese for tea (which is lovely but higher in calories!) then I try to make sure that both breakfast and lunch are lower.

    So, I think for you I think a smaller plate is a really good starting point. You could also mentally divide your plate so you make half of it the veg and share the other half between meat, potatoes, rice etc.

    I also think planning makes a huge difference - I tend to be a natural planner when it comes to food (it's the way I grew up!) but if I know that I have something ready prepared or I know what I am going to eat later it helps me avoid temptation.

  • Hi hedgehog, The reason I'm on a diet at the moment is because I let things slip & put weight on so trying to get that off, I do plan meals for the day & if it's meat I just have meat & two veg except for sundays when I have yorkshire pudding, I cut potatoes out of my diet 2 years ago but do have rice & pasta I also have salad 2 days a week & I keep a food & exercise diary, It's just that I lost 2 stone got to about 61kg eased off then was 65kg couldn't shift it & got disheartened leading to be 68kg I am determined this time if I plateau to not let things slip, I have a treat on an afternoon an unsweetened capaccino & piece of dark lindt chocolate included in my calorie count for the day.

  • You've already got great habits - just stick with them. I know what you mean about getting disheartened and it's such a hard thing to pick yourself up again - you can do it!

  • Hedgehog I agree wholeheartedly with everything you have said.

  • I do the same as moreless, Anna, and Hedgehog. I make one meal and just have a smaller portion. Generally I end up with a portion for dinner and one for lunch the next day while my husband just gets his for dinner. :)

  • Thanks VickyDLM I'm going to try the smaller plate & see where that leads me

  • Good idea. I use a set of kitchen scales. I put my plate on the scales when I'm serving the food and then I can't pretend I'm eating any more or less than I really am!

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