Treat days?

Stupid question I guess but I feel it's worth asking.

As I find it difficult to stick to plans I was wondering, if I am eating healthily all week...

E.g even today I had fruit for breakfast and cabbage and egg for lunch - still to decide dinner

Can I allow myself (with it still being within my calorie budget) to have a treat after dinner such as a packet of chocolate buttons or some rolos?

My thinking is.. (though who knows if it will stick)... is that by having one designated day a week to have a small treat I am more likely to eat healthily throughout the week to have this 'reward'.

Was also thinking it would be a Saturday as they are also days for a night out hence if I went to a restraunt that would be my treat...

What do you all think? Xx


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12 Replies

  • That's the great thing with calorie counting - once you have worked out the calorie range from the NHS BMI calculator as long as you count every calorie you can have your chocolate buttons daily if you wish :)

  • In theory yes you can. The reality will depend upon your body. The effects of sugar are well documented and understood now. So give it a go and if it works for you fantastic. We all need a treat every now and again and if we deny ourselves it could end a lot worse than having a few treats along the way. Good luck with it.

  • I always built in a 100-200 calorie sweet treat every day. As cracker 10 said that's the beauty of calorie counting, you don't have to deprive yourself of favourite foods as long as you include them in your allowance. Good luck.

  • I guess you are the only person who knows the answer to this! A lot will depend on your age, your height, how active you are and how many calories you are consuming with your "healthy food" choices.

    I am a real shortie (4ft 9") and not active at all because I am disabled. I am also 54 years old.... and finally, I don't have too much weight to lose now.

    I used to "kid" myself before starting my weight loss that I "ate healthily". I used enjoy eating a lot of vegetables and salads... but there were other things I would eat on top of this healthy food and I realised quickly that my portions were far too large to enable me to eat the way I was and lose weight.

    My calorie allowance to enable me to lose is presently 1100 calories a day.

    I struggle to stick to such a low number of calories and am very conscious of what calories are in different food stuffs.

    "Treats" such as chocolate, biscuits, cakes, crisps, etc are hugely calorific. I simply cannot afford to eat them on a regular basis. Over the 5 years that I have lost my weight (and it's been up and down... a stone more ideally to reach my "maintenance" weight) I have allowed myself treats.

    I buy a range of individually wrapped biscuits (one finger Twix, two-finger Kitkat, Club biscuits, single finger Drifters) and these are kept in a tin and in a place where I don't see it constantly. I can have one of these any time I wish - but never more than one a day.

    Another "treat" I allow myself is a Mini Smarties ice-cream cone (70ml) which is 118 calories. This is a really nice treat as I can make it last!

    How certain are you that you can limit yourself in this way? Do you trust yourself to have treats in the house and stop at one? When you socialise, do you include alcohol (as this can be surprisingly calorific)? How quickly do you want to lose your weight?

    I'm asking these questions as they are the things you need to ask yourself. I guess what I am really asking is..... how disciplined can you stay and how will you ensure that an occasional treat doesn't lead to a bit of a downwards spiral....

  • Thanks for the reply. In T-total so I don't consume alcohol but I guess those questions are the ones to ask myself. I guess until I try I'll never know and if it was a mistake I can learn from it xx. Thanks for the reply ♥️

  • and... you are allowed to make mistakes - it's all part of learning how to change the way that you eat.... forever!

    I rarely drink alcohol anymore.... too few calories, but it also helps that I seem to have gone right off the taste of wine! :(

  • If I didn't have a treat I think I'd go mad lol. That's the great thing about this compared to other weight loss programmes. Nothing is forbidden. What I do find though is as the weight comes off I eat much more healthily. Conscious I don't want to undo all my hard work but I do also have treats. For me it's getting the right balance without depriving myself of things. I think that's why I've failed with other programmes and this has worked for me. She says eating a chocolate biscuit with her cup of tea (87 kcals -I've already checked lol)

  • I agree with everything you've said there. Not depriving myself is really working for me & for the first time in years I feel I am in control of my choices. And not feeling guilty when it's my choice to have a cuppa & biscuit. Enjoy!

  • By the way no question is a stupid question. Keep asking.

  • This post is discussing a very similar dilemma littlejen2001

    You may find it interesting 😊

  • Great question. .. all the answers have been helpful for me too😊

  • I'm calorie counting so I budget for a treat or two. If I didn't I think I would totally fall of the wagon & then binge on bad food. If I have a bad day I then start again the next day.

    It may take me a bit longer but as long as I keep going I will get my 10% of original weight target & then re-evaluate things from there.

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