Not going down fast enough !!

Oh Dear, I'm still (thankfully losing weight)but not fast enough for me one or 2 lb a week, 2st 2lb in all since February, I have a long way to go and I am enjoying this healthy eating lark, feeling so much fitter, and borderline diabetic has disappeared, thank goodness. Yesterday though I only had 2 slim fast drinks x 340 each some grapes and tomatoes (not together I might add) and a couple of oat cakes and went to bed early so as to not feel the hunger grumbles in my tum. Well, I wanted a big surprise on my scales sometimes it is just so slow in going !! I know it is not the way to do it and up to yesterday have religiously stuck to 1500 cals a day so my body does not go into hanging on to weight mode. I just wish I could get out and about to exercise I do my armchair exercises "Use it or lose it" CD, but arthritis stops me doing all sorts, love pottering in my garden, and today intend to paint the garden bench, the sun is shining brilliantly this morning so I had better "crack on" Hope you all have a lovely weekend, Mags


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23 Replies

  • I can understand your frustration, however, you have to look how far you have come - you have done way better than I have :)

    1 - 2lb is a good weekly loss and you really shouldn't starve yourself

    You are doing fantastically well - Be proud of what you have achieved :)

  • There you are a nice new shiny 2 stone badge :)

  • Thanks so very much, it's better than a merit badge at school getting a nice shiny new badge, bless you for the encouragement x

  • You are welcome - hope it has put a smile on your face and you are felling a little more positive seeing that new badge :)

  • Hello Mags - sounds like you're doing really well to be losing weight so steadily despite being limited in the exercise you can do. Congrats on your 2 stone badge.

    At my heaviest, 21 stones, I needed to lose half my body weight to reach a healthy BMI. It took 20 years of over-eating/under-exercising to reach this weight so am expecting it'll take a couple of years to get rid of most of the excess. I try not to think how long it's taking but, like you, concentrate on how much better I'm feeling and celebrating small wins along the way (like being able to cross my legs when seated - it's bad for varicose veins but hey, I'm chuffed I can do it again :-) ). Yes, it seems slow but try not to get too frustrated.

    You might find eating bulkier food (such as beans/pulses/lots of veg) leaves you with less of a grumbly tummy and provides plenty of vitamins/iron to keep you healthy. There are lots of ideas in the Recipes section of the forum, and the Daily Diary.

    Good luck, onwards and downwards!

  • Smashing reply and so encouraging this site is really great the feed back and support you get, will deff give the bulkier foods a go, as you say onwards and downwards, many thanks x

  • All the best!

  • 2lbs is a good weekly loss, even 1lb is. I've gained 1-2lbs this week, and I wish I could achieve what you have. That seems like a good loss.

    I know that sometimes it can feel that we've been dieting for longer than we actually have. Because we think about weight loss a lot, everyday. I think about my weight 24/7, and it's driving me insane. It feels like I've been on this journey for 6 months, even though it's has been just under 3.

    So, the weight loss I have achieved feels insignificant, but as you evaluate how much weight you've lost in how much time, it's actually impressive. I've been obese my entire life, so 3 months is a drop in the water to my lifespan.

    With all that being said, I do not want to be obese by this time next year. I understand your frustration. Faster weight loss methods are becoming more tempting to me…

  • With faster weight loss methods the greatest challenge would be sagging skin and sustainability. Slower methods give lasting results and it becomes a lifestyle, so easier to maintain.

  • Hi and thanks for your reply, heaven help us from sagging skin, mines all heading south (not a pretty sight) but as long as I keep losing , I will be a very happy bunny x

  • Thanks, DiDi, hopefully, both you &I and all the lovely people on this site will be nearer if not on our targets this time next year, that would be just great x

  • First of all get off the slimfast. Once you start eat again your weight is going to come back twice as fast than ever. Your body will go into Starvation Mode and will not lose weight. I know I have been a yo-yo dieter for 30 years so I know first hand what you body goes through. Get of the slim fast. Canada food guide is a great weigh to start and includes every food group. Enjoy your journey!!!!

  • Thank you for replying, I have tried every diet in the past, and found this healthy eating and sticking to 1500 cals a day works a treat, I thought I'd try fasting just a couple of day's a week ie the Slimfast works for me. Whats the saying slowly slowly catches the monkey. Just wish it came off as quickly as it goes back on !!!!

  • The good news is that absolutely NO exercise is necessary to lose weight - I'm not able to do much because of exercise. Just a little regular activity (walk up and down the garden, an hour of housework, etc) is better than nothing, but you most certain can do this by controlling what you eat!

    I echo what others have said about trying to eat regular food and avoid the milkshakes.... you'll get a lot more enjoyment out of them and you'll be burning calories during the preparation!

    If preparing food is difficult or hard work, take a look on line for some easy to prepare meals that are lower in calories - do you like beans? I'm not talking baked beans - but butterbeans, kidney beans, etc. All you need to do is mix a tin of beans with a tin of tomatoes and hey presto, you have a nutritious and filling easy meal - add dried herb, curry spices and serve with rice...

    Your loss may be slower than you'd like, but you are doing brilliantly! I'm sorry you're finding it tedious, but I think the secret is to try out some new food stuffs and recipes?

    I use this site fairly regularly:

  • Thanks, Pineapple will definitely try some of the recipes on the app you recommended x

  • In the past I have felt just like you do lathe but having reached rock bottom I realised that any changes have to be permanent. Time will pass if I eat properly or not so I may as well do it right!

    Ps my weight loss is incredibly slow, (1/2 stone in 12 months) but compared to the alternative I'm happy 😊

  • Thanks, Anna, for being so positive, we will get there it's just now and again I want to gee things up but so long as the scales keep going downwards I know I'm going to be a winner this time and achieve my personal goal.

  • For what it's worth I would LOVE. A whole pound a week!! 😳

    Seriously, it's physically impossible to lose FAT much faster, rapid weight loss plans sacrifice muscle and body mass which is why there is ALWAYS rapid gain afterwards

    Keep,up the very excellent work lathe 😊

  • hi.. you are doing brilliantly and i know how your feeling.. i started in Dec 16 and ive lost 2st... it is very slow for me too and for the last couple of mths ive lost and gained the same pounds....

    you just got to think this is how you will need to eat forever and there isnt an 'end' date .... so starving yourself with slimfasts isnt the answer as it isnt sustainable... check the nhs calculator to see how many calories you should be eating and use apps to help you plan healthy filling meals. I'm happy now if i lose 1kg a month now as its going in the right direction and im never hungry and im feeling better.. its not just about the scales either and the tape measure may show a different story and that is more important xx

  • Thanks, Claz, I am sticking 2 1500 cals a day healthy eating and enjoying it, just felt the need this week to deviate and try for a faster weight loss, but as you say it is a life style change and I do feel so much better for losing weight.

  • yeah.. i think when you dont call it a diet anymore you can cope better with the scale not moving every week a lot better.. and .. as long as you are eating the right things.. moving more ... have more energy and your clothes are loose then who cares what the scales say.. its just a number..!

  • I'd love to be loosing 1-2lbs a week!! 😱 That is great progress/achievement - don't get disheartened. Slow loss means permanent loss ☺️

  • Do hope so Victoria and I am in a much more positive frame of mind, as I have just been taken out for a lovely Sunday Lunch but stuck to just the beef and loads of veg it was delicious.

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