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FIrst time on Orlistat

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First time on orlistat .. Dont know what to expect .. So far not getting any side effect . Can anyone tell me if you have to experience something to see if the pills are working .. i m only going to weight myself at the Dr once on month .. My diet is not too rich in fat so hopefully it will spare me from any unpleasant accidents . my starting weight is 85 kg .. I will try to post once a week and relate any side effects if any .. i will also give updates on weight loss too .. hopefully ..

9 Replies
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MelhallRestart June 2019

Hi! Welcome to the community,! You'll findots of support here. Good luck to you on your journey!

in reply to Melhall

Thank you Melhall .. i m going to need it ..

nteapea1st 7lbs

I haven't used it I am afraid but good luck and welcome to the forum πŸ˜€

hi and thank you .. i was scared to try but i think if i keep to the indications i will nit put myself in embarrassing situation ;).

Hi, I was prescribed Orlistat a couple of days ago and will be starting them on Monday as I have V Festival on Saturday and don't fancy any side effects whilst there lol

Can i ask how you're finding it?

hiya Georgieporgie1.

so far so good.. nearly no side effects .. just really weird belly grumble .. i still havent weigh myself waiting until weight in at dr .. looks like i lost some weight 😊 .. if you going to eat a lot of chips , and other festival food . i think it will be wiser to start on monday and enjoy your weekend .. let me know how you get on when you start .. good luck x

Oh good, the side effects have scared me slightly haha

But I guess if my diet is okay then they won't be too bad.

Exactly, to be fair I wasn't even thinking about the food at the festival I was thinking more about the possible side effects and having to queue at a porter loo and having an 'accident' haha

I will let you know how I get on, would be good to have someone to chat too. When do you go for your weigh in?x

i know them queue can be longggggg .. and if you have not follow the right fat intake you would defo be in for them dreaded accidents.. Started on the 1august so 1 of september .. i m exvited to find out if they work as well as what i the review arw saying ..

well make sure you keep in touch x

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