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Weight Gain… Eeek! :D


So, one of my favourite meals from a couple years ago used to be mashed potatoes. I would usually have this with tuna or mackerel.

I thought, potatoes are healthy, right? Maybe I should ask my mother to get me some… and she does… and I eat a huge plate of it with tuna every morning.

I start noticing that my weight is NOT going down. Actually, on some days, my weight was going up! I was incredibly upset, but mostly, I was confused.

I was eating 3 meals a day, that average at around 1,700-2,000 calories. I was exercising MORE. Why wasn't I losing weight, or at the very least, maintaining?!

This then leads me to looking into changes in my diet, and I notice one big change; mashed potatoes!

I look up mashed potatoes online, and it all starts coming together…

Apparently, mashed potatoes cause your blood sugar levels to spike (?). I'm not educated on the full details, but it is known to inhibit weight loss, or worse, lead to weight gain.

In fact, it is considered to be a contributor to the obesity epidemic, and is placed into the same category as white bread! It's said to have a similar affect to your blood sugar and insulins levels as a can of coke!

And let me tell you, I can feel it! I had a big plate this morning, and I'm shaking in a similar way to when I drink a big bottle of Lucozade.

My mother is a diabetic, so I know I am also at risk of becoming diabetic.

It's also very heavy, and encourages your body to retain more water. This morning I was 20st 7½lbs, and I'm now 20st 11lbs!

No more mashed potatoes for me! :P The tuna can stay, though.

I'll also have to look into other things in my diet...

Any suggestions on alternatives?!

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Remember it's not a mistake if you learn from it DiDiZia 🙂 Could you have some wholemeal toast with your tuna? Or an omelette?

Good luck


I may start having it with brown bread.

I've actually never had an omelette before. I've never had egg, apart from when it's an ingredient in others things like cakes.


Try it, you may like it! 😊

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If you can wean yourself off bread during your weight lose phase the better. Try healthier options like sweet potatoes, plantains or brown rice. Egg is also great, filling, healthy and low in calories.

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Great investigational skills DiDiZia well done for taking responsibility.


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