Hi all,

Admin has removed my post as caused concern to readers.

This was a genuine poem I wrote as suffer with many chronic health issues. It was clear in my writing that it was a poem.

The purpose was to give support to many who suffers from Mental Health issues.

I appreciate those who may have been concerned but I did comment explaining post.

So today is the day to keep fighting and keeping Mental Health in focus as this seriously isn't a taboo subject.

Keep fighting and don't be afraid to talk about it. Everyday we get given is another chance to keep fighting.

No one is alone. Also Samaritans are there for anyone in a crisis.

Sorry if any offence was caused.



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10 Replies

  • Maybe this wasn't the place for your poem written at a low point in your life - but you are undoubtedly good at expressing yourself in words so why not use your skill to write more; maybe some upbeat poetry about the beautiful world we live in....? Anything to divert us from using food for comfort and recreation!

  • But we have many people that suffer by Mental Health and may feel the way I did. I get the genuine concern a member had. If someone is feeling this way the positive from the poem was that everyday we get, we get another chance to work at it and fight for it. I do lots of positive writing but I as a suffer of mental health have a duty to talk about it and to keep fighting. Everywhere should be a place to talk about Mental Health in accordance with the government backing time to talk time to change. And I am sorry if anyone was concerned it genuinely is appreciated.

  • There are a couple of good mental health sites on here so maybe you need to post your poem in there? Just a thought. x

  • Thank you I have posted on other sites on here and hasn't been an issue. There is a link with Mental Health and being overweight that's why wanted to share this with the group. As none of us are alone and we need to keep fighting everyday. I spent over 5 years with the Ambulance Service and I have seen first hand how big of an issue this. I feel I have to highlight this and also educate those who doesn't know how it can affect others. 1 in 4 will be affected or know someone who has been affected by Mental Health. Thank you for you kind words :)

  • Fair enough and I do understand the link between mental health and weight, but this site concentrates mainly on the weight issue whereas the mental health ones deal with lots of mental health related issues such as weight etc. In other words the issues are much wider on there than they are here.

  • I didn't see the post so cant comment, but keep on writing your poems it is a beautiful way to express yourself and in doing so might help others x

  • I completely got it and could relate. I have issues too and agree that it ties into my weight problem, not only because of the meds but the way it makes me feel about myself. I was an emergency medical technician on an ambulance and I write poetry as well. We have alot in common. Some of mine are rather dark but I bet you would understand. I agree that mental health is a huge issue that affects so many of us deeply. Some times its hard for people to understand. I hope you stay with us. They are just protecting the group with good intentions I'm sure.

  • It's a nightmare and I think it can become a vicious circle with meds and other stuff. I'm certainly intrigued with your writing, maybe you can inbox me when you get a minute. I certainly will get the dark side of it. And yes we have lots in common. Yes I'm stopping and totally get the reason for admin to remove and did speak through inbox to them.

  • Hope you stay with us on here though, you are great and was only trying to let us know there is more to life than people see and too many look at things the wrong way and just assume as well. Mental health is not always noticeable to everyone as you look ok on the outside it is how you are on the inside that counts more

  • Thank you 😊 and yes I'm here to stay :) don't worry you can't get rid of me that easy :)

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