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Where's Eric ?

After a quiet day activity wise on Monday, made up for it yesterday. Despite horrendous weather, had great coach trip to Settle then on to Morecambe. spent 90mins walking around Settle then nearly 3 hrs walking Morecambe. Hardly noticed the effort until today when my toes hurt ! (arthritis !).

Spent most time seeking statue of Eric Morecambe, but seems it may be away for repair ??.

Thanks to lovely people in Settle who were extremely kind & considerate to my daughter who has mobility problems.

Think walking is key to my personal weight loss & search for fitness.

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Glad you had a good day - shame you didn't get to see Eric - if you go again and locate him a pic would be great :)

Hope your toes aren't too bad x x


Sounds like a lovely day our Berylsmum 😊 And you are right about the walking!


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