Kicking the K's Mini Challenge

Kicking the K's Mini Challenge

I have just realised I don't think I actually get any points for this, as I am not doing anything other than running about after the dog yelling 'Please don't eat any more duck poo!' But seeing as I've made it and all now, I'll post it anyway. :)

I went on a longer walk today of 8k, to the river so Luna could have a swim!

Taking Luna on another walk in an hour or so, so may do something crazy then. Don't worry - it will be in the realms of normal decency, Tiggerr - ;) That did make me giggle!

And yes, Luna has found another tasty treat in the grass there. :|


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10 Replies

  • Great pics. I'm sure you'll get points🤗

  • Great collage victoria-anne and some lovely photos 😊

  • Hi victoria-anne,

    That is definitely being 'active' running about with your dog 'communing with Nature' - I think your collage is lovely - you look happy and relaxed and your dog, Luna, is lovely too. I can imagine Luna also loved having a swim, on your longer walk.

    Zest :-)

  • Thanks zest, yes it was a really lovely walk! Really warm, and bright :D

  • Like Zest mentioned, piccies of mother nature, including yourself, whilst exercising adds up to bonus points as far as I'm concerned and I'm sure moreless too. Had to smile about the duck poo as at certain times of the year I'm shouting the same thing about sheep poo :)

  • Ok, wonderful! I realised last night that I had all week to do something - but just one day, lol, but I'm not sure I'll be doing anything fancy the rest of the week anyway, having wisdom teeth out today!!

    Sheep poo is the worst! :|

  • Great photos, victoria-anne, Good to see blue skies and sunshine. You look lovely and Luna looks the picture of health with her big pink tongue and shiny coat! 😊

  • Thankyou :) Yes she has a beautiful coat!

  • These are fantastic pictures, victoria-anne and I'm quite sure that eating duck poo constitutes a quirky activity, so I'd say Luna has earned you 500 points! :D

  • Yay! Thanks! :D haha yes, but it's an activity I must say I don't partake in....! I didn't realise what she was doing being me till I looked at the photos when I got home!

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