Advice re scales

Horrendous discovery this morning - our bathroom scales, electronic, have a 5lb weight difference depending where you put them on the bathroom floor!

Devastated when a sneak weigh in, after being quite good, showed 3lbs gain. So I started moving the scales to different points on the floor!

Floor, covered in vinyl on top of hardboard on top of floorboards, is not bumpy or noticeably uneven.

Bathroom too small to leave scales flat in one position so I need to be able to put away.

Any recommendations of accurate but less temperamental scales I can invest in ?


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8 Replies

  • Would it be possible to get a firm board, or large tile to keep your scales on, Dodlink?

    I have to move mine, because the bathroom's too small, but keep them on a board and stow them under my linen basket, which is soft. I always put them in exactly the same place on the floor, when I use them :)

  • I'll give that a go. Thank you.

  • Mine are in the kitchen cupboard and used on a solid floor. It also stops me jumping on the constantly as it means stripping to my undies in the middle of the kitchen!! :D Most GPs have good scales but obviously it might be frowned upon if you took off more than your shoes and coat to weigh yourself in the waiting area!

  • Yes we have solid floors downstairs - I'll try that.

  • I very much like the scales I used at my gp last week, fully clothed and after a very big breakfast I lost 5lbs compared to when I’d weighed myself at Home an hour and a half earlier 😂 sadly I can’t use them every week!

  • I know where my scales line up according to the floor tile pattern, so they're always in the same place.

  • Same here. I’m too scared to put them anywhere else now in case they aren’t accurate! 😳😂

  • He,he,he - my new ones act the same. Didn't matter where I put the old ones , but with the new ones I've marked out where to put them so I know I'll always get a fair/accurate reading.

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