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Monday Weigh in's

Good Morning Monday weigh in's. I lost 2 and an a quarter pounds. Very happy, can always stay possitive when I lose, going out for a Birthday meal Monday night so i'm going to be extra good this week, just in case i gain. The great thing about going out at the beginning of the week means I can undo any damage, if need be , can't resist the salmon in cointreau , shouldn't realy post about yummy food, but it is before 10 am so we will all have forgotten about it by dinner time. Hope everybody had a loss, if not theres always next week, Good luck everyone.

Start weight. 11 stone 5 and half pounds

2nd week now 11 stone 1

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Hello Kaza67

That's an excellent weight loss! Very well done 😊

But did you mean to post on the Group weigh-in thread? The Daily Weigh-ins are always in 'Events' to the right of the Home page

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yes i'm in the wrong place, thanks

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Hope you find the right place!

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