Maintainers Aug update!

Morning fellow maintainers!

I guess by lots of posts the topic should be.........are we fazed by numbers, the small stuff!

Lots of us including Ruth and elliebath, have had minor gains, this month, I must admit I've not used happy scale for a while so my weight is between 10st 3.5 and 10st 4.5, which is ok, ideal is 1lb less, having said that, I feel so much better than this time last month, dare I admit almost post memopasal


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89 Replies

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  • Hi Diana and Fellow Maintainers,

    Diana - thanks for hosting the Maintainer's Club this month - and Congratulations on maintaining! It's good to hear you're feeling better in yourself - and better than you felt this time last month, and I hope that will continue.

    Apologies in advance for my lengthy reply, but I am keen to update in full, as I use these monthly 'updates' to keep track, and find them very helpful:

    My Update:

    As you know, I have been away for about a month on a holiday, and only returned at the beginning of July, so I need to look back at my weight for way back in the June 2017 update - for a comparison.

    So, back then (June 2017) I weighed 13 stone 3.25 (84.2kg), and my measurements were 39-31.5-40.

    Today (July 30th 2017) I weigh 13 stone 10 pounds (87.27kg) and my measurements are 41-34-41. So I've gained 6.75lb (3.07kg), and gained 2 inches on my bust, 3.5 inches on my waist, and 1 inch on my hips.

    When I arrived back from holiday, I was 13 stone 13 pounds, so I'm pleased to have lost 3 pounds since then, and I'm really hoping to get rid of the other pounds, to get back to my maintaining window of 13 stone to 13 stone 7 pounds.

    However, I checked my BMI - and my 'new BMI' (the measure I use as I am 6 feet 1 inch tall, and the New BMI is a better measure for taller people than the standard BMI measure) - works out at 24.23, so I'm relieved to see I'm still within the 'healthy BMI'.

    My pledge for this month:

    I hope to be back within my personal 'maintaining window' by next month, so I hope to have lost at least 3 pounds by then, and hopefully a bit more. :-)

    Good luck to all Maintainers, and to people on their Weight Loss Journeys, at whatever stage you're at - you can do this! :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Well done Zest for remaining at a healthy bmi and losing (at least some) of your holiday gain 😊

  • Thanks Anna61 - I am not feeling quite so content today - as I went out for a meal last night, and put on 2 pounds overnight, but I am sure that will come off again as quickly as it went on... lol :-)

  • You are an ace maintainer, Zest. You gain 3 kg but don't panic and just do your thing and lose it again! Well done for taking charge and repairing the damage quickly.

  • well done zest - I'm sure the remaining few pounds will come off quickly :)

  • Thanks IbenCopenhagen and LinaLamont - I've over-eaten tonight (meal out) but I'm hoping to have a good remainder of the week - all being well. :-)

  • Has the Maintainers club changed? I thought the monthly update was on the first Sunday of each month.

  • I always thought i t was the 1st of the month, if so I'm early so I apologize!

  • You are early, but don't worry. It is the first Sunday of the month today, and I found your post without any problems :-)

  • Well Diana, great to hear you feel a lot better than before, as well as maintaining weight.

    Over the past month, I have seen my lowest and highest maintenance weights: 9st 6 and 9st 11 (which is my weight today straight after my holiday). However, mostly I stayed on or below 9st 8, and hopefully I shall get back there again by next week.

    One thing I have learned lately is that it can only take a couple of days of high carbs for me to see a 2- 4 lb gain. However as we've all discussed before, such a sudden gain is nearly always water weight and eventually I am coming to accept this..... although if it makes my clothes feel a bit tight, I admit I'm not always quite so relaxed about it 😈

  • It's encouraging to know that maintainers aren't the same weight all the time but that everyones weight varies day to day!

    Well done on keeping (mostly) within your maintenance window elliebath 😊 And feel sure you will be below 9st8 very soon 😊

  • Thanks Anna. Have now dropped back to 9st 8.5 lbs , but we have a wedding to attend on Saturday, so that may well reverse again, we shall see.

  • Fantastic, elliebath - really well done! :-) Hope you enjoyed the Wedding celebration on Saturday. :-)

  • Thank you s Zest. Remarkably by saturday morning I'd actually dropped to 9st 6.5 lbs, but today I am back up by 1 lb , which isn't at all surprising after the wedding. ...which btw was lovely but a bit long for me (12 hours) .

  • It is interesting that you have seen your highest as well as your lowest maintenance weight this past month. Just goes to show how much fluctuation we can expect.

    I hope you'll get back to your 9st 8lbs soon. Kick the carbs :-) :-)

  • Yes Iben, cutting the carbs did work and I dropped to 9st 6 yesterday morning ..... but we then attended a friends wedding and I did indulge in canapes, wine and wedding cake, so I expect that has affected things a bit .

  • A late reply - but I love your posts on here, I'm trying to model your attitude towards those fluctuations. Thank you :)

  • Good Morning Diana and fellow maintainers 😊

    August has seen my lowest weight yet of 66.6kg (10st 7lb) which also marks my 3 stone loss. I'm delighted with this as I had resigned myself to not losing any more weight!

    I seem to have fairly good control of my eating as long as I don't cut my calories too much, which is a major deal for me 😊

    I am still aiming to maintain but happy to lose a few 100gs each month which seems to be the trend. My next battle is to stop the (almost) daily weighing . . .

    Best wishes everyone


  • Daily weighing can be useful to see the body's natural fluctuations ... but if we keep trying to find a reason for the little increases ( I'm guilty your honour) it can drive a soul quite mad !!

    It sounds like you're in a good place Anna61 with your 3st loss, and as you're seeing now, tiny losses can still occur even when eating at, or very close to, our personal maintenance level. Out of interest, what is your maintenence calorie level?

  • I know exactly what you mean. When I started to maintain I freaked out over the fluctuations but afteradvice from other maintainers I came to terms with the ups and downs.

  • That's useful

    wa2un7 thsnk you 😊

  • Thanks elliebath

    Maintenance is around 1500. 1200-1300 to lose but I struggle to eat this low. I'm also getting wrinkly! I'm happy to maintain at this weight 😊

  • 1500 is my maintenance level too Anna61 ... I find it a reasonable level most days, but I can go way over on weekends when socialising, so the pattern lately seems to be that every mon-wed I have to cut back .

    PS ha, wrinkly, tell me about it !! My weightloss has had a negative affect on underarms and my neck jowl area , not so easy to hide in warm weather. I do now treat myself to a monthly toning facial though which helps temporarily.

  • Wonderful, Anna! You are maintaining so well. I wish I could do whatever it is you are doing. I can't seem to find that perfect balance.

  • It doesn't feel like a balance IbenCopenhagen !!! Still up and down but pretty much maintaining overall 😊

  • well done, you have done so brilliantly :)

  • Congratulations again on your 3 stone loss, Anna61 - brilliant achievement - as well as that cold dip in the North Sea - you are a Pioneer! :-)

  • Thank you LinaLamont and Zest 😊

  • I'm pleased to report that I'm still managing to stay within my maintenance window after eight months without weighing ingredients or calculating calories. That said I don't see my goal weight too often but if I get too near the top end of my range I do pay much more attention to what I put on my plate. So far, so good!

  • That's a good place to be. I found I hovered around my goal weight for a year or so, then without really trying lost another few pounds the following year, so you never know!


  • Woohoo πŸ™Œ that is great to hear. What is your approach now that you don't count calories anymore?

  • Difficult to say really. I just watch portion sizes which is fairly easy as I know roughly how big they should be after couting calories for months. And of course Ive never gone back to snacking the way I used to although I still allow myself my sweet treats. I haven't been perfect believe me but on the whole Im managing to balance things so far.

  • Nice one - that's a great attitude to have :) I tend to veer off into danger zone if I stop counting calories! well done.

  • You are doing really well, wa2un7 - Congratulations on staying within your maintenance window - you look great too - it's lovely seeing your Collages for the various Challenges. Really good. :-)

  • Thank you,zest. I know I should really go a lot further but at the moment Im comfortable with what I've lost so Im taking time to decide. As for the challenges, so far I've managed to find pics to suit , however loosely, but I don't imagine that will always be the case. You and moreless were the only two administrators when I joined and I owe a lot to you both for your support when I had dreadful spell at the start and lost nothing for weeks. Thank you for thatπŸ’πŸ’πŸŒΊ

  • Really glad you stuck with things and persevered - you've done brilliantly. :-) Thanks for the flowers! I'll tag moreless so she can see them too - I know she'll appreciate them and your kind comments too. It's fantastic how we can all support each other in the forum - it's a lovely community, and the mutual support is really great. :-)

  • Well done wa2un7 😊 That's my next challenge, not measuring calories! Eeeek 😜

  • Thanks for hosting Diana and so good to read that you may be moving into that post menopausal zone.

    OK, I'm going to start with the positives...I'm still running 5K 3 times a weeks and I'm still off sugar. The bad news is I'm up to 149.4 pounds, my waist measurement is reading 31" and I'm outside a healthy BMI reading - this is not good at all. Time to reverse this situation and get back down to 142 which I managed to hang around for months at. I've just printed out the weekly sheet and from tomorrow I'll be logging everything that passes my lips. Putting this weight gain down to two things that I can definitely account for 1) I started to eat a breakfast of banana and a teaspoon of peanut butter 2) moved onto full fat milk from low fat. The full fat milk change was because hubby was making kefir with full fat milk so that's what we ended up buying - he's also put on weight since February and his cholesterol is now causing concern. Following blood tests his GP and his cardiologist have both told him to lose 5K and to cut down the saturated fats. He's to be retested in six months when hopefully he'll have lost the weight and seen a drop in his cholesterol level. So, from tomorrow it will be muesli and berries for brunch and then 'dinner' - normally a protein and three veg. If I see a loss by next week I'll keep to that else I'll have to count calories which I'm loath to do. Regardless, I want to get back down to 142...Think I'll join a weekly weigh-in if that's OK for a 'maintainer' to do :)

  • Sounds like a plan! Im sure you'll manage it.

  • You seem to have things well in hand. I'm sure you'll soon see 142 again.

  • Oh Mochta, I'm sorry you are struggling with your weight at the moment- but I'm glad I'm not alone πŸ˜‰ You sound determined and you have got a plan. That's a very good starting point! You'll lose those 7.4 lbs in no time. I'll be looking out for your posts.

  • good luck to you mochta, and to your husband. hopefully tackling the challenge together will hope motivate you both!

  • Hi Mochta,

    Congratulations on keeping up with your 5km runs 3 times a week - that is fantastic - and to being off sugar still. Really good! :-)

    Regarding the weight side of things, you're already putting into place and excellent plan of action, and more than that - your 'actioning' it, so you'll soon be back within the healthy BMI.

    It's good that your hubby has been given some guidelines and that you're both working together on addressing those - and I'd like to wish you both success with that.

    Your plan to join a weekly weigh-in sounds like an excellent idea too - I still weigh myself daily - I think weighing in can definitely help with motivation and keeping on track.

    Good luck with everything!

    Zest :-)

  • I think it motivating seeing maintainers on the weekly weigh-in, and Daily Diary for that matter as well Mochta 😊

    Go for it! You will soon be down again

  • Thanks Anna61 I've used the Monday weigh-in session and think I'll be sticking to that until I'm back down. Might pop in and out of the daily diary but at the mo with all the garden stuff it's mainly salad plus 'something' for dinner and always muesli and fruit for brunch.

  • Hi Diana and fellow Maintainers. I am beginning to wonder if I really deserve my Maintainer badge... I seem to be gaining a bit every month. My goal weight/max maintaining window is 62 kg, but I am now up to 65.9 kg, Almost 4 kg off target. It frustrates me that I can't seem to stay on course unless I'm counting calories.

    I am going to have to get my act together now. It is simple. Just do it!

  • I'm sure you'll do it. It is hard going back to counting calories, I'm sure . You'll get through this rough patch as you are a very determined lady. Good luck.

  • Thank you wa2un7. I hope you are right about that πŸ’ͺ

  • I feel the same but I hate counting calories so much. Maybe it's the other aspects of calorie counting that will help us more - i.e. planning planning planning. Commit to a healthy menu every day. We know what these things are without having to calculate the calories in them. And if we go off track remember to compensate elsewhere. E.g. have an extra glass of wine today, knowing tomorrow there'll be no snacks between meals... do you think these sorts of compromises could help us sustain long term?

  • Ruth_canal_runner I'm back weighting in...and completing the NHS sheets...didn't count calories when I lost the weight but I did keep to brunch/dinner - no snacking. I've slipped into a breakfast routine which I'm knocking on the head - I'm not hungry in the morning and I don't need it (I get up late - if I was up at 6am it would be totally different but I'm not). Weight and running - never noticed losing weight made running easier but do feel gaining has made it more difficult!!!!

  • I don't know... I think I have been telling myself that my old reasonably healthy diet would be good enough for maintaining now that I run as much as I do. But it isn't. It is making me gain little by little. I know it sounds stupid, but I am only just realising that in order to maintain, I continuously have to say no to things that I love to eat and drink. And I will feel hungry sometimes - not really hungry-hungry, but you know, feeling naturally hungry and not allow myself to snack as soon as I feel hunger.

    That is not what I was hoping for. I really hoped that after losing 14 kg and starting to run I could just forget about calories and weight loss, but of course I can't. The running makes me feel hungrier than before and if I am not careful I tend to eat much more than I should.

    Well, for now I have started counted calories again (sigh) I am 65.9 kg and in 6 weeks I plan to be down to 62.9 kg i.e. 0.5 kg a week. After that I'll have to figure out how to maintain better.

  • Hi I don't think that I'll ever be able to give up calorie counting though I am not as strict about measuring everything. Whenever I stopped within 6=8 months the weight started creeping up. However I don't find it a bind which is good since it means I am more likely to maintain.

  • Iben, you are most definitely a maintainer , just still finding the right routine for you..

    It does appear that some people manage to maintain without much effort, but I think that is very rare. In my case I know I'm only managing it because I still monitor myself closely. To many people that possibly sounds a boring way to live, but after fifty years of not being in control, I'm now much happier doing it this way. Having said that, a lot of my "calorie control" is based on accumulated knowledge, I don't have to check or log every single thing, only some days.

    Everyone is "in a different place", but my motivation is that I shall be 65 in four weeks time and my confidence and my health checks are better than they were 10 years ago. I don't want to sabotage my 3 years effort. Stay with us Iben and you will crack this !! 😊

  • My motivation is still all about running. I love to run and I feel like I am flying when I am running at my ideal weight. When I am heavier, I feel slow and I get sore and feel more prone to injuries.

    I just have to keep that motivation in mind! I will get rid of the four extra kilos and then find my maintaining way.

    It will have to be different than the way I have been trying since I reached my goal weight in December 16.

  • Keep on running Iben and you will win your race in every respect !

  • Thank you Ellie!

  • DITTO! IbenCopenhagen - I could have written this :) At least we know we can do it, and we're still running :) :) :)

    Sorry elliebath - posted in the wrong place.

  • Hi IbenCopenhagen,

    Just to say I think you absolutely deserve your Maintainer Badge - you wear it really well and you can do this! You are doing this, and you can achieve your goals - we're all behind you on this, and next month - all being well - you'll be doing just fine!

    Zest :-)

  • That is so sweet of you to say. I can't let you down now ❀️

  • Do you feel worse for the extra weight IbenCopenhagen ? Could it be muscle with all the running? Can you check body fat %?

    Your a star! You will sort this! 😊

  • Sorry Anna, didn't see your questions until now.

    I wouldn't say I feel worse, but my running is hampered by the extra weight. I can't "fly" :-)

    I don't think it is muscle. It is not like I feel I have done everything right and not been able to maintain. It is more a case of having gradually returned to my old eating habits (more carbs, more sugar, more alcohol) and as a result - surprise - added weight.

    I have turned thing around this week and have been counting calories meticulously - I am looking forward to stepping on the scales tomorrow morning.

  • Hi to everyone, i keep forgetting to post on the first sunday, in the maintainers club! been maintaining for 2 months now. Have been anaemic so not been able to move as much, but things are improving now and i gradually getting going again. Maintained completely until this week and gone up a few pounds, so going to pull that back again. its no surprise though as i have had a few takeouts! so i going to get back on it and set a reminder in my phone for the september post!

  • Well done , maintenance is always a fluctuation and foods like takeaway ( more carb and sodium ) can quickly reflect on the scales. I find I always gain a couple of pounds after such things, but if you cut carbs for a few days it settles down again.

  • You'll get rid of those pounds easily. Well done for maintaining!

  • Hi pilatesrocks,

    Great that you're posting - and that you've been maintaining for 2 months now - Congratulations!!! :-) Sorry to hear you've been anaemic though, but glad that is improving and you're gradually getting going again.

    Look forward to hearing how you're getting on in September, and wishing you a great month!

    Zest :-)

  • Happy August Diana! Somehow I missed this last week but better late than never... I had a rubbish July but the outcome is just a 1lb gain to 10st5.5lbs. Still *just* within my healthy bmi range. Measurements tell a different story though. I gained half an inch on my waist to 27" which confused me as I've been wearing my jeans with my belt on the tightest (4th) loophole for the past few weeks. I'm more than aware 27" is a slim waist but the main culprit jeans-wise for me is my hips and this month they are back below 40" (39.5") for the first time in months. My thighs are also slimmer too (another half inch). I feel like my body's maybe still doing weird things following all the antibiotics etc. But if I can keep my hips below 40" this will be a silver lining of sorts :)

  • That all sounds very positive Ruth, from what I see you've definitely got this back on track ....😊

  • Thank you Ellie. Hopefully things will get fully back on track soon :)

  • It is great that your measurements disagree with the scales! And here's to an effective August! We are back in the game.

  • Yes the scales are just a guide after all :)

  • Hi Ruth_canal_runner,

    You've done really well to only gain 1 pound after such a difficult July - and great to hear you're within your healthy BMI - Congratulations!!! :-) Interesting to hear about the confusing measurements - but great to hear your hips have reduced - and your thighs are slimmer - you sound like you're toning up.

    Hope you have a better month - in terms of positive things and nice experiences.

    Zest :-)

  • Hello all, thanks Diana for hosting. Great to hear how everyone is doing.

    I've had a good month with slight fluctuations. Weight is up to 58kg, happiest at a couple less, but not too worried as the trend is downwards after deciding to be a bit more careful. After a while of maintaining when the initial euphoria of being the right weight has worn off you have to remind yourself of the benefits to health/fitness/appearance as there are continual temptations in our way. I have changed our food at home, it's the meals out, family celebrations, socialising, holidays.... life that increases my weight. So far, like others I've managed to keep a lid on it, reigning it back after a gain. I still don't eat anything with added sugar and try to have less alcohol, it all helps.

    The very positive forum posts of anyone maintaining make good reading, for instance elliebath Anna61 or Zest . Everyone on here that is trying to lose excess weight will want to hear tips on how the maintainers are getting on, after all that is the aim of everyone eventually.

    Hope everyone enjoys the rest of August, hoping for a bit more sunshine!

  • You seem to have an ideal approach, maintaining is (like many things ) best approached on an 80/20 basis.... eat well at home, allow yourself some slack when out and if more than a couple of pounds gain, reduce for a week and get rid. We have all in the past lost some weight , so we know perfectly well what we did to achieve that. Maintenance is just a case of hitting our repeat button every so often.

  • I like that wording! I am hitting the repeat button now and until those 4 kg are gone.

  • 😁

  • Hi Sailsalot,

    Fantastic to hear you've had a good month and only slight fluctuations - that's really great!!! :-) You're so right about reminding ourselves of the benefits to health/fitness/appearance - and to be mindful of the fact there are continual temptations out there. Very wise words indeed! Well done for keeping a lid on things, reigning in after a gain, and avoiding added sugar, plus less alcohol - it definitely does help. I wish I'd adhered to that tonight at my meal out, but I ended up 'going for it' a bit - and ate far too much. Never mind, I've pledged to reign myself back in again for the rest of the week, so will hope to be following your suggestions there.

    You were very kind to list me - I appreciate your mention.

    Here's hoping for more sunshine - so we can enjoy it 8-)

    Happy August! Wishing you a great month.

    Zest :-)

  • My maintenance month has been ok. I lost the extra inch and half on my waist and my lefs look slimmer. I still haven't dropped beyond 11st3, but that's my 'happy' weight. I've eaten quite a lot of rubbish, mostly socially related; I've just come back from a hen weekend where I drank a LOT and this morning I was at 11st8 but I think it will come off in a few days if I'm careful. I think I have my youth and fast (relatively) metabolism on my side, though I've just read an article saying that now I'm 25, it will start to decline year on year... great! 😬

    But I'm concerned though that my emotional eating has returned somewhat, or maybe it's just lack of control. I had one of those M&S tubs of mini chocolate rolls in the house (unwillingly, I tried to foist them off to my friend to no avail) and basically ate them all within 12 hours. I feel gross now; it was like I couldn't stop eating until they were gone. I should have put them in the bin, but I hate wasting food. When I think back to how I used to eat though, it's still a vast improvement, as I would have done that (or equivalent) on a daily basis 😬 and I can tell now how big quantities of bad food make me feel gross and uncomfortable.

    The other thing is that since starting half marathon training, I've become twice as hungry, because the running is so intense. So I think I do have to increase my calorie allowance, so that I have enough energy to run, but in a healthy way, so sticking to wholewheat bread, skyr, chicken, prawns ... etc. Hope everyone has a good week :)

  • Hi LinaLamont,

    Congratulations on losing those inches off your waist and to having slimmer legs, that is a great result! :-) Sounds like you've had a few social events to contend with - and I hope you enjoyed them, including the Hen weekend. I'm sure some weight will come off quite quickly, now you're back on track again after that. :-)

    I know you've had a bit of an experience with the M&S Mini Chocolate Rolls - but don't you let them get you down - just move on from it - I've eaten 1,442 calories for my evening meal tonight, and feel a bit shocked at how easily I did that - wasn't expecting that!

    Like you said, you've changed significantly in your eating habits, and the occasional 'overeat' isn't going to affect the overall trend.

    Wow, training for the Half Marathon - that is brilliant - and I can imagine that will make you extra hungry. You've got your plan in place now to ensure you meet your nutritional needs for that extra running - and wishing you success with your training - you are doing really well, Lina. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • I'm so proud of all you maintainers. The fight is not over yet. It never is. We all hope to be where you are and we surley look up to you for advice. Thank you for your help.

  • Hi Diana et al and thank you for posting the Maintainer's Monthly.

    What a month. I've already posted a chunk of this but I went off the rails almost at the beginning of July. I stopped counting, which didn't help although I can think of a myriad of small reasons why I just started eating too much.

    That was two weeks before my holiday away. After two weeks I had put on nearly 4kg and dreaded what I'd weigh when I came back.

    At the airport on the way out I had a couple of alcoholic drinks after about 5 months abstinence and drank a lot whilst away. I stopped the day before we came back and surprisingly I still don't have any notable urges to have one.

    On weigh in day I had actually lost weight (prepared my own food abroad) and was just inside my upper maintenance threshold.

    The last 2 weigh-ins have been, lost 1.x kg then gained 1.x kg and today it looks like I'm on the way back down (though w/e still to get through).

    I hope that I'd go back to calorie counting if I had to but I'm up for a fight and I'm not going to give in easily.

    Like Zest , I like to use this opportunity to appraise my monthly progress (or lack of) so I can have a review in black and white that will hopefully clarify anything that needs dealing with.

    I agree with wa2un7 about portioning without calorie counting. After 6 months of calorie counting everything to within an inch of it's life (for me that would even include, grapes, peppers, apples.... lol now), it tends to leave you with a fairly good idea of what is a sensible portion and what isn't. When I'm eating too much I know it and when I get close (or over) my upper weight limit, it focuses the mind to reduce portions etc...

    Good luck to you all.

  • Great that you're back after your holiday Tiggerr - Welcome back!!! :-) You mentioned that your weight is on the way back down again now, although of course there is still the weekend to negotiate, so I'd like to wish you a very good weekend, and hope that you continue that process - and good luck to you and everyone else for a great month ahead.

    Zest :-)

  • Cheers!

  • Hi I have a frustrating month in July- I thought I had sorted my maintenance calorie allowance at 1650 keeping my weight around 55Kg give or take then for the last few week my weight kept dropping so went down to 54kg which was my lowest target weight range, despite only doing walking, because of shift patterns. So I increased my allowance to 1750, but my weight continued dropping until it got to 53.1kg. So I have increased my allowance to 1800 and have only just reached 54kg. I rechecked my maintenance range and it does go up to 1930, but I have decided to stick to 1800 for 2-3 weeks and see what happens. I must admit last week with the increase in calorie I was a bit nervous that I'd suddenly put a lot of weight on which is what happened when I first got down to my target weight and the increased my calories to quickly and put on 2kg! I had to force myself to only weigh myself every other day and that was difficult. Since I have increased my allowance again I really want to weigh myself tomorrow though I usually do it on Sunday or Monday depending on my shifts. I will try to resist- especially since I am going to a leaving do tomorrow night- tapas so will need to show some restraint but will be good with the alcohol (I hope!!) As long as I am o more than 56kg then I'll be ok and O have planned to have soup at lunch to limit the calories I can control, since I have no idea what calories I will be eating tomorrow night.

    I plan to restart increasing my exercise- I think I have been lucky that it has been busy at work so I have been getting unintentional exercise!

    I am not at the stage yet that I feel confident stopping calorie counting and not sure that I ever will- when I have done this before and reached my target weight- I found that after 6 months my weight would start increasing again and the bad habits snuck back in. I don't find it a bind so as long as I feel this way then I'll be happy to continue with counting calories.

    I am really tempted to weigh myself tomorrow- my rationale is that if I wait until Sunday I won't know if I have put on too much weight if its due to the increased daily allowance being too much or because of the night out on Saturday- is that valid rationale or am I just making an excuse?

    Well I was unable to resist the temptation- and gone below 54Kg again- in one way I am ok with it since it gives me a bit more leeway tonight, however I am concerned it may allow me to give permission to myself to say-'what the heck- I'll eat & drink what I like because I am below my target weight!' I'll find out tomorrow what damage if any I do tonight

  • Hi RG07,

    I enjoyed reading your update, and well done for sorting out your calorie range - and I hope that you enjoy the Leaving Do Tapas tonight. Good luck with re-starting increasing your exercise as well - and I hope you are happy when you weigh-in on Sunday.

    Wishing you a great weekend and a really good month ahead too.

    Zest :-)

  • Thanks I am starting to have problems eating enough calories and crisps are edging their way back into my diet again- to boost up my calories. If I need to increase to 1850 then I need to have a serious rethink on what I eat and have higher calorie snacks. I never thought that would ever be a problem and when other forum members mentioned they were having problems eating enugh calories I thought how can they- now I know

    Well I had better get myself ready since its an early start tonight

  • Hi there, firstly well done for getting to where you are now. I am in admiration. However, I would have to say put the crisps down. You know how bad they are! If you must snack then fruit or nakd / trail bars are much better.

  • I know I've just got to find an alternative quick snack for my second break when I am at work- but I will have the treat for a week enjoy it temporarily! Though to be fair to me the crisps I planned to have, had to be changed to mini cheddars though not sure if they are any better than crisps, since the shop didn't have the flavour I like!

    Well I weighed myself and yes I ate more than I should have because I was stuffed which is a feeling I have not felt since January when I started this journey, I am now within the lower range of my target weight- so I had a good time and managed to put a bit of weight on which makes me doubly happy!

  • Wishing you a lovely evening. :-)

  • Can I have a maintainer badge please?

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