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Lesson Learnt!

morning all. I only restarted last week, and was proud of some of my choices. HOWEVER... it all went a bit wrong yesterday. After the trauma of a 4 year olds birthday at wacky warehouse I had pizza, crisps and wine for tea. Woke in the night so thirsty and with such a heavy feeling in my tummy. I used to eat like this all the time, but it has shown me that my body really does appreciate me eating better food. So, drawing a line under the major blip of yesterday, I'll be reaching for extra veggies today!

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that's great you feel the difference! unhealthy food does seem to give that "sluggish" effect.


Morning mello33

I can understand how you feel after enjoying the birthday celebrations I'm feeling the same today! The nice thing about healthy eating is we understand that there are going to be days like yesterday but we can enjoy them then return to our normal healthy eating the next day to carry on our weight loss journey. I'm with you reaching for the extra veggies!!

Have a good day.


I've found it really interesting to see how my body responds to less healthy days. I wouldn't have particularly noticed that I felt 'bad' before nor that I feel 'good' now but give me a less healthy day and I really notice now. Hope that makes some kind of sense!


Really agree that your body notices the difference. It's like you get a bit more tuned in, or better at listening to the feedback. And those kinds of parties are a nightmare - junk food everywhere, associating it with happiness/reward/good times...and almost designed to make you reach for the wine, or in my case head straight for the gin! But today's a new day, and the occasional party is important!!


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