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Daily Diary for Saturday 29th July

Daily Diary for Saturday 29th July

Hello Daily Diarists!

I hope you’ve had a good week so far.

Welcome to anyone posting for the first time, just look at what the others do and follow suit.

So, what have you planned to eat and drink on Saturday 29th July?

Tell us what your calorie intake should be and the total calories that each meal contains, what exercise you have planned and if you have a tip to share please do share it.

For all the regulars, I’m looking forward to seeing what you all have in store for tomorrow – thank you for sharing your brilliant ideas!

I’ve not been very good at posting my diary this past week – various things going on with family and poorly dog too, but I have at least got tomorrow planned.

So tomorrow for breakfast I shall have toasted crumpet with fresh fruit, honey and Greek yogurt.

Lunch will be leftover Hairy Dieter meatloaf with some salad and a yogurt.

Dinner will be chicken sweet and sour stir fry.

I’ve not added that up yet, but I’m pretty sure it comes in just under 1400 and that will just leave me enough for that cheeky glass of Sauvignon blanc and some fruit, maybe nectarine and peach.

My tip for the day – again my tip is to keep keeping on!

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Good poster - yep! We have to keep on keeping on.

Lovely food as always.

Today went well, did my rowing and 4x5minutes hoola hooping - quite exhausting!


Breakfast will be greek yogurt, 20g macadamia nut butter, strawberries, blueberries and cream. 502 cals

Lunch: 3 cherry toms, 1 avocado, baby leaf salad, avocado oil drizzled over and a few walnut pieces. 552 cals

Evening meal: Venison steak, courgetti, cabbage and gravy. 355 cals

Total 1409 out of 1552 possible.

However, it seems that I might not be eating sufficient calories. Not quite sure how I ended up here but might explain lack of weight loss.

Somewhere between 1456 and 2048 depending on whether I am moderately active (which I think I am now) or low activity.

Will try to sort that over the next few days.

Looking forward to finding out what everyone else is having.

Tip: Don't forget to check your calorie range on the BMI calculator and account for any recent upsurge (or downsurge, is that even a word!) in activity.


That does sound quite low calories Ceals and might explain you lack of weight loss 😕 I'm sure you'll be able to adjust, you are so knowledgeable about nutrition

Well done on all the exercise, it's good to hear you sounding so fit and well 😊

Have a good weekend


Thanks IndigoBlue61 but how on earth did I let that happen!

Anyway, let's see what next week brings.


Oh what lovely meals Ceals, you were right when you said we like the same food. Although I'd swap the walnuts for some cashews at lunchtime! Breakfast sounds heavenly, you have completely converted me to greek yoghurt, although I had a low fat version at my parents recently and it just doesn't compare, and the cream really lifts it too. Vension steak and cabbage are two more favourite things of mine too. Enjoy your day and I hope your tweaking with the calories works out.


Thanks Salcheq I will just keep tweaking and trying, it is all good fun and I have found some super new foods.


You could always add some crumbled blue cheese to your salad at lunchtime, Ceals, that would be a tasty and not too filling way to bump up the calories :)


Thanks moreless a good place to start. Might be Feta as I am really enjoying this at the moment.

Hope camping has been great.


Excellent idea :)

Camping was a washout, but time with the kids was great, thank you :)

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I love the sound of rain when I am in a tent-but you can certainly have too much of it.

Glad that time with your grandchildren was a huge positive.


It was so loud, we had to shout to make ourselves heard and then when it started to pour through the roof and down the inside of the tent walls, we gave up! :D

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I remember one camping holiday like that in Somerset. For the next 8 years we camped in the South of France!

Your bought my lot new tents. A couple of them have the new air tents-quite amazing technology. Get their first real airing next weekend.


Lol! That sounds like an excellent idea! :D

I shall be very interested to hear what the new air tents are like! :)

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One was put up in our garden at Easter to try it out and it was amazing. Went up so quickly (it is an 8 person tent), and was incredibly sturdy.

Here is the laugh though- it has its own carpet! Nothing like the make do and mend camping my treasures were used to as children!


a carpet! haha! Brilliant!

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Yep! And I am the mad fool that paid for it!


Ha! Well there is no great genius without a wee touch of madness, to paraphrase Seneca!


We put a square of carpet in our tent, unfortunately, it got absolutely soaked!! :D


I guess that makes the pair of us genius according to @happybee


All this talk of camping brings back lovely memories of camping when the children were little. I remember one rainy night we all woke up with soggy sleeping bags and pillows and spent the rest of the day looking for a launderette. It didn't dampen our spirits though. My daughter takes her little ones camping now and her students who are of doing their Duke of Edinburgh badges.


Venison for dinner sounds fabulous! The calories going too low is not something I majorly relate to as I struggle every day to keep a lid on them, but yes I agree yours seem to be a little low! Im sure you can easily add some more good fats to each meal or add a wee afternoon snack and sort it right out!

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Yep-now I am onto it I will sort it.

I think that is a real upside of DD, constantly thinking through the food I am eating and looking at calories others consume. It is a great invention.


Good evening Trimmerteacher and thank you for hosting 😊 You have had quite a week haven't you! I'm glad you've managed to plan tomorrow's meals. So many people eating Greek yogurt is making me want it! I'm not a big yogurt fan but think I'll need to have another try 😊

We are off quite early tomorrow so I'll take a sandwich with me, plus some nuts and a banana. We have a busy afternoon with my daughter and then a curry at my sons. I've made it already and it's quite a feast! Lamb with spinach, tandoori chicken, spicy chick peas, and my favourite potato and cauliflower. I will serve it with salad, rice and chapatis. I'm driving so will drink fizzy water. It's been tough cooking it today and having to taste it but not eat any! 😊

Exercise is loading and unloading the car, hanging curtains, helping my daughter get straight and hopefully some furniture shopping.

My tip is - Life is short, look forward to weekends, holidays and special events without being afraid of over-eating. Relax, enjoy yourself, and trust your appetite 😊

Onwards and downwards 😊


Lamb with spinach, yum yum yum. I have a family who don't really eat masses of meat, which I generally think is good, but I do miss an occasional bit of lamb.

Great tip. I'm trying it out this summer big style.


We don't eat much meat either, but I do enjoy it when I have it 😊


Love that IndigoBlue61 relax and enjoy. Trusting your appetite is a good way to go and sometimes when I am not hungry I really shouldn't eat.

All the curries you have made sound fantastic and of course they will be better because they will have had a day to mature.

Enjoy your trip and spending time with your children.


Thank you Ceals 😊 I'm blessed with 3 happy healthy children ❤️


Enjoy your curries Anna61! They sound gorgeous!

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Hi Trimmerteacher . Love that pic. I'm now 4 weeks in and definitely seeing changes. Have gone down a bra size. Will keep going forward for sure!

It's my son's 14th birthday tomorrow but there won't be any jelly and ice cream..'why would I want to eat out with my family, that's just wierd!'. He's off out with his mates but will be back for takeaway pizza when he runs out of money!

Plan for me:

B. Bacon sandwich

L. Halloumi salad

D. Domino's veggie pizza and Colin the Caterpillar cake (that's what he wanted!)


Approx 2000. My max allowance

Exercise. Dog walking and yoga

Tip. Eat cake but only to celebrate!


Oooo domino pizza and caterpillar cake!! That takes me back!! Lol 😂

Have a super weekend, enjoy your sons birthday 😊


LOL at the teenager :)

Have a great day :) and enjoy the cake


Love that, it's not cool to eat out but Colin the Caterpillar cake is good!

Halloumi - delicious I had forgotten about that.



Active_43, your son sounds like mine! They are funny! Enjoy the pizza and cake!


Yep it's a challenge. Luckily my teen daughter is an absolute dream

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Good evening Trimmerteacher and thanks for hosting. I'm torn between thinking I want your breakfast or Ceals tomorrow. Unfortunately the fridge is fairly empty as I'm not really shopping until we go camping on Monday so it may be a little less imaginative.

Not so good day for me today, I lapsed and had a sour cream and chive pringle incident. Having them in the house, combined with a crazy work day at home trying to finish everything before signing off on holiday and children and husband in and out all day drove me slowly crazy and I lost control a little. I'm a bit stuck weight wise at the moment, and definitely in a dangerous place, so I'll be on here with a vengeance until I go camping on Monday!

Still, I had some calories put by, and went without wine, so should have pulled it in around 1500 calories.

Tomorrow, another busy day but first day of holiday so I'm determined to nail it!

B - granola with milk 250 cals

L - leftover chicken fajhita wrap with sour cream - 450 cals

D - smoked haddock, oven chips and beans, with some sauce/mayonnaise - 600 cals

Total - 1300.

Exercise - well, doing anything would be good compared to the last few days, unless furious typing counts for today. I might have a little run, or I might just rack up the steps doing the enormous list of things there are to do!

Happy Saturday each, enjoy your weekend, holiday, work,whatever you're doing.


Well done on reigning things in Salcheq pringles are so more-ish 😳 Have a good weekend and a fab holiday 😊


Not sure it was reigning things in, or just coming to the end of the packet and giving myself a good talking to!! Lucky it wasn't a full tube. I was very cross with myself, as I'd just had a decent, very tasty snack as I know it is my weak time.


What was the snack please Salcheq?


Two wheatbran breadsticks with a measured out portion of cheese spread as a dip. Perfect, and very satisfying. There really was no need to follow it with a pile of pringles!!

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The breadsticks I looked up were 64g carbohydrate, only 12% bran, mostly wheat flour. A good possibility that along with the cheese spread with skimmed milk your insulin levels were disturbed.

Once you hit the pringles, it really is difficult to stop.

IMHO, a front of food label of the effect on our insulin load would be far better than the current traffic light system.


Very perceptive as always.


Lovely post Salcheq the excitement of your holiday is coming through, and so it should.

With an empty pantry you have done well to rustle up some tasty meals. Smoked haddock is so good.


Thanks for hosting Trimmerteacher loving the pic and tip :)

Menu sounds lovely too - sorry to hear about your poorly furbaby loads of healing hugs x x

This week has been totally manic for me but ok food wise (well ok not as good as I should have been - tomorrow's weigh in will be the decider on that :) )

can't totally plan for tomorrow as will be travelling for a good 7 hours - but I know what my host has planned for my tea sort of :)

Tea - salmon wellington and new boiled tatties, not sure what veg (from Aldi - Minniewinny I not had this yet but my host has bought this for the two of us, so i have no idea on calories) and asparagus

Breakfast & Lunch - will be on the road, am hoping to have brunch ;)

Obviously will be having my 2 naughty coffees prior to hitting the road (naughty coffees are with sugar ;) )

Hope everyone has a great day and also just to let you all know I will be going awol until Wednesday after I weigh in tomorrow (I will try and pop in but no promises)

Keep going everyone you are all doing great :)


Have a great weekend Hidden and enjoy your salmon Wellington 😊


Enjoy your few days away, we will miss you.

Enjoy your salmon wellington, I keep wanting to try it too.


175g or a 1/4 portion = 457 cals of the one with prawn & white wine sauce YUM

I hope you like it


Thanks for calorie info appreciate it :)

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Have a lovely time away cracker10! Good luck for your weigh in!


Thanks for hosting Trimmerteacher . After seeing the forecast for tomorrow and being cold this evening I think a curry will be a very good idea IndigoBlue61 and I think I will be making a beefy one for our dinner.

A cooked breakfast to look forward to with 2 eggs 1 bacon; some leftover spicy chicken and veg mix with a pitta for lunch.

Probably around my maintenance cals 1500/1600

Exercise a dog walk if not too wet and windy.


Sounds good, I so enjoy curry.


I hope your dog is feeling better now, Trimmerteacher. It is horrible when they are ill.

Your menu sounds lovely. I want to buy a Hairy Dieters book, as so many people on here seem to recommend them.

Thanks for hosting!

I have not managed to get onto the DD for a few days, as things have been busy. On Wednesday we went out with friends and there was a "posh picnic" involved. I am very sorry to say that I had 2361 calories that day! Almost 1000 calories over my usual! Whoops! We did have fun though!

Yesterday I was a hundred over, so I have got to be more restrained from now on. Today was better with 1277 calories.

Tomorrow for breakfast I will have my usual oats, pumpkin seeds, flaked almonds, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries with warm hazelnut milk. (228 cals)

Lunch will be a turkey slice, a ham slice, salad containing lettuce, watercress, rocket, cucumber, mint, avocado,beetroot and tomatoes, with 1 slice of brown seeded bread and a scraping of butter (312cals)

Dinner will be marinaded chicken strips, with half a cob of corn and broccoli, probably followed by Greek yogurt and blueberries. (435c)

Added to that are 2 squares of slightly salted dark chocolate and three sugarless cocoa drinks. Other drinks will be peppermint tea or water.

1285 calories altogether.

Exercise will be dog walking, for at least an hour and a quarter and C25k week 3 run 1.


Those picnic moments can happen. Still you enjoyed yourself and are managing the rest of your days... well done!

Your menu also sounds very tasty Mimirossi


Sounds like a fab picnic.

Your food today sounds lovely but very low on calories. Have you checked your BMI range? I as because I have realised I have managed to slide into eating too few calories and was very surprised when I did a BMI check.


Hi Ceals, I am just having a few days on lower calories to make up for the 1100 extra I had over two days this week! Then I will be back to normal.

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That explains it!


Very early start! 5:30am off on a mini weekend with 250 other cars!

Weight: 13st 11

Stayed the same!!!

Phew. I can do this diet thing and eat out and have days out!

Onwards and downwards!


I have a feeling you intended posting this in the weigh-in thread, Kimbell, not the Daily Diary :)

I hope your day isn't too busy for you to re-post :)

Have fun! :)

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I better explain that I don't count calories any more (unless it all goes wrong, then I'll be back with my tail between my legs) however, the aim in my head at the moment is to stick to 1900 cals whilst I knock off a couple of kilos.

Yesterday, I didn't know what I was going to have for lunch. Ended up having some bacon, lettuce & tomato sarnies with salad cream and ketchup. Never made that combo before but it came out yummy.


B: 30g porridge, fruit, cinnamon, honey

L: Cheese salad

S: Chicken domoda. It's a basic Gambian dish with peanut butter and chillis. Found an abundance of peanut butter in the cupboard and we haven't had this for ages. Choccy sponge is finally finished (managed to make a smallish piece last a week so fairly happy with that) so back to my apple crumbles.

Have a good w/e all!


That chicken dish sounds fabulous


Looked up the domoda recipe online! Looks gorgeous and really quite simple! Is it anything like satay?

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Sort of (minus a few things like soy) but on steroids because you get all the extra sauce to go with the rice (if having).


Oh that sounds so nice! I will have to give this a whirl!


Love the post picture- it's so true

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Thank you for hosting Trimmerteacher, your tip is the crux of it all isnt it! Enjoy your lovely Saturday menu and hope your wine and peaches are as nice as they sound!

My Saturday menu - under 1400 aim

B - Bio strawberry yoghurt, walnuts, almond flakes, a small smoothie with strawberries, banana, apple and blackberry, and a coffee with almond milk. (400)

L - Boots superfood rainbow salad (150)

D - Lahanodolmathes - My version of it.. savoy cabbage leaves stuffed with quorn mince, brown rice or wholewheat couscous havent decided, onions, pine nuts, and greek spices, and maybe a bit of crumbled feta. Baked with a spicy tomato sauce. (500)

Going to the movies - snacks - A thai streetfood nut and seed mix (184) A small diet coke *please dont beat me moreless, (TO be fair, your words on the subject have stayed with me and I havent had any in over a month) salt and vinegar rice cake crisps (100)

Exercise - C25K run wk2 day3 - have missed it twice due to feeling a bit queasy in the evenings the last 2 or 3 days... something I am watching as I have no idea what is causing it!

TIP - Make your goals achievable and short term. If your goals are too much of a stretch and you keep missing the target, you'll feel like a failure all the time and you'll quickly lose heart. Even a 3 or 4 pound loss feels like a failure if you are setting a target of 5!

Happy Saturday to you all, and if I havent said it enough already, thank you to all of you for being part of the best forum ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all mean the world to me! xx


Your tip is really good HappyBeee. One of my daughters is a great one for setting the bar too high and then saying she has failed and I think I have been guilty of it the past.

I hope you feel better soon!


Fab food HappyBeee enjoy the movie.


You've changed your name!! I want to call you Bibi! I guess it's going to have to be be Beee now! ;)

Well done for steering clear of the diet coke, I didn't realise my words had such an effect on people! I'm really hoping that it will taste awful to you and you'll be able to say bye bye to the muck for good! :D

I'm loving the sound of your dinner! I may try that, or a version of that, with my home grown chard, real mince and bulgur wheat. It sounds delicious! :)

That queasiness doesn't sound good! Is it after a meal/drink/particular food stuff/when you're hungry??

OMG!! Your tip is brilliant! It's something that most of us should take note of!

Thank you, for being you! It certainly wouldn't be the same here, without you! :) xx


What a cute thing to say! Thanks so much!


Hello everyone! Thanks for hosting Trimmerteacher. As usual everyone's menus look delicious, I particularly like the sound of the Chicken domada. I need to defrost the freezer so I am having a week of clearing the freezer meals for tea!

My calorie range is: 1489-1914.

B: boiled egg, bagel with butter, orange juice and tea - 453 calories

L: baked beans on toast, orange, tea - 383 calories

T: rice, salmon with a garlicky/tomatoey creme fraiche sauce and peas, nectarine - 692 calories

Total: 1523 calories so not really much to 'play with today' although if I get hungry before bed I will have a handful of almonds.


I look forward to seeing lots of unusual improvisations on the daily diary while you clear the freezer hedgehog! dinner sounds great!


Love the sound of your tea Hedgehog17


Hi TT a great reminder that these things take time. I am 10 weeks in and my husband can see a change and my fitted trousers are now comfortable. Work are used to me going up and down so it will take a while for them to notice! I want to surprise my daughters in Australia when we seem them in January.

B - cappuccino at hairdresser and a mini short read round - 170

L - banana pancakes ( 1 egg 1 banana) with Greek yog and cherries

I slice liv life bread with 1/2 avocado - 400

D - son home so chicken fajitas - 2 wraps with chicken, onion and pepper mix with fajita seasoning, Greek yog and salsa - 600

S - fruit and possibly something chic as son likes choc after each meal!!

1450 - 1800 range. Try to stay 1500 or below. Usually over at the w/e so the week helps balance me out.

Ex - walking around the shops and gardening. I always park a mile out of town to ensure a walk.

Tip - park a little further away then normal to up the steps a little without really noticing it.

Have a lovely weekend!


You have a great attitude wakywoo , your daughters will definitely notice, even if work mates are slow to comment. What a great motivator having a trip like that to look forward to. I like banana pancakes too, had forgotten about them so thanks for the reminder.


We do the parking a long way away at the shops too. It is easier to park usually too, so it has double benefits!

It is so nice when previously tight clothes become comfortable again. Soon they will be too loose and you will have to go down a size!


That will be great!


Great tip, ever so easy to do too, which is one reason it is brilliant.

Lovely food Wakywoo

What a surprise your daughters are in for!


Morning all. Hope you've had a good week and enjoy the weekend, whatever you're doing.

I'll be spending most of today in the garden, husband is laying a new patio and I'll be deadheading and tidying the borders. Hope to get myself out for walk along the front later. I'll take a picture of Anthony Gormley's Iron Men and have a go at posting it here, but don't hold you're breath I'm only just getting my head around all this techno stuff but thanks to IndigoBlue61 I'm getting there.

I actually started my weight loss journey at the end of June when my daughter bought me a fitbit my starting weight then was 10st 13lbs but I only started recording on the Friday weigh in last week when I was 10st 8lbs. Yesterday I weighed in at 10st 7lb so a pound off. I've been a yo yo dieter most of my adult life but since finding this site and reading everyone's inspiring poss I've decided that taking it slowly and one day at a time I'll get it off and hopefully keep it off.

Here's today's plan

B Porridge made with water, two juicy plums and 1 tbs of honey

L Tuna and sweetcorn pasta salad, left over from yesterday

D Chicken and mushroom risotto.

Black tea throughout the day and water, mustn't forget the water!!

Snacks Hummus and carrot sticks, apple, orange

And two glasses of dry white wine this evening with a bag of crisps

Total calories 1,521

Good luck everyone


Lovely menu. And wine and crisps included. 😃

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We all need to have a treat to look forward to!


Great attitude, slow and steady, more chance of sustaining it.

Nice food - crisps and wine to boot - whoever said loosing being was eating awful food was so, so wrong.


I know. I'm looking forward to the wine and crisps

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Had a lovely walk on the beach and clocked up 8,816 steps. I promised to send a pic of the Iron Men but I can't for the life of me work out how to do it. Any help would be great!


Just back from a lovely walk on the beach and clocked up 8,816 steps. I promised to try and post a picture of the Iron Men but can't for the life of me work out how to do it.

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Sorry everyone that I haven't replied or commented to any of the lovely menus and super tips today. Had to say goodbye to my beloved Collie this morning, so I'm struggling to stay on top of things.


Oh I'm so sorry to hear that. Our beloved pets are so much part of the family. Sending you big hug.


Sorry to hear that. Take care.


So sorry to hear that trimmerteacher. I remember losing our Timmy when I was younger. Still makes me feel sad now. Thinking of you.


So sorry TT. Big hug your way and for your family too xxx


Tt, I'm so sorry to hear your dreadful news! There is nothing I can say that will make you feel less sad at the moment. Just know, that you gave her the best life possible and that she's now with her beloved sister.

Sending you big hugs. xx


Very sorry to hear that Trimmerteacher I think that was Tinker? I know how much my dogs, mean to me, so understand how much saying goodbye hurts.

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I've just realised I didn't post my menu today..

Coconut oil fired eggs, bacon, chilli Bratwurst sausage and baked beans - 819

Peanuts - 57

Fish and chips from the chip shop - 575

Total = 1450


Thank you so much for hosting today, Tt and my deepest sympathy for your very sad loss.

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