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My Friday Menu

Morning all. Feeling quite good after losing a pound this week. Hope to improve on that this week by doing more walking. I'm all dressed, trainers on and ready to go!

Breakfast today was

Porridge oats

0% greek yoghurt



Mixed seeds lcals 370

Lunch will be

Tuna and sweetcorn pasta salad

Apple cals 255


Chicken and mushroom risotto

Strawberries cals 410

This evening I'll indulge in 2 glasses of dry white wine cals 244

Pkt of Walkers crisps cals 133

Total calories for the day 1,412

Have a good day everyone

Sorry this is a bit late in the day. I thought I'd posted it this morning but it seems it went on the general thread.

Thanks to IndigoBlue61 for explaining how I could to copy and paste it

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Well done on copying and pasting, but you put your menu in the same place again!! Lol 😂 Don't worry, technology isn't my strong point either but you will get there 😊

I'll copy it over to the thread for you and tag you in tomorrow's DD 😊


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