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There is life without chocolate

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Day 4 and haven't had any chocolate or ice cream and don't seem to be craving it either. Feeling pleased with myself. πŸ˜‡

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YellowRose554st 7lbs

Well done Carol170 on staying away from the chocolate and ice cream you are doing brilliant. Keep going you can do it!

aysya in reply to YellowRose55

good for ,you will not be sorry well done!!!

That is brilliant Carol170 on not craving the chocolate or ice cream. That is great news for you. I hope this stays this way for you.

Well done Carol170 - as one newbie to another I, like you, can honestly say I rarely have a craving for chocolate 🍫 or ice cream 🍦.

Carry on the good work and you'll soon be waving goodbye to unwanted weight .... Yay 😊

Windy-woo in reply to Sun_seeker

Like you I love ice cream,but have you tried the mini moo yogurt ice lolly, 74 calories i keep in freezer and if I fancy one I know I'm not doing too much damage

Carol170 in reply to Windy-woo

Thanx Windy Woo but Unfortunately I have no restraint where ice cream is concerned - I'd eat the whole herd!! I'm saving ice cream for an occasional treat when I am having a desert as part of a meal and trying to stop using it as a snack. You 've reminded me now tho that I did discover frozen banana when I went to slimming world last year. It's like banana icecream but doesn't feed my craving. And it's lower calorie.

Windy-woo in reply to Carol170

Ooh,thanks for the tiPhone I will try that,do you mash it up first

Milliemay1Restart July 2020

Good on you Carol170 Ice-cream and chocolate are my downfall but I had my gallbladder out 2 months ago and cant eat full fat anything without living in the loo ! I now have a low fat icecream or yoghurt and Ive found grating apple and chocolate and cheese too goes a long way Good luck

Good for you Carol170 you are doing great. Keep up the good work, you can do this :)

Beth_19Healthy BMI

well done and its amazing isnt it. I thought I was going to have a real problem with sugar and sweet things but like you I haven't. I didn't have any for nearly three weeks when I first started and now I have a little bit every couple of days because I can and don't want to deny myself the sweeter things I love.

Well done on your achievement so far!


The longer you go without, the less you will crave it. I have gone almost without sweets and chocolate for seven months now and I don't miss it. On the rare occasion now when I decide I will indulge, or someone offers me some, I find I desperately crave sweet things for the rest of the day. And often give in! So it ruins my day. It's just not worth it, I've decided. And having gone down a dress size, I've decided Kate Moss is right - nothing tastes as good as slim feels! 😊

Really impressed. Hope I'm saying the same in 7 months. I think almost all my wobbly bits are built on those two foods. They don't even take long to eat either so the pleasure is short lived and the craving for more never ending.

TrimmerteacherMaintainer in reply to Carol170

I saw something on TV, I think it was that clever Michael Mosely, and he said that the reason we love chocolate and want more, is that it has the same ratio of fats to sugars as breast milk. So it satisfies a very primal craving in us.

Yes I'm a big fan of Michael Mosely too. Talks a lot of sense. I'm reading a book on mindful eating by Simeon Lindstrom and he says that one reason we eat food emotionally is linked to our first associations with food - breast milk and all the love and comfort that comes with thatNo.. Nowonder it can seem like an uphill struggle at times. Especially when you have that : fat:sugar ratio.

ConcernedAmbassador in reply to Trimmerteacher

I found this, which establishes that fructose is only a tiny part of breast milk, but associated with infant weight-gain

I'm sure there might be something in the fat to carb ratio, but fructose is at work in chocolate, bypassing the usual hormonal safeguards and setting us up for chronic ill-health from NAFLD, visceral fat and contributing to insulin-resistance.

Whilst on the subject of ratios, it does seem that the extremes of low-carb or low-fat contribute to 'diets' being un-sustained in the long-term.

Rather than thinking back to being a baby, it is interesting to note that the adult body typically uses energy in a ratio of about 2:1 over the course of the day, fat to carbohydrate.

Carol170 in reply to Concerned

Totally agree. I reckon that fructose is the culprit not fat. I think it's the fructose that fuels my cravings. I never eat low fat versions of foods because they usually increase the added fructose in its various forms. Also the fat is what makes things more satisfying. I am trying to minimise Processed foods generally and just have the fructose in whole fruits.

Thanx. That's my experience too. One chocolate and the box are gone and who says 1 litre of ice-cream is too large a portion size!! Once I start I can't stop so better to do without.

Yep, don't put me near a family size bar of Galaxy! Won't/can't have it in the house. Temptation would be far too much.


Good job!!

I found that in my first week also (week 2 now). Isn't it a fantastic feeling :D

Carol170 in reply to kiwikyd-nz

It is. A sort of freedom really.

Milliemay1Restart July 2020

I love you all !! Its so good to hear all your stories based on icecream chocolate and sweet things and I thought it was only me !! I had friends in for coffee today and I offered them the biscuit tin but I didn't have 1 What an achievement for me believe you me and late into this afternoon after having a hardboiled egg and tomatoe on rye crispbread for lunch Im not hungry!! I haven't had to go shopping because Ive checked freezer and can take out chicken breast and various vegetables for weekend This is a whole new world for me I shall save up for a new outfit on what I can save on my diet - What joy !!

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Milliemay1

Planning meals is so useful for weight loss and budgeting too 😊Why don't you join us on the Daily Diary?

Thanx Anna. Must admit I do find it easier to stick to healthy eating if I plan ahead. Will do a weekly plan today.

Carol170 in reply to Milliemay1

Yes I never have biscuits in the house and to be honest I never think of them - although I never turn them down in someone else's house. For me it all seems to be about habits. If I don't regularly eat it I don't seem to crave it and never even consider going down the biscuit isle in the supermarket. If I was to buy a packet of biscuits they would all get eaten. If I then bought another a habit could well have been established and next thing I know I'd be eating them every day just as I was with chocolate and icecream before this week. I'm with you Milliemay in looking forward to buying new clothes rather than throw it away on rubbish.

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