Mirrors :( what changes have you all made?

I have avoided mirrors for at least 4 years. I really hadn't noticed how bad I looked. I knew from comments and clearly looked down to the weight on me but one glance in the face mirror on a morning and I was done.

Today I went up into the loft bedroom, I never go in it now my daughter moved back home. She as added a few hanging mirrors and I am mortified. I cant believe how much I have let myself go, I look horrid. The only plus I can take from this is I used to eat everytime I felt crap. I cant do that anymore. I don't want to be in this body and I know I am the only one who can change that. I am praying Friday I have lost some more. Small steps I have been taking, even though I cant say am dieting are working. I am becoming more aware of what I am eating and how many kcals. I want to be 2.5stone lighter by November and 7 stone lighter by next summer.

What little changes are you all making? is it working? I love hearing good success stories xx


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63 Replies

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  • I hate mirrors too - especially the ones in changing rooms that seems to make you look 100% worse! You have already won in my eyes - you haven't gone back to the 'old you' way of coping - that's good in itself! Take one day at a time and it will happen :) Make little mini achievable goals for yourself and then treat yourself when you get there - e.g. a nice bubble bath with candles, a new nail polish etc. I started drinking more water - 2.5 litres a day (Initially I spent more time peeing than working!) and that stopped me snacking as much. I have also reduced my carbs and upped the protein and veggies, but eating some carbs when I have done exercising to help my body recover.

    Hope that helps :)

  • I need to up the water, each week I bring in something else. I know it sounds daft but I wanted to be able to pull something out of the bag if my weight sticks...hence am not on the fruit yet and water and I haven't thought really too much about what am eating, just to know I am not going over 1700kcal...which in fairness is a lot but when I was overeating it seemed nothing. :) Thanks for the tips x

  • Hi always starting again please do not be so hard on yourself. This is a friendly forum with lots of support and advise. Daily weigh ins and lots more on offer. Admin will be along to welcome you shortly. As for small changes I have cut sugar out in my coffee. No processed food and fresh veg no cakes etc. I wish you every success. Stay active on the forum. It helps. You can do this one step at a time😊

  • Hi there, I think being hard on myself is a natural but hopefully I will be more prouder in time :). I hopefully will be able to get where you are at, my daughter is a vegan and now she is mainly just clean living, I know I will look back and agree with her on my eating but for now it is small steps. I will keep active, thank you for your advice x

  • Hello alwaysstartingagain

    I'm exactly the same with mirrors & never look at my reflection in shop windows but, I know one day soon I will be able to and you will too!

    I have also cut out as many processed foods as possible out of my diet & also have almost eliminated bread.

    I also drink lots of ice & water through the day.

    I wish you lots of luck! You might be 'starting again' but with a very positive attitude!

  • Hi Dazzle, aww thank you :) I try to keep happy in with the shock :)

    I see your new too so good luck on your journey and well done on cutting out processed and breads. I got it in my head if I change a few things..the first week was sticking to my daily intake ...which worked for me, this week I have stuck to it and added in green tea..my fingers are crossed. Next week it is starting on the water..and the week after is holidays so gulp lol x

  • Alwaysstartingagain I think a lot of overweight people avoid mirrors, I used to do it. At the beginning of June I decided to look and see what I looked like in the mirror, in only my underwear. I have to say that I didn't like what I saw but decided that I would take the bull by the horns and even photographed what I looked like. Now believe me, this was not a bonnie sight, but I am glad that I did it as it is a reminder of what I looked like. It's only eight weeks ago but I already see a difference. The only saving grace is that I can lock my phone, because believe me these photos are for my eyes only. I actually use them as a motivator as when I look at them it makes me even more determined to keep going.

  • I wished I could take the photos but my phone is public property for my kids and I would die if they accidently stumbled on them...though at this moment in time I don't want reminding how I looked but I know when the weight slows and I need booting it may help...so I might just do it x

  • It certainly helped me because they are on my phone I can look at them at any time. A constant reminder why I am eating healthy.

  • At least use a tape measure, then you can see the inches disappearing 😊

  • Agree, measure yourself in as many points as possible, not only hips and waist ;)

    I do measure myself rarely, but it is very helpful.

  • I am going to invest in one today :)

  • I bought an extra long tape measure, and I enjoy losing inches more then pounds..

    This is a great and encouraging post, Thank you for starting it alwaysstartingagain

    The biggest change I have made is eating 3 times a day instead of once or twice... I still find it challenging - but totally worth while.

    Cheering you and all of us on to reach our goals πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  • Hi Minnie, its nice we can all share our stories and tips. I love reading the posts and can relate with many. After taking in the advice today I am taking my first picture tonight. I know I have lost a little bit again this week but I will wait until morning for my weigh in day.

    I am glad its encouraging as it certainly as me. I also try for 3 meals...even if its just homemade soup as it leaves me room for my treats but I can see the small changes in my response (not image yet lol) and its actually really positive.

    I will become familiar with names the longer I stay and this time next year (ish lol) I will become the success story I read about..as will most of us. Right back at ya with the cheers :)

  • It's true the more we log into the forum, the more we get out of it. No one knows just what effect their contribution will have on another...

    We are all doing this for ourselves, our loved ones and with each other.

  • I'm coming towards the end of my journey, not quite as small as I would like but I wear a size 12/14, yet I still feel like the one 'fat friend' πŸ˜• I don't think we ever truly get over the years of low self esteem that results from being overweight. I am happier having my photo taken but scrutinise them for all the flaws, double chins and wrinkles πŸ˜• I don't know how you get passed this. Any long term maintainers who are happy with the way they look?

    However, my journey was never about looks, my husband love big curvy women (I count my blessing daily!! Lol πŸ˜‚) It's how I feel that has changed, I feel energised, healthy and can move in a totally different way. Every day life such as going upstairs to put washing away, bending down to fasten my shoes, getting into the car, putting on seat belts on the plane . . . All these things have improved 100%. And I feel proud of myself, of what I have achieved, of what I have learnt and proud of my amazing body that has borne me three children and recovered from a potentially life threatening illness.

    Sorry for the essay alwaysstartingagain πŸ˜• You will get there, we are here to help and encourage. But this is a journey as well as a destination, you will get side tracked and even fall completely off the rails somedays but so long as you keep picking yourself up, logging back on here, no matter how bad you feel or how much weight you have lost or gained, I promise you it's worth it 😊

    Best wishes


  • Aww Anna thank you. I have been on my own now for years so not got the worry of a fella but I certainly would have zero confidence at this moment in time. I think everyone I know would die of shock if I ever met anyone. I understand always thinking your the fat friend, funnily years ago I put on a bit when I got a thyroid issue and even though I got myself together and lost 4 stone I always hated my picture and used to examine them to make sure it was ok.

    I think now am older (40s) I am not doing it for looks anymore, its the same as you say, just to move, tie my shoes, not die when I climb the steps etc. I have told myself if I ever see a 12/14 again I am NEVER telling myself am fat again. I am going to be my own best pal from here on in lol x

  • I like that, "be you own best pal" 😊

  • :) You "should" be your best pal all the time, even now, or especially now. So you can have support from your best pal aka yoirself as well. Every time I'm starting to tell myself bad things, I remind myself that I am MY BEST FRIEND and would I really tell all those things to a friend? What I'd tell a friend? And I am talking to myself as if I would be talking to my friend. In the beginning it was wierd, but it is actually working ;)

    And no, I'm not talking aloud, just in my head ;)

  • Lol exactly and I am finding I am changing a lot towards myself in this short time. x

  • You know they're saying mind can change everything. We don't know the power ofthe brain! Although a lot of such talk is bulls..t, some of it acctually works and that's what's matter ;)

  • Exactly x

  • And you are cheering us all on regularly - truely appreciated x

  • I cannot avoid mirrors in my house all my bedrooms have full length fitted mirrored wardrobes in full walls !!! Total nightmare ;)

    You have taken a huge step in deciding to make changes no matter how small they will help you on your weight loss journey

    The main changes I made are no alcohol , no takeaways , drink plenty of water and eat at the right times and I have so far lost 2 stone in 6 weeks I also jog 1-2 miles daily & swim 2 hours per week

  • Wow lottie, to walk a bit would be awesome but to jog...hats off to you and 2 stone in 6 weeks is amazing...well done!

    I wish I wasn't paranoid to get in a costume as I would love to do the swimming thing but reading others do it I know I will eventually...thanks for your imput and well done again x

  • I feel very self conscious especially when jogging as I have a very large bust so I wear 3 bras ;) and jog very early to avoid cars crashing

    Same with the swimsuit but I just love swimming and once I'm in the water I feel much better.

    I started off doing 1/2 hour walks then built it up to 1 hour then after 1 month I was jogging, it's amazing what you can achieve, best of luck to you, with your positive mind set you can do this :D

  • You sounds like moreless who runs really early, often in the dark !!! 😳😳😳

    Love the "I wear 3 bras . . . to avoid cars crashing" πŸ˜‚

  • Haha I'm hoping my bra size reduces so I can get to 1 bra ;) the things we do

  • I have to take my little one everywhere. I have grown up children who do their own thing and after the worst time ever I was left pregnant 4 years ago and its been me and my little one since. I would rather go out dark in the mornings but its not feasible yet but I have no excuse not to do things at home...so I will get too it when the weight loss slows...I know it sounds crazy but am hoping if I keep things back I can keep rebooting my body lol x

  • Lottie77 Wow! That's an amazing effort your putting into your journey! You're amazing! And you have results of those efforts!

    Keep up this marvelous job!

  • Thank you IgaT

  • Hi. Good luck with your goals. I have cut out carbs apart from in fruit and veg and cook meals from scratch. I still have a long way to go but feel so much better. Losing 7 stone in a year is doable but hard. I have lost just over 6 since September but I was a lot more than you. Good luck, think how fabulous you will feel.

  • Wow Ella 6 stone is brilliant, I bet you feel so proud of yourself. What your doing and making things from scratch is where I am aiming for. If it takes me until October 2018 then I will be just as happy, I am booking a holiday abroad and would love to go feeling fab and being able to fit better on the flight. Did you have a goal to lose the weight or was it you just had enough x

  • I'm not sure quite why I stuck to it this time. I lost a stone from September then went on cruise in October and was 22 stone when I got back. I hated all the photos and it just clicked. I go on another cruise this time at size 18 instead of 24. When it clicks it clicks I think. I am 44 and put on weight at uni then never lost it. I am slimmer now than I have been for 20 years. Still got a long way to go tho...

  • You are doing so well EllaMidlands and are an inspiration!! 😊😊😊

  • To see dress sizes come down is a big plus and will spur you on. Size 18 from 24 is just brilliant. Your right, when it clicks it just clicks and I have never felt this way before. You still may have a way to go but at least your living while your doing it. I, like many have put off so much and its only now I think sod it and booked the seaside with kiddies next month. I have done to much hiding its not happening. Good on you for doing this and I will keep my eye out for your results along the way x

  • Congratulations on your results and your journey! 6 stones is incredible result! Keep up great work!

  • With me, I always looked in the mirror. Sometimes several times a day, and usually make a mental note of all the flaws.

    But, somebody on this forum recommended that I take progress pictures, so that I can compare it as I lost weight. I was absolutely MORTIFIED when I saw how I looked, especially from the back and sideways.

    Much like you, I was so upset that I had let myself get to that point. Despite losing over a stone, I do not notice any differences. I am hoping to lose maybe 2-3 stones by the end of this year.

  • But do you FEEL any difference DiDiZia ? I don't think I could see a difference after a stone but I felt so much better, I think because I felt in control and knew I could do it 😊

  • Yes, I do! I find it very easy to run up and down the stairs now. We live in a town house, so there are 3 floors, and my bedroom is on the top floor. I used to almost be scared of climbing the stairs, because by the time I reached my bedroom, I would be extremely out of breath. But it's a lot better now. I also notice a change of the stress put on my poor ankles and feet. My sister noticed the weight loss without me mentioning it to her, but I haven't. Though, clothes that were previously very tight are feeling a little looser.

  • I get the 3 floors...that's why I haven't gone up the attic for ages..i couldn't breathe. I think its a work out doing that alone so you will reap the benefits soon enough x

  • I don't think I will see any results in the mirror until I have lost at least 3 stone. I carry a lot of weight on my hips and belly so sideways was a shocker. I think I am going to do the photo thing and not look at them until Christmas. Hopefully I will have lost similar to what your aiming for by then. We can do it, like Ella just said when it clicks it just clicks...Good luck x

  • Me too! Although I'm big all over, I carry most of the weight in my belly and hips. I'm oddly noticing most of the weight loss in my arms.

  • When I saw my pictures from side and behind I wasn't happy. I tried to loose weight several times, so I had some "before" pictures from several attempts over past ~5 years. I was so sad when I haven't seen any difference. This was my click to stick to it this time. I am afraid to make "under construction / during progress" photo. I am scared that I will not see the difference, although I FEEL the difference while putting on my bra (less fat around the bottom band on my back / sides).

    Good luck!

  • I think if you feel a difference that's good enough. If we go on how we feel more than hopefully when we get ourselves feeling better then we will know when we want another picture lol

  • I know the next "obligatory" pictures will be next May during my wedding ;) I didn't set myself a weight goal, as I "just" want to FEEL better and FEEL beautiful regardless the number on the scale or measuring tape ;)

    That's why now, after my eating habits are much better, I will concentrate on moving more to get this "fit" feeling and to be more toned.

  • Well progress is managed in many things, the scales is but a number ...i guess its which works for us all. I know a dress size is sometimes a stone loss for some but for someone else it could be up to 3stone so it all depends how we all feel in the long run. I am enjoying the small steps as its self learning.

  • Small steps lead to big achievement, permanent change, and long-term win ;)

    Devil's in detail ;)

  • Yes, very true. I feel the difference in my mobility, and putting on clothes, but cannot see the difference myself.

  • Sometimes it is hard to see the difference, as we see ourselves every day. Moreover, we tend to see ourselves bigger than we acctually are.

    That's why photos and measurements. If done every month or every other month then after some (longer) time you can put them as a progressive change :)

  • Hi alwayslosingagain, after reading all the comments I think you are looking at a positive start so good on you. About the mirrors as others have said not nice but hey we do need them to make sure the dress is right and makeup okay but I hated them too. As with photos, I was devastated when I saw a photo of myself and that made me what to change well after many other things too. Before I wanted to delete all of them but last week on holiday, hubby took a photo of me coming out of the lake in bathers that made me feel like a small whale but for once I said hey I can use this to compare me later when I will lose weight, for once I believe I will do it. So good luck with your journey xx.

  • Hi Jennilou, It isn't nice but you now have a photo and something to aim for and your outlook is positive also, so I have no doubt you wont be changing that picture. I have seen some underwear advertised online that looks like they turn a lady from size 20 to 10 but I somehow don't think its real lol. I am going to do it this time. I just know it. I think now I am not chasing to be the old me...just going to find the new one. Good luck with the weight loss x

  • That's the spirit!

    You have the positive mindset and you're in good place (forum).

  • I didn't look in mirrors for four years and really let myself go. I'm starting to now to check the progress. I didn't even recognize myself for years but now I see my face is slimmer and the impending birth look is getting much better, two inches gone on the waist. I feel lighter on my feet and hair and nails are growing long. I still have two stone to go but I'm doing it this time with support from you guys. Good luck to you and remember that you are beautiful right now.

  • Love your humour mel lol. I look just the same but just knowing someone sees a difference with their hair is enough for me. I am going bald in patches and its getting thin so to know it can change is enough for me :) Thanks for your nice words and good luck on your weight loss x

  • Thank you

  • Hi,

    My little steps were:

    - eat salad with protein for lunch: something green, various colourful veggies, and source of protein e.g. 2 eggs, can o of tuna in olive oil (not sunflower oil) or spring water, steamed edamame, boiled or grilled chicken breast.

    - I have mid-morning snack: apple with 2 teaspoons of peanut butter.

    - I aim for at least 8,000 steps every day

    - I walk to work

    - I keep bottle with 1L water at work on my desk, and try to drink it (not alwyas succeeding)

    - I cut coffee to only 1 big black weak with 1 sugar

    - I started NHS C25K running programme - 30 min every other day (sometimes I have 2 days of break instead o 1).

    I am loosing my fat slowly, but I am closer and closer to my goal :D

    Good luck!

  • Hi...and wow...your on a mission. That is totally planned out and I have no doubt you cant change with the efforts your putting in.

    Funnily you mentioned peanut butter, someone else also used this to speed up weight loss (or so they told me) I may give this a try.

    Thanks and good luck to you too x

  • Peanut butter is great! As long as you're not spooning it out of the jat leaving only dirty walls ;)

    It has healthy fats and protein to keep you full. I'm having approx 2 tsps with 1 medium apple Mon-Fri ;)

    I don't have many pounds to loose, so it is making it mich harder. My accomplishment is loosing approx 3 pounds over past 2 months. I am very happy and proud of it!

    I was weighing myself everyday (now almost everyday) just to see that my weight is really unstable and has a lot of peakes up and down, bit the tendency is definitely down :)

  • One tip that helped me a lot: concentrate on what you can eat, what new exciting meals you can do, how colourful they are; not on what you cannot / shouldn't have.

    Allow yourself to have SMALL treat now and then (e.g. 1 cookie or half / third of cake slice), just not to feel deprived.

    Watch what and how much alcohol you drink. I was surprised after logging in my drinks from the evening/night before, so now I'm balancing weekly calorie allowence by eating a little less before and after planned night out. I also drink 1 alcoholic drink followed by a glass of lemon water before next alcoholic drink ;)

  • I have eaten some junk everyday and slowly not enjoying it as much. I didn't want to feel on a diet and i didn't want to go full hog so always got something to change, however the colourful foods is a good tip as its usually the more healthier version. Luckily i don't drink alcohol but got my green tea in for next week lol :)

  • If I decide for some junk, I still try to pick healthier version. I just compare labels regarding ingredients and nutrients. It is easier for savory than sweets though.

  • Hey alwaysstarting again it seems you are really turning your mind around which is fantastic. IgaT has some good ideas as so many other people on this forum have. Didnt know about the peanut butter which I might try sometimes. Also as she said small steps. X

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