Just under a stone gone in 2 weeks :) Icandothis2017-2018 is so good 4 my profile.

I am out exercising now as play pokemon go with the other half who may I ad is diabetic and used to just sit around and do odds n sods in house now he has pokemon go too we r doing exercise ad healthy eating together. he looks loads better as do i and we both feel better. Its actually nice going back out. we had a cheat day during our 2 weeks away from weigh ins and my partner never said his in past but 1st time the other day he said. 'Despite weather we need to burn off his takeaway by going for a walk pokemon hunting as we have slipped back to old habits'. Mind I was working til 10:45pm so was not energetic to cook. but when I can afford to I am buying a brand new cheap Slow Cooker as my lid has went missing.


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  • Hello Icandothis2017-2018

    That's an awful lot of weight to lose in 2 weeks. Sorry to be a Party pooper but I do hope you are eating enough? I don't know how much you have to lose so it could just be good jump start to a long journey, but please take care and don't go hungry or you will struggle to keep it up 😊

  • Anna61 please don't worry I am eating 3 meals a day and snaking while walking with healthy snacks and plenty of fluids to keep me going. I went a bit O.T.T. 2 weeks ago as i waked a 3 hour walk from mine to my mums bungalow but did stop a few times along route as heat got to me and although where she lives i lived in the area 23 year of my life i managed to lose my way to hers haha. But I promise I am fine it will be all the walking eally plus I have a job that is physically demanding too. At work most colleagues drink caffein I find water loads better tbh. I only drink tea/coffee when I have an off day or decide too have a rest day.

  • sorry Anna61 realised my error. I missed 2 appts due to previous job so tech not almost a stone but last weigh in I lost 8lb since the 2 appts i missed then 5lb the other day so in 4 weeks its like 13lb

  • That's a much more sensible weight loss Icandothis2017-2018 😊 13lbs in 4 weeks is just over 3lbs per week

    Thank you for responding and reassuring me 😊

    Onwards and downwards

  • Sorry was on a diff planet when I posted that haha. just a bit tired due to heat where i was.

  • Great job!!!

  • Nearly a stone in two weeks, that is stunning, just go easy and don't over do it.

    I have never understood pokemon but it is clearly helping so best you carry on!

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