Bummer few days

Well after all my hard work I've had 4 days of been bad again.

It was my birthday on Wednesday so out for a curry with friends and lots to drink. Thursday was a wash out and eating crap to cure the hangover.

Friday I did manage the gym but out afterwards to a work leaving party. Yes you guessed.... more alcohol, followed by McDonald's and next day pizza and chips.

Managed gym yesterday and ate healthy. Too scared to get on scales but will tomorrow. Gym again today so hoping for a miracle lol.



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9 Replies

  • Successful weight loss isn't about being 100% perfect all the time Lori199 it's about not giving up 😊 Very well done for coming back onto here, here is a big helping hand back onto that wagon

  • Thanks Anna61 for that - I have to say I felt rotten in the gym and my body felt rubbish after these last few days. It goes to show that been healthy is the way to go. Coming on here has inspired me and gives me the push I need to keep going. I'm back on that wagon

  • To repeat a phrase I heard on here "nothings tastes as good as healthy feels" 😊

  • It will be OK. Just don't give up and keep going no matter what the scale says.

  • Thanks Melhall - I'm definitely staying away from both junk and alcohol for a long while - need to get back on track.....

  • Sorry you've had a tough week, Lori199.

    It sounds a little odd, but one way I stay away from the take out places is to check their food hygiene ratings. They're all online through the Food Standards Agency: ratings.food.gov.uk/

    There was a fried chicken place we liked to go (quite a lot as it's cheap), until the day I found that they're only rated about a 3. Definitely don't want to go there again. I've been through an inspection before and the difference between a 4 and 5 is often just paperwork. I would not eat anywhere rated less than a 4! :)

    Good luck with the gym. :)

  • Thanks VickyDLM I will certainly look up their food hygiene ratings. It's actually a very good idea.

    It was a bad week as both Birthday and leaving party I couldn't get out of were days apart.

    I just need to discipline myself better and avoid the rubbish. Have been doing pretty well until this.

    Onwards and upwards !!

  • Hi Lori199 and well done for coming on here and sharing!

    As others have said, please don't dwell on what is past too much. You need to just get back on board and move forwards. Feeling angry and resentful about what you've done is not going to help!

    What really helped me to understand why I should steer away from so many foods was by seeing how many calories they contain... so after a bit of a binge, I will often still log the calories just to give myself an insight and to learn so that I could make a better informed choice in the future.

    I will say that alcohol has fuelled most of my binges, as sadly it also lowers the resolve and we are less able to make rational and sensible decisions after a few drinks, as well as leading to the munchies!

    Whatever your "favourite tipple" is - try and find out how many calories it contains. For example, a pub 175ml (small) glass of white wine is about 140 calories. Half a bottle is about 300 calories. A pint of dry cider is 204 calories. That way, at least you have an awareness of what calories are in what...

    With regards to MacDonalds:

    A Big Mac is 508 calories, a portion of fries 337, a Galaxy McFlurry 400 calories...

    Why not try out what your "regular" menu choice would be here:


    I'm sure you'll have a bit of a shock!

  • Hi Pineapple27 thank you for your kind words which mean a lot. I was beating myself up but I've been back to gym this evening and eaten a healthy dinner so let's see what the scales bring tomorrow.

    You are right about the calories- unfortunately my fav in McDonald's is the big tasty which is 890 but i had nuggets and fries too. Overload..

    Yeah alcohol makes you crave the junk. You will never go for an apple / banana after a few drinks lol.


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