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Hi i dont generally do much exercise I know tsk tsk lol but anyway I went to town with my daughter to get her school clothes and my pedometer on my mobile said I have walked 4,064 steps I know it doesn't sound much but it's a start

Just now I am shattered and in quite a bit of pain so away to have a hot bath to ease it catch you all later

Love always me x

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Hope the hot bath helps! I think that sounds like a great start. You can always work your way up, but you have to start somewhere first! :)

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Hot and then cold pain relief. A bath, shower and then maximum 15 minutes cold compress. Frozen peas or if you are posh, petit pois. Any longer and you can cause nerve damage.

And it sounds loads. I'm in awe. I walked for an hour yesterday, couldn't wait for it to end, despite trying to educate my husband in the hedgerow wild flowers. I want to get back to walking as a pleasure, not a task. I will. Take care.


That's a lot of steps for your first walk!! Well done 😊


It's a very good start jaov 4,064 steps is really good going when your not use to it. Slowly build on it and it will get easier. Hope the hot bath help ease your pain.


That's a great start hope you feel better after your bath


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