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Being a "newbie" I checked out my bmi rating and was surprised to see that I was considered to be a "healthy weight" and was therefore not recommended a daily calorie allowance. I am a pear shape and definitely need to lose about 5Kgs so that my clothes feel more comfortable around the hips. Please can anyone advise how many calories would be suitable for me per day. On average I have about 1100 kcal per day made up roughly as suggested for healthy eating but am still stuck at 55kgs which I feel is just a bit too much for my 150cms (4'11") height.

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Hello Silverbucks

The NHS site desnt give a target calorie range if you aren't overweight. There are other sites such as this one


However, it's very much trial and error to see what works for you. Finding that sweet spot between eating less than your maintenance range but more than your bodies 'famine' mode can be tricky.

Food quality is also important , so maybe look at what your eating? Have you seen the Daily Diary? There are lots of menu idea there 😊

Sorry I can't be more help


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Thank you, Anna for your prompt reply. Will check out the daily diary and the menu ideas.


I don't think you can be too far off with your calories, perhaps a little low maybe?

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