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How many calories?


1st day counting calories and all good I think...only thing is I'm very wary of eating anything, a bit novel I must confess!

Can anyone advise me about how many calories to have as the main link says that women can eat 1400 a day, but when I done my BMI it said between 1925 and 2475.

I don't want to eat too much but realise with 10st to lose I need to eat enough so I can reduce amount as I go along!


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Hello again Chick62

We always advise starting out eating towards the top of the range, so as not to feel hungry and as you lose weight you will need to reduce so it's important to have somewhere to go 😊

Wow when you eat sensibly that seems so much, but when I eat crap it's not lol

Everyone is different, so start at the top end of the range. As you say if you eat good food it will be loads ☺. If this produces a good steady weight loss then stick with it until that changes. If not then drop it by 200 or so. You will have to try each amount of calories for at least 2 weeks to find what works for you. Do not go lower than the bottom number.

Make sure you count every little thing that you eat or drink at first, once you get into the swing of it you can get more relaxed about it as you get to know what is what. It is easy to underestimate if you are not careful.

Make sure you check the calories on food packaging match the ones on MFP (or whatever you are using), they are not always correct.

Good luck with it all. James

Thank you James. Think I'm a little low first day as just added it all up and only 1216 😩I feel like I've eaten well too...

James40Cheshire9 stone in reply to Chick62

Planning is important I find. Have a go now at planning your food for tomorrow. The daily diary on here is helpful for this. Unless you have made a mistake in your calculations somewhere 1200 is not enough.

James where do I find the daily diary as I haven't been able to find it 🙈tomorrow night will be my planning night as I'm in on my own .

tidirhin254820kg in reply to Chick62

Here's the daily diary, I hope the link works

Chick62 in reply to tidirhin2548

Thank you 😊

tidirhin254820kg in reply to Chick62

You're welcome Chick62 😊

IndigoBlue61Administrator in reply to Chick62

This link may help you find your way around Chick62

Do make sure you eat closer to the higher amount you are told and definitely go by the amounts advised to you by the NHS bmi calculator. By not eating the amounts advised by the NHS bmi calculator was why I never used to be able to lose weight properly and keep the weight off. When I used to eat the lower amounts my body thought I was starving it and turned everything I did eat into body fat to ensure it could continue overall. This weighs more than eating the extra calories does so it stops you from losing weight properly and sometimes puts weight on instead. When I was informed of this information and upped the amount of calories I had to the amounts advised I started losing weight and have now lost almost 2 1/2st.

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