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Vegetarian Low Carb


I have Yo Yo dieted so many times, I think I have probably lost my body weight many times over and gained it all back again. So I have been eating as usual, that is not on a diet, and writing down what I have eaten. Looking at the food diary my diet does seem very carb laden. I am a veggie and I eat a lot of grains and carby food.

So I am going to have another go, trying to cut back on carbs. Sugar has got to go completely, that is not too difficult to grasp, a lot harder to do though I expect.

I will also cut out or at least cut back on refined carbs, the other pure, white and deadlies.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for a low carb veggie?

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I would suggest that you do an internet search, Lippysue, as the choices are endless :)

If you can cut refined carbs, including sugar and eliminate processed foods, you're just about there! :)

Why not join the Daily Diary for more pointers? :)


Hi. I'm a newbie on this site and, since Christmas, a newbie vegetarian. I too am struggling with dieting on the carb loading my choices have landed me with. Whole grains, wholemeal pasta, jacket pots etc. And feeling sluggish, despite shipping loads of summer veg and salads. I eat some fish, I'm not a sugar, cake or pud fan, ( sorry but I do empathise ) have never liked milk or butter but cheese can trigger one of my mega fridge rampages. Oh boy, a big problem as a veggie. It's like I don't know the meaning of moderation and portion control is out the window. So many cheeses and so little time.......Then I'm dancing round the room like I'm Twiggy, glass of wine in hand and tomorrow is definitely another day. And don't get me started on chillies, I'd put them in anything at the moment. If you do find any low carb, non bland veggie options, please share them. And best wishes, L.

Lippysue6lbs in reply to Hidden

Hi Pippa, I looked online as Moreless suggested and I found lots of good recipes. The BBC Goodfood one looked very helpful. I am going to try the Fritata, mostly eggs with veggies.

I am also going to try the cauliflower rice instead of ordinary rice. Stir fries with lots of vegetables like mushrooms, peppers, carrots sticks, bean sprouts, kale, with a supermarket sauce look quick easy and tasty.

I am going to try and post on the Daily Diary thread, Topics menu to the right, so I will put any other ideas I find there. Other people have put up lots of good ideas there as well.

KatArch63 in reply to Hidden

Hi! 😀

Your comment about cheese and dancing with wine, saying tomorrow is another day is exactly what I do lol!! Why does that feeling of determination disappear the next day without trace?! I know its willpower but my feelings change as much as the wind! I know I need to get my act together (or live on a health farm for a year!) but I wish I could find my magic wand with the will power in, anyway wishing you luck 🍀 and thanks for making me laugh! xx

Hidden in reply to KatArch63

It's a very transient thing, this willpower. Well, in this house it is. Why can I exercise self control and patience in so many other parts of my life and not around my greatest love, my greatest enemy, food? I didn't nurture my children one day and then leave them on a bus the next. I was consistant. ( Maybe you should check with them, for the low down on that!) I'm kind to animals too. No sneaky kicks when I think that no one's looking.

I spent yesterday taking cuttings from plants in the garden and potting them up. I know it's a process, it will take time and if I wait, good things will happen, (usually. ) I'm not out there every five minutes, destroying all the good work I've done, tipping out the pots to see if the roots are growing, wanting things to be different immediately. When I cook for big gatherings of friends and family, a thing I love to do, I want to be all things to everyone. I want to serve mouth watering dishes that people are amazed by, eat and drink with the best of them, dance and have fun. But I also want to be slim, healthy and pain free and it doesn't seem fair that I can't be everything. It's an either/or scenario.

If we were all programmed, we'd be robots, the same and boring. And as women, leaving a room in one mood and returning five minutes later in another? It's our prerogative, feelings are our curse. You aren't alone.

I used to go to a Health Farm for a fortnight every year. I slept in a bed recently vacated by David Beckham ☹️( so I was told ) and nodded daily to Frank Bruno ( a man of few words.) It was the most mind numbingly boring time. I used to take my embroidery and wish the days away. I did buy a fab dressing gown though. Don't do that, not even for a day, let alone a year. You don't need a magic wand, you have healthunlocked instead, your NHS Fairy.

Please keep in touch. We can cheer each other on and commiserate, virtually of course. Let me know how you are doing. Best, Lindsey.

KatArch63 in reply to Hidden

Hi Lindsey,

Hope you are well today?

Thanks for your reply :-)

I too exercise great control in other aspects of my life, perhaps that's why food/(drink) is the one area where we think "Yeah, why not" haha. We don't have children but I have a responsible job within the dentistry profession and I am a Dementia Friends Champion and volunteer for Alzheimers Society so I understand commitment, targets etc but eating? Different matter! My main problem is quantity not food choice as I rarely eat fried food, am not a sweet/biscuit/cake lover (would prefer crisps or a sausage roll) I am much better buying food that comes in a portion size as if I'm left to my own devices I think "better put a little more" My hubby has always said I feed four and there's only 2 of us, not counting pets!

I have printed off 12 week diet and hope to study it to see how it works and hopefully a fresh start on Monday!

How are things with you?

Regards Linda x

Hidden in reply to KatArch63

Hi Linda.

Thank you for asking.

I'm hot but focused. How are you?

I dodged a bullet at lunchtime, by checking the calories in a Sacla tomato sauce first, before tucking in regardless. 14700!! I still can't believe that such a small jar can have had so many calories. It's like they've stuffed a creamy full fat, sugar & gin soaked duvet in there and put the lid on. A delicious duvet of course.

"My hubby has always said I feed four and there's only 2 of us, not counting pets!"

Are you sure that we aren't related? I feed the five thousand at every meal and there's just us two; freeze and bottle produce like I'm creating an Armageddon pantry. Then 12 months later, I throw it all away to make room for that year's produce.

I also had a bit of an epiphany, after writing that I love to entertain and cook for large groups. I think that what I may really love is the excuse to go wild and break my controlled healthy eating behaviour. And there are always people to urge me on, with love, 'have what you like, diet tomorrow, it's a celebration.'

I too like savoury not sweet. There's always a large chocolate sponge cake and fruit cake on the dresser. I make them every week and because they look pretty on their stands. The cakes never call to me, like a bag of crisps would do. And I always lose weight when we go on holiday and I'm not in the kitchen. Portion control. I was always made to finish everything on my plate, as a child, even if I was full. I think these habits begin early. Now, if I think I'm hungry, I have a glass of water first, in case it's thirst and not hunger.

You sound a very caring person in a difficult sector, dementia/Alzheimer's. A lot of responsibilty and pathos, all resting on your shoulders; is it possible to leave all that behind, when you go home?

I once helped a friend through her battle with cancer and I often felt powerless/helpless as a bystander. The situation could drive me to seek comfort in eating and drinking.

Why can we be kind to others and not kind to ourselves? Don't we deserve it?

I started last week, on my own, so this Sunday will be my second weigh in. Fingers crossed. My sister is getting married next year and, as I'm a witness, she will insist I be in the photos, something I've not done for decades. It will be nice to feel confident, dance and not drink too much as a social crutch. There's motivation for you.

Good luck for Monday. I'm free styling it. I've got a recommended daily calorie intake and I'm planning my meals in 'budget.'

Take care of yourself. I'm sorry I write so much. Best, Lindsey.

KatArch63 in reply to Hidden

Hi again Lindsey!

No please! Write as much as you like!

I too think somewhere along the path we must share blood! haha.

I too have started saving jars to pickle onions for Christmas but that's about as adventurous as I get in the produce department haha. I too was told I couldn't leave the table if my plate wasn't cleared and now if I cook for someone and they leave food I think "What's wrong? Did it taste awful?!"

Good luck for your second weigh in - you can do it, you know you can! and I'm sure the wedding will be fantastic and you will feel proud and happy at what you have achieved, I'm more than sure people love you for who you are, its just us that are harsh on ourselves.

About work/drink/food etc I have been to a meeting today and they mentioned the link between alcohol related dementia in working women 60-65 years and a recent rise in numbers - Oh dear - I have a few years yet to get to 60 but I can see the the association.

Enjoy the rest of the week - hopefully it will be a bit cooler - and yes, remember to check the packets for calories - I think food should be unavailable to buy if its going to ruin our efforts!

Feel free to contact when you wish and I will reply when I am able

Regards Linda x

Sally12345y in reply to Hidden

Hi use loads of spices things like cinnamon in oats use various beans like chick peas which are high protein dont have cheese in yhe house if poss if its not yhere you wont be tempted experiment with different flavours which you would enjoy instead of cheese good luck i know its hard i went cold turkey with milk its the best thing i personally ever did feel so much better not that i encourage people to follow this route


Thank you so much for responding. I've been looking as suggested by Moreless too and although my computer skills are limited, it seems easy to navigate the site.

I regularly make a frittata, as we have hens and ducks. I pour a tin of chopped toms into a deep pan, then add chopped pots, sliced or diced onion, garlic, courgettes and mushrooms. I let them soften in the tomatoes, in the oven/Aga for 30 ish mins, then add eggs, beaten with seasoning and a big dollop of fat free Greek yoghurt ( 0% Total ) fresh dill and pieces of smoked salmon. After 12/13 mins and a resting time of about the same, it's ready to eat with a green salad. A ten egg frittata last us for supper and cold for next day lunches. Definitely worth a go.

What oil do you use in your stir frys and how much? I don't have a wok but could give it a go in a large pan. Husband will object but hey ho. I look forward to reading your posts. Best, Lindsey ( Pippa is the dog. I couldn't think of another name )


It depends what you mean by "low carb" Hidden we need SOME carbs, but I try to stick to whole grain and limit the amount. . .

I'm with you on the cheese . . . Its taken me 2 years but I can now buy and eat cheese but carefully weigh out the 20g I allocate myself daily. Eaten with fruit usually not crackers . . . 😊

Trust me it is worth it!!


Did you lose a k there Anna? 20g? Will I need to wear my spectacles when portioning? Only joking and thanks for the encouragement. We are phasing in the whole grain with every shop. My pantry looks super healthy. But maybe it's still a bit early, to ask my cheese policeman to stand down?

I'm planning a celebration for my husband's birthday at the end of the month and have several veggie alternatives to cremated ( oops, I meant perfectly barbecued by him ) burgers, sausages and buns. A courgette/tomato bake with a coriander and chilli topping and a French bean and cashew nut curry. Now, if I can only remember that too many wines spoil the cook.............

Ooh! I started doing low-carb last week and I absolutely love it :) admittedly I'm not a vegetarian but the posibilities are endless - last night was a lovely creamy mash made from cannelini beans and Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages, low cal, lots of fibre, high in protein and just delicious. I've also been doing egg muffins - just egg and whatever fillings you fancy in a muffin case - 10 minutes in the oven and breakfast/lunch is sorted with a salad on the side :) also sometimes just yoghurt topped with pecans/hazelnuts and a bit of dried fruit. Hope that gives you a few more ideas!

Lippysue6lbs in reply to hudson95

Hi hudson95

I love the idea of mashing beans. I will certainly give that a go and the little egg muffins sound quick and easy too. Thank you.

hudson95 in reply to Lippysue

I'd definitely recommend the mash, it's lovely :) no problem, have a good day!

Thanks for all the great meal ideas, I am really looking forward to trying them out.

Hi im veggie bordering on vegan i do a lot of curries and stews with an array of veggies aloso try the "new " grains like quinoa which i think has quite a bit of protein i always do a huge salad with most meals additionally i take a vit b12 which is important if not a meat or dairy eater also in my humble opinion sometimes its not what you eat but the amount. I started with smaller portions and lots of research hope this helps

Lippysue6lbs in reply to Sally12345y

I am not a vegan but I don't like cows milk so I use soya or nut milks. I do eat eggs, my brother and a neighbour keep me supplied with free range from their chickens. I also eat some fish. Living on an island there is so much caught locally on offer that I am OK with it.

I am finding that keeping protein up and carbs down I am less hungry.

Sally12345y in reply to Lippysue

Yeah agreed carbs ie white carbs have yhe same effect as sugar and so a high followed by a crash which makes you hungry again good luck with your journey

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