Pen y fan

I started this diet 12 weeks unfit and 3 stone over weight now 23 pounds lighter fitter and so much happier.i could hardly walk without stopping but today i walked up pen y was raining and windy but with the support of my husband and two girls i reached so proud and happy.i still got over a stone to.lose but i feel over the moon.thank you to all who have posted encouragement a long the way.this site is fantastic.thank you all xxx good luck on your journeys


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20 Replies

  • Well done, another success story! It just shows the 12 week plan works if you focus and are determined! I am going to google Pen y Fan to see what it is.

  • Its up near story arms .breacon beacons.well worth a walk.thanks for your kind words.

  • Well done that is fantastic! I have enjoyed reading your upbeat post and it has given me some smidgen of motivation to persevere and start trying to lose weight again.

  • If i can do certainly can.good luck.xthanks for your lovely comments.

  • Well done, your determination paid off.. now your moving easier and literally climbing mountains!!


  • Thanks for your did make me giggle x

  • It's always good to smile.. giggle, laugh.. I'm amazed you have the energy this evening!! I hope Monday is kind to you x

  • Congratulations on your weight loss. I wish you luck for your continued success.

  • Thanks for your lovely comments x

  • That's fantastic, Congratulations! :)

    You've done so well I can't help but think you'll reach your goal before you know it. After all, you're already 2/3 of the way there. :D

  • Thanks so much for your lovely comments xx

  • I can



    you feeling over the moon,well done you Gaynor123 keep this up.

  • Thanks so much.i was so chuffed. Im tired now ha xx

  • What an achievement and congratulations on reaching such a milestone.

    Good luck for the rest of your journey as it's down hill all the way now!:)

  • Yes i certainly hope. Ha so.good luck with your

  • Gaynor, that is amazing, well done.

  • Thanks fantastic 💛 well done. And for posting this positive uplifting post.. well done again!!!!

  • Thank s for you lovely words x

  • Well done so much lost in only twelve weeks, excellent!!!

  • Thanks for your lovely words.

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