Two sizes down!!!

On a whim, I tried on some old jeans since the 14/16 was getting baggy. I comfortably fit into the size 12. I started on June 4th and lost 11 pounds so far but didn't notice how much my body changed. I have been hanging out in pajamas and big t shirts for years and today I am wearing the cutest jeans and top. I feel a lot better! Thanks for all the support everyone.


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27 Replies

  • Yay congratulations :)

    I have just put jeans on now to go out in and couldn't believe they are not cutting into me :) So that makes us two happy bunnies ;)

  • Great job!

  • Well done cracker10, what a happy discovery. Looks like a bit of clothes shopping is in order next week x

  • Hi Cracker 😎 I have to stick with my jogger's and shorts for the time being!!!! LOL

  • That is fantastic news Melhall size 12 wow! Glad to hear you feel better for losing some weight and getting into those lovely jeans.

  • Thank you. You guys were right and I was being stubborn and impatient which was my pattern and why I failed so many times before. Thank you for the support.

  • Congratulations Melhall and how fantastic to be able to get into your size 12 jeans after all of those baggy clothes. It's funny what a difference the style of clothes makes to the way we look. I've worn baggy clothes for years; couldn't fit into anything else most of the time but quite recently I started wearing more fitted clothes and people are convinced I've lost more weight. I haven't and my weight has been pretty stable for well over 2 months now (to within a pound or so), but it's made such a difference to my confidence and it sounds like it's given you quite a boost too.

    It's all making me more determined than ever to maintain my weight - I still weigh myself at least once a week and at the first sign of a pound creeping on I'm back on the straight and narrow.

    I'm so delighted for you and you must look absolutely terrific. Maybe you could post a pic x

  • Congrats to you!!!! So glad I saved all my smaller clothes. I have down to a size four just in case but I am pleased to accept my size now and keep going. Don't know if I'm ready for a pic now. I never let anyone take my picture. I'll work on that. I know you guys won't judge.

  • Pics aren't compulsory and I only put them up every now and again but you are right, nobody judges you on this forum. They're such a great group of people x

  • That is great. Getting back into smaller sizes is a real motivator. It is only my unwillingness to buy larger clothes that stops me from going over and my concern about diabetes due to family history. Size 4 - I didn't know that existed but I looked it up and it does! I have never seen less than size 8 for sale in UK high-street shops.

  • Well done! 👍🎉 xx

  • Thank you. I just put some smaller jeans on because my husband said they were too big. Imagine that!

  • Aw you are inspiration for us all 😘 xx

  • Thank you. You all have inspired me to keep going. I can't thank all of you enough for understanding and being honest about where we are all at right now. It's a struggle but our health is worth it.

  • Feels so good, doesn't it? I'm enjoying wearing some expensive jeans I bought on a whim years ago, and only wore for one summer!

  • Good for you!!! I love it! I have no tens for some reason so I will have to make it to size 8 or go shopping.

  • You've reminded me that somewhere (I think in the guest bedroom) I have a pair of Mary Quant velvet trousers (can't remember the size, may still have price tag on) which I bought because they were so lovely and were meant to encourage my dieting (25 years ago?!). Though my weight must have increased since then, I have lost 5 stone since my heaviest point so I'm off to look for those trousers now.

    Well, I've looked in the chest of drawers but they aren't there, will have to remember to seek them out.

  • Wow! What a great loss so far. You find those pants and try them on. You might surprise yourself like I did. Good luck!!!!

  • Yes, down to 8 st 13 lb and doctor said not to lose any more (when I was a little over 9 st) but I think another few lbs would be good so I become more like my 25 yo self (I'm not tall).

    Those 5 stone didn't go quickly - possibly came off more slowly than they went on - but it really needed a change in the way I looked at food, I think. I think it started to get better when I borrowed a Paul McKenna book and CD from the library and listened to the CD frequently (at least once a week for some time - renewed the loan) as well as reading the short book.

  • You've done a wonderful job!

  • Let's hope the clothes moths haven't eaten them! I sold a Mary Quant headscarf on a well-known auction site, so perhaps you are sitting on a nest-egg.

  • Well done Mel keep up the good work, you are doing fantastic :)

  • Thank you so much!

  • fab news!! It's all down to you! Well done!💪

  • Thank you for the support. You've done a great job too!

  • Wow. Well done.!!!! Fantastic! !! Delighted for you!!

  • Thank you!

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