12 week measurement changes

It's been 12 weeks since I last measured myself so thought I would share the results.

First of all my weight has gone from 12 stone to 11stone 6ibs in 12 weeks, which I am proud of, I had my second son just over a year ago and my weight then was around 13stone (obviously I'd got some baby weight too) but I'm now about the weight I was before being pregnant yay.

Right my measurements (I'm only putting the ones on that have changed one way or the other)

Hips were 37" and now 38" so I've grown 1"

Belly was 38" and now 36" loss of 2"

Bust was 39" and now 37" loss of 2" (not sure if I'm happy about that lol)

Under bust was 35" now 33" so a loss 2"

Thighs were 24" and now 22" so loss of 2"

So overall I seem to have lost 2" and I know I've dropped a dress size as I went shopping the other day but my hips surprised me as they've grown 😳

I also checked my BMI which has changed from 27.1 to 26.1 so I'm closer to the "healthy" range, although I only using this as a guide. As I said in the weigh in earlier I do feel healthier, and in some cases fitter than before my second pregnancy as my back pain has improved a lot. All in all I feel positive about the next 12weeks. Here's hoping I will be posting positive results then.


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8 Replies

  • That's all sounding very positive, Debbie, well done you! :)

    Don't worry about your hips, maybe you had some hormonal bloating, or the weight had shifted from when you last measured, you certainly haven't gained an inch of fat on your hips! :)

    Keep up the great work and I can't wait to hear your update in another 12 weeks! :)

  • Great results, Thanks for sharing.. Onwards for another 12 weekly report x

  • Great news, congratulations!

  • Well done

  • So up to 1400 steps today and I've joined the gym

  • That's some very positive results there MummyDebbie very well done 😊

    Being healthy inside and out is much more important long term, you will feel the benefits of the extra energy and fitness too 😊

  • Well done, MummyDebbie.

    Keep up with the good work that you are doing.

    Hopefully the wee boys are behaving 😂

    Good luck.

    George 56 🙂

  • So jealous of the bust reduction it's the one place weight seems to want to stay on me and the one place I wanted to loose it from most.😡 Still lets plod on it's bound to go eventually😜

    Glad you are seeing such good measurement losses.👍

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