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Daily Diary Saturday 15th July

Daily Diary Saturday 15th July

Hello Daily Diarists!

Apologies for putting this on so early, but we are planning to go out to a quiz (no food, just slimline tonic for me!)

I hope you’ve had a good week so far. Welcome to anyone posting for the first time, just look at what the others do and follow suit.

So, what have you planned to eat and drink on Saturday 15th July?

Tell us what your calorie intake should be and the total calories that each meal contains, what exercise you have planned and if you have a tip to share please do share it.

For all the regulars, I love seeing all your menus – thank you for sharing your brilliant ideas!

Well I’m off on holiday tomorrow, so this will be my last carefully counted day for a week, but I don’t want to spoil my hard work of the past few months, so I shall do my best to make sensible choices!

So tomorrow for breakfast I shall have boiled egg and toast and marmalade, 285 cals.

Lunch will be cottage cheese with some salad and a yogurt, 307 cals (need to eat up what’s in the fridge!)

Dinner will be chicken sweet and sour stir fry, 338cals.

Total so far 859 cals, leaves plenty for that cheeky glass of Sauvignon blanc and some more fruit, nectarine and peaches, love that summer fruit.!

Exercise - well now my poor old dog can’t walk very far at all, it will have to be the green gym and some housework.

My tip for the day? You can either make excuses, or you can make something happen. It’s never too late in the day to make a start!

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Good evening Trimmerteacher and thanks for hosting. Hope you have a wonderful holiday and find some enjoyable good choices for food.

Great tip, no excuses for me just because I'm off out for the night, saved enough calories for a few glasses of wine, just need to stay off the snacks and know when to stop!

Tomorrow I'm planning for me to be a bit tired, so a bit more comfort food planned than usual.

B - Wholemeal seedy toast with butter, two eggs and cherry tomatoes - 370 cals

L - Tomato soup, gorgonzola and wheatbran breadsticks - 260 cals

D - Chicken pie, potatoes, cauliflower from the garden, carrots and apple sauce - 550 cals

Total 1180, that leaves plenty for some Saturday wine or chocolate, or fruit or whatever takes my fancy!

Have a great Saturday, here comes the weekend!!


That chicken pie dinner sounds brilliant and with home grown cauliflower too! Scrumptious.


Great planning, lovely food to look forward to. Enjoy.

Thanks for hosting TT and enjoy your holiday, I am sure you are well ready for it.

I am on a business overnight meeting (Grrr!) so breakfast and lunch will be sensible choices off the menu (I have nor chosen my meal for tonight and will be wishing the calories I had left for it.

Evening meal when I get home? I suspect my husband will want chowder as I was not at home to make it today. That is fine it is easy and 416 calories.

I know I have not been able to share much of my planning but I still believe it is important for me to do it as it will keep me on track tomorrow.

Enjoy your Saturday everybody.


Well done on posting Ceals even though you are away, that's dedication!! Lol 😊

Hope the trip,is successful and enjoy the rest of your weekend when you get home 😊


Thanks Anna.

I have just posted thePaddler's club for tomorrow, not sure if it needs to get pinned?

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Wishing you good choices.. and a successful trip with safe journey/return home.

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Thanks Minnie. Only water drunk and I have headed off to bed - party pooper at 9:30 pm, but it has been a long day.


great tip, be sure to enjoy your holiday and thanks for hosting

Saturday will hopefully turn out like this....

B - one slice toast, peanut butter, jam, coffee - 200

L - Tuna, Mayo, red onion filled finger rolls - 591

D - chilli chicken pasta - 860

comes in at 1651 leaves me 100 - 400 to work with for snacks if needed. Hoping with the peanut butter, tuna and chicken it will be filling and i won't need snacking!

min 3 glasses water, logging onto MFP. no exercise done today so will need to get walking tmro weather permitting if not, i will do 10 mins on bike. (starting with 10 as haven't been on in ages!🙈)

have a good weekend everyone!😊


Great planning allycan and good luck with your bike! I can't stay on mine more than 15-20 minutes as the saddle I'd too hard!! Lol😂 Hoping for a better saddle on my real,bike (when I get one)

Have a good weekend Ally-can-can 😊


oh yes, i know what you mean about the saddle. You could stay on for 40mins if your bum wasn't sore!🙈 ally-can-can 💃🏼💃🏼😂


Enjoy your exercise tomorrow.. your menu sounds great.

One question.. jam or nut Butter on the toast first?

oh has to be the nut butter first, jam on top! Now I'm thinking to myself why!!? I don't think I've ever tried it the other way about.....i think its maybe because of the order i say it! 😂


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I've not tried it yet.. it's on the wannatry list. Always have peanut butter in, but rarely any jam!!

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Good evening everybody 😊

Thank you for hosting TT and enjoy your holiday

We have visitors all weekend so I'm going to try for a sensible weekend! Wish me luck!

Bacon or egg rolls/toast tomorrow, I'll put some fruit out too, you never know!! I'm allowing myself 400 calories.

Soup for lunch, home made yellow pea, red pepper and tomato, with a piece of fruit. 200 calories.

Dinner is help yourself Mexican feast with veggie chilli, both Quorn and Chicken paprika, (teenage vegetarians to cater for) red peppers and onions, salsa, rice and wraps. Meringue with strawberries and cream or ice cream for dessert. G&T (or 2) 800 -1000 calories.

Exercise . . . Very little in all probability! But I've done heaps today so that's ok.

Tip of the day. No food or menu problem is too big that a bit of forethought can't solve.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Onwards and downwards 😊


love the sound of that lunch time soup!!👌 is your recipe in the recipe section?x


I just make it up as I go! 😊

Basically an onion, carrot, red pepper, split peas (soaked if possible) and passata. Couple of veggie stock cubes. Bring to the boil and simmer for about half an hour, then blend.

I usually use lentils but I'd run out. The split peas give a creamier texture. 😊


thank you!😘


Well done on catering for so many options.. No panic in there at all. It all sounds lovely and filling. I hope you enjoy their visit and all that lovely food.

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My son was vegetarian for years, I got used to making 1 x veg and 1x meat dish every day. 😊 Luckily I love cooking!!

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Thanks for hosting Trimmerteacher loving your tip :)

well tomorrow is weigh in day - uttt ooo as the teletubbies say :) -thinking positive :)

tomorrows meals are hopefully, as off out for a 50th birthday party

Breakfast - 2 rashers bacon in 2 slices of WW danish and 2 naughty coffees 299 cals

Lunch -chunky veg soup - 120 cals

Tea - out for 50th birthday party so no idea on food but know there will be alcohol 1300 cals available to spend :) That should cover the night out ;)

Tip - When you know you have no idea what will be coming - plan the rest of the meals

Wishing everyone a fab day - please note I am going to try and have a long lie tomorrow, so may not get on here until @ 9am if I am lucky


Have a lovely day cracker10 but it'll seem funny you not being around on Saturday morning!! 😊

Enjoy the party 😊


Please note - I said " going to try" lol bet I will be up before 7am lol and posting :)


Well I got a long lie til 7am

Lovely planning, and a good amount of calories in reserve to enjoy your evening.. see you at the weigh in.. 🤞


fingers crossed for you and me :) at the weigh in :)


Ok so i have now found the menu for where we are eating tonight and after a lot of salivating I have made the choice of ..........

Chicken Ceasar salad - no calorie content on there so have found on MFP the one for wetherspoons which is 428 cals for theirs so i will use that as a guide

So I am changing my breakfast from bacon butty (as no darn bacon in the house - perhaps the mouse ate it lol) to 3 egg omelette with onion and peppers and 3 naughty coffees (already drunk ;) ) 312 cals

Lunch - will remain as chunky veg soup 120 cals

Banana and Clementine for snacks 110 cals

Total = 968 cals thus leaving me plenty of calories to waste on alcohol as well as perhaps have a starter - I am not a pudding person :)


Love the image and a great tip trimmerteacher. Have a great holiday.

Tomorrow I am in a netball tournament. We do not have a reserve so no breaks! A bit difficult as at a school, no cafe so need to bring enough for the day.

B - omelette with 2 chicken Italia sausages and some cheese - 300

L - livlife bread 4 slices filled with beef and spinach. - 520

D - chilli and courgetti and carrotetti ( or whatever it is called) - 250

S - a packet of nuts and 2 boiled eggs to keep me going. I have a cashew and nut bar too. So more than normal but will be running around. 500

Exercise - lots of netball!

Tip - go out and make the most of this lovely weather.

Have a good Saturday


wish i was where you are wakywoo! It has rained all afternoon here! ☔ your dinner sounds interesting....is it like chilli con carne with the veg instead of rice?? Or maybe I've got it completely wrong!🍴


No you've got it right. I tend to avoid rice.

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Enjoy your game(s) keep free of injury and well done on your food choices.

I hope the weather is kind to you.




Hi Trimmerteacher Thank you for hosting, I prefer it being put on early, as can post the night before, but when it's late, I often can't post till the next evening before it closes!! Your poster says so much.. We don't want to undo all the work we've done too easily!! And a great tip to keep in mind to.

Have a great holiday 👍🏻

My last fasting Friday for a while went well.

Saturday's menu is..

2 eggs, bacon, grilled mushrooms & baked beans - 560

Nectarine, plum, 2 tangerines - 180

4oz Ribeye, sweet potato fries, baked beans - 562

Total 1302 (NHS BMI range 1302-1673)

Minimum of 1 & 1/2 litres water

Exercise planned is to walk my dog 👟👟 🐶

Tip for today... When nothing seems to happen with what you're doing.. Don't do nothing! Change what you do and look for improvement.. Stick with what works for you and enjoy the changes.

Cheering everyone on 🎉🎉🎉


Mmm ribeye! We had fillet steak tonight as a Friday night pre holiday treat! That's my excuse anyway. Have a great weekend Minniewinny 😊

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Favourite steak is ribeye, we buy an 8oz and cut it in half, season, rest and cook... The weekend is going well so far!!

Safe journey and enjoy your holiday x

Mmm lovely menu - although not sure about baked beans twice in one day ;)

Great tip too :)

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I figured it adds to the protein without too many carbs... I could swap them for some plantain... That sounds a big and nicer possibility!!

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Baked beans are great but have a slight affect on me (hides)

Hence twice in one day not for me lol ;)

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1/2 grilled plantain new calorie total 1340... Thanks cracker10 beans once today!!


You are welcome - I have just changed my food for today too as now found the menu where we are eating tonight as well as no darn bacon in the house for breakfast lol

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No bacon when wanted is disappointing! Well done for changes.

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Minniewinny, I have only had plantain once and I loved it. Is it easy to buy?

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Hi Mimirossi it is delicious... Depends on where you live.. You can buy it in most markets where there is a good fruit and veg stall, I got mine at Milton Keynes market on Tuesday. Some super markets and Asian shops sell them too...

So versatile to cook with.. fried, grilled, baked, boiled.. I hope you find some, maybe google where to buy near you?

Thank you Minniewinny, I will!

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Thanks Trimmerteacher

Hope you have a great holiday 😎

Am having a picnic tomorrow but just seen the forecast so it might be in the car!

B. Bacon sandwich. Banana and almond milk smoothie. 550

L. Spanish omelette. Strawberries and apple. 550

D. Sweet potato cottage pie with kale (it didn't get eaten tonight I was still full after my afternoon tea!) 400

Snacks. G&t and olives.200

Approx. 1700

Exercise. Going to meet my brother and his family for a damp walk in the Chilterns.


Lovely food choices... Car picnic.. never give up on your plans.. just adapt!! I like your adaptation.

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Enjoy your holiday Trimmerteacher 😎

Some great ideas on here already!

I'm feeling better again after a slight health wobble. Must learn to pace myself. Eating well is important, gaining weight won't be at all helpful.

Today: 2 boiled eggs with 2 oat cakes 320

L: Peppered mackerel fillet with beans, avocado, salad , bit of peri peri sauce 350

D: Beef koftas on bbq with aubergine slices, corn on cob, salad 450

Strawberries for dessert, maybe some stilton cheese 30g, nuts , also milk to bring cals up to 1500

Hoping to sail at some point if weather ok for it.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Menu sounds lovely.. Glad your feeling better. 💐

Thank you Minniewinny .

Glad to hear that you're feeling better, Sailsalot and I'm sure your delicious menu will make you feel better still! :)

I hope your weather is better than ours, so that you've been able to go sailing :)

Hello all well i am sitting here planning the day

Breakfast Tea coffee 1 slice of toast and 2 boiled eggs

Dinner chicken breast on bed of ratatouille to use up more veg

Lunch sandwich

Snacks fruit

There will be fruit and ice cream somewhere

Excercise usually do 5miles just walking to shops etc. Pilates and cycling later

Enjoy the day it's sunny out there!


Lovely menu.. Lots of fruit and veg.. Enjoy x

Hi Everyone,

I didn't manage to get on here yesterday, but my calorie intake was about 1465, which was not too bad.

My plan for today (I know it is late!) Is as follows:

Usual breakfast of 20g oats, 10g each of pumpkin seeds and flaked almonds, topped with hazelnut milk and berries. 228cals

Lunch: Homemade leek and potato soup, one slice of seeded wholemeal bread (no butter), 100g Skyr and 2 small apricots. 297cals

Dinner: Courgette bake and an apple. 631cals

Also 3x cocoa (no sugar) mixed with milk, topped up with water 204 Cal's

2 squares slightly salted dark chocolate 106cals

1,466 calories altogether.

I know I should cut out the chocolate, but I get headaches if I have none. Good excuse I know, but true!

Exercise will be energetic dog walk for an hour and a half and some seat drops and bouncing on the trampoline.


That sounds like a great menu, Mimirossi, even the chocolate! Did you find out what your calorie intake should be now? It's just that you have a difference of 1000 for these last 2 days and I wondered what you were aiming for? :)

I wish I had a trampoline! That sounds like great fun! :)

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Haha, sorry! I meant 1465 for Friday! I had better edit that!

Yes I love the trampoline. We got it for our children from a friend whose family had stopped using it. We had loads of fun on it when they were growing up and so did their cousins. Now mine are 23, 20 and 19 and they never go on it, so I thought I would!


LOL!!! That explains it then! :D

Good for you!! I think we may get one for our grandchildren, just so that I can have a go! :D

Good idea! My niece did break her ankle on it, by landing awkwardly from an ordinary bounce, but apart from that we didn't have too much going wrong!

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My granddaughter did the same thing!! :o

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