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day 3...... up to now all good

Day 3.....

Getting used to calorie counting is new for me.... despite trying other "diets" over the years. Ive downloaded apps to calorie count everything and tracking what I eat is proving quite interesting...... and I havent felt hungry once over the last 2 days. I havent worked out as much as ive wanted due to other commitments but have a few workout classes planned over next few days.


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Glad to hear it's all going well Ew83 keep up the great work and you will have a lovely surprise on the scales at the end of the week to look forward too.


I really hope so. Thank you. :)


I was surprised as to how much I was eating too when I first started counting calories. It's amazing how many more calories things had than I thought. Especially when you take into consideration the fact that I was essentially eating two portions at dinner every day!

Glad you're feeling good and good luck with the scales! :)


Yeah ive been exactly the same- shocking really. Its been an eye opener the last few days.

Thank you, you too :)


Hi VickyDLM

Yes, it`s a Surprise what we eat. ? And it so easy. I have done the 12 Plan and Lost around 3Stone 8lb. And Portion Control and Execise is the answer.

Now I want to lose just a few more Pound to reach my Target.

Been on Holilday and added a few Pound . But soon get them off.

And then start the hard bit, keeping them off. It`s so easy to fall into bad abets.

So well done and Good Luck.

Kind Regards



I totally agree with you, Phil62.

Well done on losing over 3 stone and getting so close to your goal! :)

I think I will also have trouble maintaining when I get to that stage (see, being optimistic that I will get there, eventually :) ).

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Well done, they say the first few days is the hardest, and it takes 21 days to form a new habit... Keep going and moving forward towards your goals

Cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉


I have been on this calorie counting diet for a few weeks now and it is working for me. Like you I have tried all sorts of diets and have never had any success I have lost 5lb upto now so very pleased. I can't do any exercise as I am disabled. Good luck and I am sure you will do well.


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