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It's still happening!!😀

i don't regularly write on here, but I do read most days.You are all amazing, and I think this page is keeping me on track.

Over the years I have tried SW I have tried WW , 5:2 the list goes on! My weight struggles have consumed me for so long. But weather or not my head is finally in the right place ? I don't know ! Things are working at last! 😀

15st 11lb last week.

15st 9lb this week.

Another 2lb gone!!! 12lb in 6 weeks !

I have never felt so motivated! I just need to try and up my exercise.

Keep going , you are all pretty amazing people xxx

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That is brilliant going H27p losing 12lbs in 6 week, well done you!

Have a great day.


Welcome H27p

I think the head is connected to the gut and once you find the right food for your gut then your head stays in the right place. You've done fantastic so far and I'd love to see your food diary , very well done, keep it going 🎉

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Hi H27p that's a great weight loss over six weeks. It's nice to feel motivated. x


Hi H27p as long as you are eating the right foods and amount of calories I am sure all will stay this way as well. Well done with your weight loss so far as well. That is great.


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