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Weigh in for Thursday 13th July

Thursday 13th July

Welcome to our Thursday Trimmers weigh-in!

I'm sending Snoopy your way to wish you luck for your weigh in and to help prepare you for next week. He's ready... Are you?

Remember it's not just about the scales, sometimes you may find a difference in your clothes or positive comments that people make.

Here’s the Thursday stats from last week!

Thursday 6th July 2017

Total number weighing in - 8

Total number of replies - 44

Average number of replies - 5.5

Total amount of weight lost - 5lbs / 2.26kgs

Total amount of weight gained - 2lbs / 0.90kgs

Total number who maintained - 2

Newbies/Restarts - 0

Average weight lost - 0.37lbs / 0.16kgs

Number of members who did not disclose their weight - 0

It would make things so much easier for the Administrator when she does the stats, if you could state your weight today, how much weight you've lost/gained/maintained this week and your goals for the week ahead.

Other than that, feel free to share any details of your week that you like.


My weigh-in day is Friday, I'm helping out this Thursday. I've been away with Friends last weekend so keeping everything crossed that I've not done too much damage lol.

I joined the forum in February this year and really enjoy reading all the posts. At my last weigh-in I'd lost 13lbs since February. My goal is to get to 9st 10lbs by the end of the year. I'm taking it steady and changing my life one pound at a time.


If you're joining this weigh-in group for the first time today, then please introduce yourself and share your starting weight (if you feel comfortable doing so) and your initial weight loss goals. Setting yourself mini-goals, leading to your ultimate weight loss goal, is particularly helpful. You could also make a note of your body measurements. Sometimes the scales stick at a particular weight, but there can be body measurement changes which are very motivating. It’s not all about the scales after all – it’s how you feel in yourself.

If you’ve not already seen it, then take a moment to read the ‘Welcome Newbie’ pack, which is a Pinned post (situated on the right hand side of the homepage, or scroll right down to the bottom, if you're using a mobile).

Have a great weigh-in day and a even better week ahead.

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61 Replies

Love the picture!


Hi SukiV and thankyou for posting :)

Dreading the weigh in a bit tomorrow. I went away on holiday and came back last week. I ate alot of what i shouldn't have done and when i returned, i still didn't eat that great.

I will see tomorrow what damage i have done :(

Oh forgot to say well done, absolutely brilliant for losing 13lbs :)

The important thing is you face it head on. You never know it might not be as bad as you think and if it is you have a plan to deal with it. Good luck you can do it.

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Thankyou SukiV fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Hi all I stayed the same 13 stone to be honest yesterday not good. Back on track today I hope the scales are kind to everybody

A maintain is always better than any gain Piggysue-62 Glad to hear your back on track now.

Have a lovely day.

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Sometime we need a maintain to keep us focussed. Well done.

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Hi Piggysue-62 well done for maintaining :)

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Hello SukiV Thanks for coming over again! I'm sorry to say the crisp challenge you set me last week lasted all of two days - it was the free crisps in my cheap advance first class train seat that undid me BUT -

Weight: Last week 69.9kg (11st 0lb)

This week: 69.2kg (10st 12 1/2 lbs)

I am really pleased with my 0.7 kg loss! (1 1/2 lbs!!)

Onwards and downwards, your loss is inspiring because of the gentle and doable rate of loss, which is what I'm hoping for. My goal is still 68kg 10st 10lbs for two weeks time which I may not make but I'll be close.

As Minniewinny says, cheering us all on! 🎯

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Morning wysemonkey

Well done on losing 700gs this week that is great going. You are so close to your gaol now, good luck.

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Lol those pesky crisps. Well done on your lose that is great.

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Plus you're now into the 10 stone bracket. Double celebration (not with crisps though) lol

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Well done wysemonkey losing 1 1/2lbs and also in the 10's, brilliant! :)

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Morning SukiV

Thanks for hosting today's weigh in.

My weight this week as stayed the same. I know why because I hurt my back last week I didn't do any exercise or gandening so I'm happy with a sts. Last week 16st 13lbs this week the same.

Have a great week everyone.

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Sorry to hear you hurt your back. I hope you're ok. Well done on maintaining that's great. As you have said yourself it's better than a gain.

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I'm fine now, back to normal. Lifted some composts backs and it just went on me!

Well done for maintaining YellowRose55 :)

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Hi YellowRose55 well done for maintaining your weight and your perseverance in the face of a painful bad back, I'm so please to hear it's better now.

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Thanks wysemonkey yes I'm back to fighting fit again.


feeling depressed. Had friends round for the weekend who we had not seen for about 4 months. I've lost 16 lbs in that time and they didn't even notice, infact no one has noticed which is really upsetting, you feel like what's the point! I'm crying now, it's that upsetting. It's really hard and i don't really get any help from my husband.

I'm being presnted to Princess Anne next week and I fell horrid , fat and ugly.

Got to go I'm too upset.


LAst week 19 st

this week 18st 13lbs

Yes I know I've lost a pound, but it isn't helping at the moment.....

Sorry to hear you are upset SugarLeaves please try not to upset yourself. Sometimes people don't notice for a while or don't like to say anything. No one commenting on my weight loss until I lost a few stone. Give it time they will start to comment as you go on. I think your doing fantastic, look at that 1st badge by your name, you did that so be proud of yourself.

How exciting, put your best dress on and hold your head up high.

Well done on losing another 1lb, one more closer to 2st!

Make yourself a cuppa and be proud of your achievements so far,the rest will fall into place as you go on.

SugarLeaves I'm also sorry to hear you're sad. I think what YellowRose says is absolutely right, and I want to add that some people, actually many people, find change of any sort a bit difficult to deal with and pretend it isn't happening for a while, hoping it will go away. The fact is, you have made a huge change and a huge achievement in loosing so much weight and in carrying on even though it's difficult, and the point is that you will be healthier and eventually feel better for it.

I'm thinking that Princess Anne must want to see you because of something else brilliant that you've done, and she will see you as the hard-working, beautiful person you are, not as the horrid person you sometimes think you are.

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Don't let this get to you SugarLeaves as no-one other than those that I was constantly talking to about it mentioned it to me. You have to remember you haven't seen these friends of yours in 4 months and they probably don't quite remember the exact size you was then and it wouldn't have been too easy to mention your weight even if they did notice. I struggle to even remember what some people even look like in there face let alone shape of body after a while unless I see them a lot. I didn't start to get comments from most people that have mentioned it until I had lost almost 2 stone but even now not many mention it.

My husband helps me by cooking for me because I have severe epilepsy and have been advised not to cook much but he doesn't help by eating and buying lots of junk food like crisps and cakes. I do find this very hard to deal with and still give in occasionally if I have enough spare calories remaining but try my hardest not to.

Well done on losing a pound. It is still better than maintaining or gaining.

Sorry to read you're upset SugarLeaves but please remember who you're doing this for? Is it others or is it yourself. You know you've lost weight, it makes you feel good and that's all that matters. Think back at how far you have come it's a long way and you did it by yourself.

Not great. Last week 13.1 and same this week. At least it's not a gain I suppose

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A maintain is always better than a gain, just keep going you will get there.

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Thank you. Slow and steady!


Hi Tyme2win well done for maintaining :)

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At least it is much better than maintaining. Be pleased with yourself for this. It's much easier to still be pleased with yourself because would you feel exactly the same if it was? Well done!

A maintain is good. Think about what you ate this week and what you will change next week to change your weight. Snoopy is looking to the week ahead. Are you?

You and I are in the same boat this week. We can do this. Let's stick with it this week I pledge 1lb off next week are you up for the challenge 😊

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I certainly am up for it. Let's motivate each other. Good luck.

Hi everyone hope you have all had a good week :)

Unfortunately i haven't done great :(

I came back from holiday last week and ate alot of things i shouldn't have eaten. I then carried on when i got home, which i know i shouldn't have done. Got myself in a bit of a rut. Couldn't weigh in last week, as the battery ran out on my scales, so thought i would have a week to sort myself out - wrong :(

I am quite upset as i know what i did wrong and carried on.

So i have gone from 13st to 13st 4lb, a gain of 4lb for me, which will take me ages to lose :(

Sorry everyone, i have let myself down big time and feel like i have let the team down aswell.

Chin up blackbeauty, we all have a life to live. You worked hard for your holiday so why shouldn't you enjoy it. I'm also someone who finds it hard to rein in my indulgence once I've started so I know how you feel. Your badge says 2 stone so you are doing great 👍🏻 don't beat yourself up and get back on it. Wishing you luck 😊


Thankyou for your kind words Tyme2win :)

Don't let yourself get too upset about this. At the end of the day you probably wouldn't have enjoyed your holiday in the same way unless you done it like you did, I am sure you did enjoy yourself at least? It wasn't your fault your battery ran out on the scales. Everyone at some time will probably do this sort of thing. I'm pretty sure I have put on around this much at some point. I tend to just look at it like oh well, let's just look at sorting it out. Look as well at what you are eating more carefully this week. More salad or vegetable meals than anything tends to help me more on these weeks.

Hope you have better luck for next week.

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Thankyou so much HubbysMissMouse :)

I had a lovely holiday thanks.

Have a good week :)

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Hi blackbeauty99

Try not to be too upset we all do it from time to time. Start afresh now and move on you can do this! Why not join the DD for a week to get back on track as you know where you went wrong so it is easier to turn the gain back into a loss.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Thankyou for your support YellowRose55 :)

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Hi blackbeauty99 don't be gloomy, you're getting back on the trail now and I'm sure you'll get back into the patterns that were helpful before now you're thinking about it. See you in the DD!

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Thankyou wysemonkey :) just quite annoyed with myself. Hopefully better luck for me next week.

Have a good week :)

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Don't be too hard on yourself blackbeauty99. You will loose that in no time I'm convinced of it. Just break it down into manageable pieces. If it's 1 lb a week it's only 4 weeks. You're making life changes here so don't worry if you slip up sometimes. Like you I came back from a girlie weekend and put on 4 lbs. I immediately sprung into action to do something about it. My official weigh in day is tomorrow and I'm hoping I've done enough to at least loose some of that 4lb. But if not I will next time.

Thankyou SukiV :)

I am just annoyed as it took me a while to lose 4lb and then so quickly put it back on. This has taught me a lesson to try and control my calories while away, i didn't count them whatsoever when i should have done.

Thankyou for your reply and i wish you all the best for your weigh in tomorrow :)

Hi all

I would like to thank you SukiV for doing this weigh in again for us, this is lovely of you. I had a bit of an awkward day yesterday as I was ill most of the day and only got to eat my cereal and a hot cross bun that was unbuttered, I am aware I have a lot of calories still remaining from this so I will be adding it over the next few days.

Last week when I weighed in I was 11st 2lbs

This week I was 10st 13lbs

This week I have managed to lose 3lbs and next week I hope I lose at least 1lbs.

Sorry to hear you were ill yesterday, hope you are feeling much better today.

Great going with losing 3lbs this week.

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Absolutely brilliant losing 3lbs this week, well done! :)

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Well done HubbysMissMouse with that loss, I hope you feel better soon and can get back to your usual pattern of healthy eating.

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Wow that's amazing even through being ill. I'm terrible when I'm in I eat all the wrong things. Well done. Good luck for next week.

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I weighed myself yesterday and my starting weight the week prior was 105KG and as of yesterday I was 102.5, I'd rather work in lbs and st so need to faff with my weighing scales lol.

My goal is to get within my BMi which is around 75KG so a fair way to go but I'm determined

Welcome to Think Thin Thursday's weigh in dynamiteaddy and well done on losing 2.5kgs this week. That is brilliant going for your first week.

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Well done for your big week 1 loss, dynamiteaddy - and welcome to the Thursday weigh-in! I like kilos but most people seem to prefer st and lbs, my diet tracker converts for me so I can post it in both. I will say that the thing about sts and lbs is that you loose the lbs quicker than you loose the kgs!

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Hi dynamiteaddy :)

Well done on losing, have another good week :)

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Welcome and well done. That's a great first week. Keep going you're doing really well.

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Hi dynamiteaddy welcome to us on the Thursday weigh-in. Well done for managing to lose 2.5kgs this week. Hope you also have a great loss next week. Good luck!

Hi there today i weigh 11 stone 8 which is a maintain this week, good luck all x

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Hi charliejack a maintain is better than a gain so well done :)

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Hi charliejack

Maintaining is better than having any gain. Hope you have a good week.

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Well done CharlieJack. Keep going. Are you aiming for a target or just enjoying the weight lose?

Thanks for hosting today's weigh in SukiV .

Today weigh in is now closed!

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