Week 7!!!!

Week 7 this week and 20 lbs down. Not only in shock that I could last to week seven but totally shocked that I never noticed how large I actually was visibly size wise before I started this..... thought my face was starting to look a bit puffy and my jeans were tight but jeez as you know the bigger you get the less you look in the mirror and maybe I should have! My other half took a photo of me a week ago whilst out and about and the person in the photo looking back at me was what I thought I looked like at starting weight not after losing 20lbs so was a bit disheartened but didn't waver from the plan. Had one "cheat" day in 7 weeks and still didn't go over the calories set on the bmi tracker just my own personal mental amount so not beating myself up. Exercise is currently Couchto5k mon/wed/fri, 30 minutes of Taebo/Weights or Cross Trainer on Tues/Thurs, one weekend day off and the other day I go cycling for an hour. Week 5 on Couch to 5k and can't believe I can actually run now! Another shock! haha! Pumped for the next half of the programme, i'm not going to be bikini ready this year as I've left it too late, I know it's just a confidence thing but still covering up in big cardigans for now as I always hate my body whatever size I am but I WILL get there. :)


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13 Replies

  • What a fabulous post Determined44 😊 Very well done.

    You are sounding so focussed and right on track, I look forward to hearing about the rest of your journey 😊

    Onwards and downwards!

  • Thanks Anna61. The determination comes from about 5 years ago, then being at my now goal weight - I felt trim, I felt strong, I felt confident and my body felt like I could rely on it and would hold me up if I needed it to. Over the last 5 years my health and anxiety although nothing too serious has been worse and worse and my back pain was getting so bad I could hardly walk or hold myself up. I felt like in the last 6 months my body has failed me - I was tired, weak and sick, had an awful diet and had to reply a lot on my other half to do things. I was frustrated and angry at my own body being 34 years old and feeling like a 90 year old every day so I thought why sit there and sulk at how rubbish I am, why not put that anger into getting myself better - that's what drives me every second of every day now - I do not EVER want to feel so awful again and so I promised myself I will do this, I will be strong and I will be fit and my body WILL hold me up when I need it to. Regardless of the jeans getting looser I feel fitter inside and out after just 7 short weeks and that's what I need right now. Still hate 90% of vegetables but do eat them every single day without fail now (bleeeuurgh), food is now fuel instead of an emotional crutch so don't feel like I need the treats I used to eat daily. Like you say, onwards and downwards! #thisgirlcan :)

  • Fabulous and inspiring Determined44 😊

    I was in a similar place, and although I still have a way to go, I feel so much better now and it's the fear of going back to that dark place that keeps me going 😊

  • Totally! That's why I grit my teeth and run, even though I don't particularly like it I do it because my legs ARE taking me to the end of that podcast and that's something to be proud of when they couldn't even get me up the stairs without holding onto the bannister for dear life. Holding onto that little bit of fear is a good thing if it keeps you on track, well done! I find it absolutely bizarre that I only had to do 7 weeks so far to feel so much better, just wish I had done it sooner! :)

  • I've said that so many times! Why did I leave it so long 😕 I think you just have to in that place where the alternative, i.e. Doing nothing, is worse than tackling the issue. And of course this wonderful forum!

  • Wow what a powerful inspiring message. I hope I can keep It up this time and get as far as you have. I know you say you have a long way to go but you've already come this far. The longest I've lasted is 2 weeks then went back ro my normal habit. Good luck with the rest of your journey. X

  • Yes you will. I am determined to but aware it will take a long time

  • You will get there, every day you do it you are moving forward and not backwards that's the important thing and one day you'll look back and be amazed at your progress. :)

  • Wow! What a loss. For me it's been about seven weeks and 11 pounds. I don't think I'm eating nearly enough. Great job!

  • Good on you and thanks for giving me such great inspiration. You are brilliant

  • Bless you for saying that! Thank you! It's a psychological thing more than anything isn't it, believe me if I can do it you can too - you have no idea how many times this year my other half has heard me say "diet starts Monday" heehee! I found this site by accident and it has motivated me to really embrace it fully because it gives you every tool you could need and no excuse not to do it (eg I don't have the time or the money or it's too hard etc). I like structure to keep me motivated and 7 weeks really have flown by once I got into a routine so I'm glad I have stayed on track as that feeling you get when you have achieved something is so much better than wondering "what if". Keep up the good work, you can do it! :)

  • My experience is exactly what you describe. Once your head is in the right place everything else follows quickly. The million pound question , which I don't have the answer to, is how to get your head in the right place. If I did I wouldn't need to work! After over 20 years mine just did it. Really well done with the loss. James

  • Hi determined 44,Great going , keep up the great work .


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