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First week weigh in

Weighed myself on Tuesday lost 2lbs. which I'm really happy with. Just getting into my second week now, calorie counting is an eye opener, I counted calories years ago and then I joined (several) slimming clubs with no weighing foods or counting calories, this sounded great. It never did anything for my portion sizes though, and apart from initial weight loss I could never really stick with their plans. I'm thinking twice now before I decide what to eat I'm reading labels more too and lots of everyone's interesting news and posts and pics on here. You,re all a big help, thank you.

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That is brilliant going losing 2lbs in your first weigh in. It's good that your starting to change the way you look at food with regards to counting calories and portion sizes. Keep up the great work.

Have a great second week.

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Well done Just4 😊 Not just on the weight loss but on gaining an understanding of calories and portion control.

I'm glad you are enjoying the forum and finding it helpful 😊


Well done on a great 2 pounds gone. Keep planning your menus and counting calories to be in your allotted range.. You will get the results you work for.

Cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉


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