Weigh-in TUESDAY 4th July 2017

Weigh-in TUESDAY 4th July 2017

Hello Tuesday Trimmers and welcome to our weekly weigh in

Please reply to this post on TUESDAY to join the weigh-in. Thank you

This week I have embarked on a big sort out of my back garden, including emptying the shed, building a new one and demolishing the old. I feel like its against the clock rather as everything is all over the lawn and things will be soaked if it rains...how long can this lovely weather last? Still, the time pressure is keeping me at it, and hopefully humping piles of stuff around counts as exercise!

We hope that you've all had a good week and are pleased with the results on the scales. If this isn't the case, don't get despondent, weight loss isn't linear and we're all human. Think of where things may have slipped a little. If you're convinced that you've had a squeaky clean week, then take out the tape measure and see if you've lost inches instead. If that fails to satisfy too, then look back to the beginning of your journey and be proud of how far you've come. Progress may be slow, but if you keep the faith and stick to plan, you'll eventually get the results you've been wanting.

Our aim today, is to support and encourage, so we ask that everyone responds to at least ONE other member, ideally the person directly ahead of you on the thread. The main aim of this new weigh-in, is to prevent one person being burdened with answering every single post. Of course you can respond to as many posts as you wish, but it should be a minimum of one.

To help our stats system, please state your weight today, how much weight you've lost/gained/maintained this week and your goals for the week ahead. Other than that, feel free to share any details of your week that you like.


If you're joining this weigh-in group for the first time today, then please introduce yourself and share your starting weight (if you feel comfortable doing so) and your initial weight loss goals. Setting yourself mini-goals, leading to your ultimate weight loss goal, is particularly helpful. You could also make a note of your body measurements. Sometimes the scales stick at a particular weight, but there can be body measurement changes which are very motivating. It’s not all about the scales after all – it’s how you feel in yourself.

If you’ve not already seen it, then take a moment to read the ‘Welcome Newbie’ pack, which is a Pinned post (situated on the right hand side of the homepage, or scroll right down to the bottom, if you're using a mobile).

STATS FROM LAST WEEK Tuesday 27th June 2017

Total number weighing in - 18

Total number of replies - 150

Average number of replies - 8.33

Total amount of weight lost - 15.05lbs / 6.82kgs

Total amount of weight gained - 6.06lbs / 2.74kgs

Total number who maintained - 2

Newbies/Restarts - 3

Average weight lost - 0.59lbs / 0.26kgs

Number of members who did not disclose their weight - 0

Good luck all

Onwards and Downwards!


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117 Replies

  • Hi JC thanks for hosting👍

    I am afraid I have lost just 1/2lb in 2 whole weeks and not going to register it at home as I only do whole lbs.

    I know where I am going wrong not logging my foods so it's easy to go over I guess. Back to doing that now so I am accountable.

    Good luck with the allotment tidy some lbs to lose there or toning up.👍

  • It's still a loss, Bev and all losses are good losses :)

    I'm sure that logging your food will help, as portion creep is so easy, as is mindless eating. See you on the DD! :)

  • Thanks Moorless and yes I think portion creep is a very good point so easy to estimate also I think you kind of get complacent and tend to not measure not realising maybe those portions are indeed creeping up. Cereal weighed out this morning lol😊👍

  • Well done ! Its all downhill Bev and I'm sure the other half will follow soon.

    I know what you mean about not logging - I've been experimenting with that and I'm not quite there yet either. I'm going back to weighing anything not veg this week, just as a reminder, and logging it all religously.

  • True it's the not logging that does it for me. So hopefully will get it to turn round again. I think I got bored because I had so many maintaining weeks after Christmas it's like "what's the point?" But there is indeed a point and luckily I haven't gained as I would have years ago in fact I would have packed in altogether. It's you guys who keep us all on track in the end.

    Have a good day Bev😊👍

  • Agree that a loss is a loss 😊 - well done. I found that taking pictures if what I eat during the day is often easier than logging everything although obviously you can't include portion size that way. I liked having a visual image of a day's food though - can't escape that! Good luck with your week 🍀

  • Good idea it's whatever works for you I guess. Good luck too hope you see a loss this week😊👍

  • Still a loss Itsbab , right direction! Mine is only half a pound too, but I don't know why mines so low when I thought I was doing everything right this week! Keep keeping on 🙂

  • You keep going too TT 👍 it's when you know you are doing everything right and hardly move like I was doing after Christmas and like yourself today that gets so annoying. I am hoping that I may move more now seeing as I am going back to basics.

    Have you tried a day of upping calories? Works sometimes, well done on the 1/2lb too as you say at least it's in the right direction.👍😊

  • Good Morning...you made me chuckle, as I have a vision of your lawn resembling a car boot sale and the storm clouds gathering in the sky's !!

    But I do think that's what I should do with all the " stuff" in our shed. If I just get it all out, and plonk it on the lawn, then we will have to have a sort out won't we...or at least stack it back in ....but neater !!!

    Talking of things I should do.....actually for a change I've got some good news to report this week. I've managed to lose a pound, well actually it's nearly two, but I'm clocking it as one coz I'm not messing with the small change !!

    So I'm chuffed with that, and I'm pleased the scales have shifted coz I've put more effort in to this week. I will hope for another 1lb loss next week, and I may be glad I've got those sneaky ounces that I didn't declare today up my sleeve in credit for next week. Good luck to everyone else X

  • Brilliant news! And a few oz in the bank is always a good thing!! You are set up for next week as well now.

    Yes, the everything out approach is the only way for me - I can't possibly ignore it and pretend its not there!!!

  • Yay! Good news Bertieboy . Hope some of it rubs off on me! 😊

  • Well done, always love a successful week. Hope next week is good to you too. Also now thinking about clearing out shed and seeing what I can sell to pay for some more smaller clothes. Sorry everything is reverting back to me today, you might be able to tell I've had an exciting week.

  • Well done BB on the up again!😊👍

  • Well done Bertieboy - isn't it great when the extra effort is rewarded? Sneaky ounces...lol!

  • Well done BB. :D

  • Morning all. I'm still 10st2, so no change for me.

    I'm not sure if its just a natural slow down (as I have lost quite a bit in recent weeks), or if its bad habits creeping in as I've been trying out not logging things. I am going to have a week of logging everything and weighing things again - just to reconnect with portion sizes and make sure I'm not letting mindless habits creep in.

    I have been worrying about my summer holidays, but to be honest I think time away from the toaster might actually be helpful!

    Best of luck to everyone today, and next week.

  • JiminyCricket . Maybe as you say, go back to logging and weighing again. I don't, but probably should, and it's obviously been working for you. It would be great to start your holiday on a high after all your hard work, good luck.

  • I don't really want to because I see NOT logging and weighing as part of my end goal. But I need to accept that I do still have weight I want to lose, so don't have those extra few calories leeway to play with, which of course I will when maintaining.

  • Positive thinking JiminyCricket 😊😊😊Keep keeping on - that's my new motto for the week.

  • Good luck with your logging, hope it makes the difference your looking for. I need batteries for my scales so I'm definitely going to be down to a bit of guess work this week. Hope the week ahead gets your scales moving again in the right direction.

  • Me too JC going back to basics logging everything think my portion sizes were on the increase.

    At least it's a maintain and you have all that sorting out to do I can see a loss coming your way next week.

    Have fun hope the rain stays away for you.😊

  • Its good to do every so often isnt it. So so easy to get complacent.

  • I agree, quite humid here, keeps trying to rain, hope it's better down south.

  • Yes we're lucky here. Beautiful blue sky and light wind. Sunshine forecast for the rest of the week. So I cant avoid dealing with the cobwebby heap of shed-stuff in the middle of the lawn!!

  • Not to worry JC. At least it's a maintain considering you haven't been logging your food. At least you'll have a good idea that you can maintain when needed. :D

  • Yes thats why i did it really

  • I think when it comes to me maintaining, it's gonna go down like a lead balloon!! :P

  • I know its quite daunting. Its good there's a maintainers club though, thats a good idea. I really really dont want to be doing this again, thats for sure!

  • Love to all the Tuesday trimmers as you weigh in. Wishing you all the best

  • Good morning. I literally joined this yesterday and would like to join the Tues weigh in please? I weigh 13 stone and have 3 stone to lose to be healthy so that is my initial goal. I have tried a number of diets over the years and feel that accountability is where I struggle the most. I also have two little children so am time poor. Made a good start yesterday though and feeling determined so fingers crossed I can make this happen.

    I will will obviously also reply to posts but wanted to introduce myself first! I hope you all have a good week 😊

  • Welcome aboard KG79 😊

  • So glad you could join us, the 3 stone you need to loose may seem huge now but so many people have been there and achieved it on this forum. I would completely recommend the 12 week NHS plan without that and this forum I would never have achieved what I considered an impossible task at the beginning. You could try breaking your goal down into smaller more achievable markers to help keep you motivated. I checked the horizon website to see what type of eater I was and as a constant craver the 5.2 diet was suggested. Might be worth a look if your looking for a new diet but I had to combine my 5.2 with the NHS plan to teach myself to choose healthy options. Not all calories are equal after all. Good luck with your journey and at least the young kids should keep you moving plus be great motivation. I know being around longer for mine is what's kept me doing this for so long. Although having started to see some good results is a buzz in itself.

  • Hi and welcome KG79 you are in a lovely place the whole forum is amazing and so supportive👍 The Tuesday Trimmers are also fab at encouraging and advising others also so many have a wealth of knowledge to give👍 so once again welcome we are pleased to have you aboard.

    Good luck for next week.

  • Welcome to the Tuesday Trimmers! I joined in November with 3 stone to lose. It felt like such a lot and I felt so daunted by it. I have 2 kids and I know what its like to be time poor. But you can do it! I havent really increased my exercise - just try to use the bike more than the car, but failing more often than not (time pressure again!). What you eat is much more important, and planning when you eat so you don't end up starving and eating all the left over fish fingers etc!! Best of luck with your first week, and look forward to seeing you next Tuesday!

  • Welcome to us Tuesday Trimmers. You'll soon be losing in no time. Good luck on your weight loss journey. Onwards and downwards. :D

  • KG79 good morning and welcome. Really glad you have joined us. You will get so much support and encouragement from us all. We all share the same goal, we all face the same struggle, we all see the same temptations, but the strength of us all combined make everything so much better. Good luck and I look forward to following your progress.

  • Thank you Bertieboy - I'm on it! Have a great week 😊

  • I made it, I'm in the 9's and hopefully really close to a 10kg badge. .6kg lost this week from 63.6kg to 63kg. My weight when I started the NHS 12 week plan on 15th Jan was 72.9kg but I can't remember what weight I started with my weigh in's? Been a great week all round and sorry to repeat myself but still can't get over being in a size 12 for the 1st time ever. Certainly helps with the motivation to keep going, although I'll apologise up front that the coming week is likely to be a gain due to a house party at the weekend. I do enjoy a blow out and thankfully i've had a few weeks without one but alcohol is my nemesis. So damage limitation is my goal and if I can somehow stay in the 9's it'll be a huge bonus.

  • Who hoo celebration all round 🍾into the 9's and a size 12 again well done you👍 Now enjoy the feeling and have a fab house party damage limitation all the way.

    Have a fab week you skinny minnie😊👍

  • Your comment certainly made me smile, never been called that before but could definitely get use to it. Thanks.

  • Enjoy it, anything below 10st is a skinny Minnie to me

    I hope to Join you one day lol😊👍

  • Wooohooo!!!! Awesome news! Well done you!! And a size 12 to boot! Dance for England at your party, that might help with burning the boozy cals, never mind strutting your size 12 stuff!! I'm so pleased for you, massive congratulations!

  • Thank you so much you can certainly say I'm chuffed. Definitely will get my grove on if only for medicinal purposes.

  • WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! Go Jonuts!!!!! In the 9's and a size 12. You must be sooooooo pleased!!! Well done!!!! Don't worry about next week, that can take care of itself when the time comes. Let you hair down and enjoy the house party, you've earned it!!! :D

  • Well last week I was 9st 7.6lb, having put on half a pound the previous week, and this week I am back down to 9st 7.1lb, which is exactly where I was two weeks ago. I'm a bit disappointed as apart from one day, I have been so disciplined this week, I was really hoping to knock it down a whole pound. I can't think of anything to speed it up, so I shall keep keeping on, as I've said to a few others today - following my own advice! We go on holiday again in two weeks and I was really hoping to get a bit more off, before some of it inevitably goes back on again!

  • Well we are a match this week TT for the 1/2lb off but you seem to have been so disaplined that's always annoying😡 Just a thought are you keeping the water intake up? Another one I have to keep reminding myself of.

    Hope you manage to get that 1lb off before your holidays to give you a little enjoyment leeway.😊👍

  • Good point Itsbab . I will up the water intake. 👍

  • I must admit I am forever forgetting this one unless it's ridiculously hot weather lol😡

  • It is frustrating when its slow to go isn't it. But then, the main point is, it IS going. I have been losing at half a pound a week for 4 months now. Yawn. But then you look back and that's half a stone gone. Your new motto is spot on. Its all about the long game. Best of luck for the coming week.

  • Good luck with your loss plan for next week it might just happen that you loose more than you except over this week. I usually find after really being hard on myself it takes longer to come off, perhaps because when I'm too good my body thinks it's starving so won't let up the weight.

  • Know the feeling. I was hoping to be where I was 2 weeks ago but no, I'm a lb up, but a lb down from last week. Feels like we're going round is circles doesn't it. I feel your pain! Suppose we just have to keep on going!! WE WILL GET THERE......... eventually. lol. :D

  • Hi JC had a lovely holiday and not too bad on the weight I put on 2lb I am now 10st 11lbs very pleased with that I am sure I can get that off quickly I just avoided the bread and potatoes and didn't feel too bloated😎

    Good luck all

  • Glad you had a fab holiday and 2lb increase sent too bad😊 Nice to see positivity coming off the page and I can see you telling us next week how that 2lb has been back for just for a short visit and banished again👍

  • I intend to give it a good go thanks for your support 👍🏼

  • That's not bad at all for a week n holiday, holiday100 👍. You will soon get back to where you were.

  • Thanks for your reply I am glad that I don't have more to lose to get back to my pre holiday weight.👍🏼

  • Thats not bad at all! I'm sure you'll shake it off in no time. Great strategy - simple things that make such a difference. Glad you had a lovely holiday

  • Hi JC thanks for your reply I just thought if I cut down on the carbs my tum would look better in my cossi and it did so it was a bonus that that the weight gain was not to bad.👍🏼

  • Good Morning! Well not so great this week, I was 11.10.6 last week which was wonderful and am now 11.11.2, no matter how much I shift around on the scales:-). Not sure what happened as was careful with how much I ate and upped my exercise. Still I feel better and trousers are slightly less tight which is the main thing. I shall keep going and see what happens. Congratulations to those who have lost or maintained, and a keep going thumbs up to those, like me, who haven't.

  • Maybe it's muscle if you have been upping the exercise, have you measured yourself recently? could be the trousers are less tight because it's muscle build up.

    Hope you have a good week and see a loss next week

  • Well, I think that sounds plausible. I couldn't face measuring myself when i started so I can't check but it sounds great! Thanks:-))

  • Could you measure now after you have been working so hard? Clothes are good to go by too 👍 I keep trying my new winter coat on just to make sure it fits. The year before last what a shock when the cold weather came and I couldn't do up any of my coats as I had put so much weight on😡

  • Well I'm not quite ready to let go of the elasticated waists yet - but I'll measure myself today and keep a track going forward. I keep looking at your 4 stone badge - you really are my hero - you must be so proud of yourself

  • Did really well for the first 7 months then I slowed off so much plus didn't concentrate too much but unlike many times before I keep putting the brakes on and getting back on track. Go for the tape measure and giving up the elasticated waist is the best thing you could do as you really know when weights going back on again with unelasticated waistbands.

  • Hi Jaybron10 - I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who tries changing position on the scales, moving the scales around the bathroom, or even standing on one foot to try to move those pesky numbers!!

    That gain from last week is pretty minor in the grand scale (excuse the pun) of things, and I'm sure you can see it off again before next Tuesday. Have a good week, :)

  • Frustrating isn't it Jaybron10 😖 But it's nice when your trousers feel looser👍.

    Keep keeping on!

  • just puffed into town and back and ate before I met someone for coffee so would resist the cakes. I'm shining my halo as I type:-)

  • Thats not much of a gain, and you must be doing something right if your trousers are looser. Could well be muscle if you are toning up. I'm sure you'll shake off that half pound in no time!

  • Thanks very much for the encouragement - I'm determined.

  • I haven't ever posted on this before and not sure really what I'm doing, but I do like the idea of weighing in weekly and posting my thoughts and of course being inspired by you all :0)

    So first week - the beginning 16.11 Dreadful, but I have to start somewhere!! 5 stone off would be fabulous, I am an emotional eater so discipline is key and getting my head round the ups and downs in my life....Well done to all the people who lost this week, you are inspiring :0)

  • Hi Debs nice to have you on board with the Tuesday Trimmers we are all a friendly bunch here on the forum and support and advise each other.

    We all have to start somewhere I was 17.1 and an emotional eater too. Look at the newbies section on the right side of the screen bottom if using a mobile and start the 12 week plan it really makes you think differently about what you are eating.

    Give yourself a small goal say your first half stone, reward yourself when it's achieved with a non food treat. I started putting away £1 for every 1lb lost and at the end will buy myself something nice to remember my journey.

    Get your calorie allowance using the BMI calculator and drink plenty of water.

    Any problems or advice needed you can put a post on and lots of lovely people who have a wealth of knowledge will answer you.

    Good luck for next week Bev😊👍

  • Thank you and thank you for the advice - I'll save your email, I'm at work so can't look properly just yet :0) x

  • Great idea for saving, I'm going to try it but might add up what I've already lost so I can treat myself to a few more wardrobe items.

  • Yes definitely add in the weight you have already lost and buying a smaller size will defiantly make you feel good. Go for it you have earnt it.😊

  • Hi and welcome, Deb :)

    Although you're not technically a newbie, a lot has changed since you were last on the forum, so I'm going to give you all the info and a newbie badge, as a starting point for you :)

    Take a look at the Pinned posts section to the right of your screen (bottom if you're using a mobile), or in the drop down on the 'Posts' page (it says 'arrange by'). Read the Welcome Newbie thread, then move through to the challenges, where we hope you'll find at least one that will appeal to you.

    Move down to the Topics, to find a variety of threads, collated into specific topics for ease of access and we ask that you also 'file' your own threads, so that others won't miss your important news.

    Take a look at the NHS 12 week plan, as a lot of people have been successful with it, making sure to enter your details into the NHS BMI calculator, to get a calorie allowance tailored to your personal requirements. Don't forget to take your starting measurements and a 'before' picture, as they can be very motivating on days that the scales refuse to co-operate.

    To the right of the HOME page (bottom on a mobile), you'll find Events. In there, you'll find links to our daily Weigh-in's, our Daily Diary, where we post our menu and exercise plans, for accountability, advice and support and our “What's happening today” thread, where we pop in for a chat.

    Be aware, that the HU app doesn't give you access to all of our important features, so we advise that you use the full website page.

    We've found that to get the best out of this community, we need to be active on the forum, as it's where we exchange information, get motivation and inspiration and make friends. We hope that you'll join us here, regularly, too.

    It's only left for me to wish you well on your journey :)

  • Thank you - I'm hoping for great things and a change of direction (namely less of me) with all the support on here...I'm at work so will take a proper look tonight...I've not really used the forum properly or any forum come to mention it... :0) a good place to start - thank you again x

  • Hi Deb1909 - I hope you will find this forum as fun, informative, and motivating as I have. My only advice therefore is to keep in touch, read posts and respond, and make the most of the forum - there are some really great people on here - very knowledgeable and hugely supportive. Good luck with your goals :)

  • Welcome to the Tuesday Trimmers! Have a great first week, and enjoy exploring the forum. Do get chatty and involved with it all, it makes such a difference to feel connected with everyone - and accountable too. Look forward to hearing how your first week went.

  • Always good to see new people on here, I didn't realise how much help this forum would be at the start of the year. Can't rave enough about this and the NHS 12 week plan, would still be feeling awful without them. Good luck with your journey, look forward to hearing all about your success.

  • Hi JC, excellent work in the garden! And thanks for hosting today....

    Not a good week for me, as I'm still hovering at just over 12 st, weighing in today at 12 st 2 lb, though I'm sure that'll be down in a day or two, as it's my usual weekend blip (friends to stay for a few days and exercise and eating thrown out somewhat). Portion creep (thank you for that handy term moreless) is undoubtedly to blame - is there an appropriate one for the extra glass or two of wine (or Aperol spritz in my case) too?!

    On the upside, I've got my exercising routine back on the whole (last weekend excepting), so that is good, and I am feeling much better generally than I was a month ago - so that is also good.

    So, my target for next Tuesday is to be bold, and try to dip back into the 11s - Oh Yeah! (But straight 12 st 0 lb will be fine too....).

    Have a great week everyone

  • Hi DB after the weekend it's on the upside now, glad you have your exercise back on track and go for it even to get to 12st exactly would be great then the 11's could be yours the week after. Have a fab week looking forward to you getting to the 11's very soon😊👍

  • Thank you! It would be great to manage it by next week as I'm off on holiday on 13th and it would be excellent to have dipped into the 11s by then - a nice marker!

  • That's only a 1lb gain, Db, so not too disastrous :)

    I'm sure that if you can get a handle on the 'portion creep', you'll get shot of it again, by next week.

    I don't know a term for the increased alcohol, but how about Aperol advance?? ;)

  • Hope so, definitely going to try :) And vis a vis the Aperol, the top will just have to stay on the bottle till the weekend! No more advancing for me...

  • Portion creep - haha, I like that! Hope it goes better for you next week, Dietbunny

  • Cheers, thanks :) Have a good one yourself ✊

  • Go for it! Going on hols is a great motivator to shake off as much as you can before you go! Best of luck for next week. I'm sure the combo of your new exercise routine and portion creep banished to history will do the trick!

  • just found this so ignore my other reply! Those weekends are killers aren't they? But it's so nice to have time with friends and so so easy to overdo it. Maybe the loss from the exercise regime will kick in this week. Here's to a determined healthy week - maybe watch some Wimbledon for inspiration?

  • That's so spooky - I'm reading this on my way home from watching Chardy vs Berdych! Excellent stuff! :)

  • Alcohol portion creep! (or binge in my case lol) Good to hear your feeling better than ever. That's always good. You'll soon kick those 2 lb into touch. :D

  • Hi Everyone, I missed weigh in last week and went to a wedding and ate what I wanted that day, and boy it tasted good! Guess what I've lost 2 lbs, I now weigh 12 stone 10 lbs so very pleased. Hope everyone has a good week, good luck! 😀

  • Well you did well👍 and to lose 2lbs too that's great. Glad you are feeling so positive and continue to have another good week next week😊👍

  • Great. What an encouragement to know you can have a loss like this and still get on with lovely events like a wedding. Have a really good week .

  • Wahay! That's what I call a result - well done indeed. Have another great week, :)

  • What a wonderful result!! Just goes to show the odd day off is totally fine - which is how it should be as this is a life change and none of us plan to go without the odd blowout for the rest of our lives! Congratulations , and best of luck for the coming week.

  • very well done to you, 2lbs is fantastic - long may it continue!

  • WOW!! Well done you. Keep up the good work and glad you had a good time. :D

  • Good comment on the top of this page. Thank you for the comment

    I weighed 11st 8 last week but have put on half a pound this week. Family staying and busy getting ready to go away at the same time meant I haven't planned my meals very well especially over the weekend when I was cooking for the family plus going out and about with them. So I have a few days before my holiday in Italy- time to eat a balanced diet for a few days and hopefully drop 1lb . Will post again in two weeks time.

    Have a really good week - hope you have a successful few days.😊

  • 1/2lb isn't too bad and I know what you mean meal planning and especially portion size is key.

    Hope you have a fab holiday in Italy oh I would come back from there half a stone heavier with all the lovely Italian foods.😊👍

  • it sounds like you've had a busy time - its hard to look after yourself when you have other people to cater for. Wishing you an amazing holiday in Italy, look forward to hearing all about it on your return.

  • Half a lb's not bad considering. You'll soon lose that and more. Have a brill holiday. :D

  • Hi all. Well I'm down to 8st13 which is a loss but annoying because a few days ago I was weighing 8st11 which would have put me back on track but hey ho, never mind. Hope everyone is having a good day and is pleased to see their weigh in results.

    4 years ago... 12st13

    Jan 10th '17.... 11st3

    last week......... 9st

    This week........ 8st13

  • Hey back into the 8's well done you😊 Slow and sure and not too far to go. Enjoy the rest of this lovely evening🌞

  • Thank you Itsbab. But I feel I should have been logging 8st10 today, but I'm not soooo. um, I'll just keep on plugging on. :D

  • It must be so hard when you are so close to your ideal weight every once is twice as difficult to get rid of.😡

  • It certainly seems that way!! 6 lousy lbs. That's all! Should of only been 3 at this point!! Sheeesh!! Think I'm at the hardest part!! Meh!!! :P

  • Still a fantastic number! I love your stats they make me smile every time. You give me hope!!

  • Awww, shucks. I'm glad they put a smile on your face. You can do it JC!! :D

  • My ..my .. oh my! What have I gone and done... when I weighed in this morning I had put back on 2lb!

    Well - I can own up to not going out for walks over the last week and having a whole a packet of crunchy coated peanuts to myself! Shame on me especially as we have already cut out the biscuits and chocolate.. I just needed something to nibble on whilst watching a late night programme. Carrot sticks just did not do it for me then I'm afraid.

    Anyhow, moving on to the coming week, I will make a concerted effort to start walking again and I have started on the carrot sticks..they're not bad really.

    Have a good week everyone. :)

  • Oh dear did you Weigh same place, same clothes, same time? Might sound mad but different floor levels even alter the scale.

    2lb isn't so bad lots of walks coming up then👍

  • Oh thats annoying! Ah well, at least you know whats gone wrong!! Maybe you need something that you really do like to nibble on in the evenings - feeling deprived is a surefire way to fall off the wagon! I've recently got into my kids icepops (dont tell them!) which are only 20cal each!!!

    I think you need to declare your actual weight for the stats, as well as what you've lost / gained x

  • Hi JC, how's it going? Any badges need doing?

  • Hiya isou7000 , going good thank you. Not aware of any badges today but I do have a memory like a sieve. Itsbab did you clock any?

  • Great job. Ok Ill be around til closing, so just PM me if anything needs doing :-)

  • Hee hee, This was me last week. I had a pigging out week and put on 2lbs. Lost a lb of that this week tho' so don't despair. It can be done. Just don't beat yourself up about it. That would be a futile exercise. Just Keep on plugging on. :D


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