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Newbie, but not my hopes

I joined on Tuesday and have been roaming through the forums. Was able to join the WWW group which was nice but have discovered that some forums I dont know how to put a post on. Eg. the Daily Diary. Also another one I cant remember but how do I put a post on. Was told if I went to the end of the thread that I would find my icon and then put a note on but on some threads cant find it. Can someone help. Really want to write and share. Thanks for this site too.

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Hi jennilou

To join in with the Daily Diary if you go to Events on the Home page on the right hand side, just click on the Daily Diary and it will open. Then write your menu is the box below the word "Reply".

Can I ask are you on a mobile, tablet or laptop. If a laptop then the Pinned posts and Events are all on the right hand side and you can just click on what you want and it will open. If your using a mobile they can be found at the bottom.


Just write in the "reply" box at the end of the conversation 😊


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