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How to avoid eating extra at work?


Okay, so I managed to avoid the temptation of the 6 bags if cookies and packet of biscuits in the staff room today!

However, my actual problem is when I'm actually working! I give out food to the children and always end up eating something too... Today I did manage to stop myself from having a packet of crisps but I did eat a Turkey sandwich (4 quarters).

I know that this must be a big factor in me gaining wait so I need some kind of plan..

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Hi LillyPop22 I am not sure at what point you are eating/snacking, but is it worth saying to yourself "I cannot eat unless I am sat at a table"? Or if you eat the sandwich, say "that was my lunch"?

LillyPop223lbs in reply to MissisB

I have my lunch at 1:30 then end up eating with the children at around 4..

MissisBAdministrator in reply to LillyPop22

Ah, I see. If it was me, I would just keep striving every day to resist, or have less. It will, in time, become the habit that you will just ignore the 4.00 pm snack. Think how much yummier the meal you are having that evening is. Perhaps you could have your own snack at 4.00 pm - some fruit or nuts perhaps?

LillyPop223lbs in reply to MissisB

Well I did eat less than I normally would today as I skipped the crisps and probably another sandwich!

Bringing fruit could work but I might feel a bit silly :(

TiggerrHost in reply to LillyPop22

You're already making more positive choices by skipping those crisps and reducing your intake... that is what changing your lifestyle for the better is all about. Congrats!

I've recently given up alcohol and take my own diet tonic and angostura bitters to parties full of long standing drinking friends. I don't feel silly... me being belligerent me, I feel good that I'm making healthier choices than most.

MissisBAdministrator in reply to LillyPop22

I love fruit, and would never feel silly eating it. Take a deep breath, ignore everyone else - perhaps treat yourself - there are some delicious strawberries around at the moment. It doesn't have to be an apple. Have a pot of melon, grapes, mango, raspberries - it is your life, your choice, your health - if fruit isn't your favourite, choose another healthy snack - one you really want and look forward to. I really don't care what other people think about what I eat, although to be honest, the usual comment I get is "that looks good". 🙂

LillyPop223lbs in reply to MissisB

I know but I have anxiety and tend to worry that people are thinking things they wouldn't be..

MissisBAdministrator in reply to LillyPop22

I can relate to that. However, the opinions that really matter are people thinking you are happy and kind, not wondering what you are eating. Personally I would have a better opinion of someone having a bowl of mixed fruits than a bag of crisps. Take a big breath and put YOU at Number 1.

TrimmerteacherHost in reply to LillyPop22

What could be silly about a delicious snack box full of grapes, strawberries, orange segments, blueberries.... be upfront with them and tell them you want to stay healthy. Or be totally honest and say you want to lose weight, and they can help you by not offering you biscuits and crisps or anything else to spoil your appetite for your lunch!

LaurenS911 stone

I have this problem at work! Being in an office there always seems to be a birthday!

Maybe try eating something healthier when they eat like fruit. You won't feel like your missing out so much and it will set a great example for the kids too! :)

Most of it comes down to self control unfortunately, but it will get better!


I'm not sure how often you are dishing out food but how about arming yourself with your own pre-prepared food and snacks. Can you keep them near you and eat them when you feel an urge to eat the food you're serving?

Like MissisB mentions, perhaps make that turkey sarnie part of your daily calorie total.

Sugar free gum or mints. They spoil your taste buds for anything else! 😊


Hi .i have this problem as i work in nusery.theres always cake or biscuits we are brought in.i started taking my own snack in of fruit.different every day.they now ask me what have i got today. They even stopped asking me now if i want cake. You will find people will be encouraging.i find fruit tea if i fancy a snack as it dont really go with a biscuit so i just drink that and fills me up. Good luck x

I would think about the positive example you'd be setting to the children by eating fruit.

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