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Fighting fit(bit)?

Another busy busy busy week for me.. I've been making 200 Orders of Service so have been spending a lot of time sitting at the computer or standing at a work table. Not very active so luckily my Fitbit friends are keeping me motivated with Workweek Hustles (which I won 😊) and Weekend Warrior challenges (which I also won 😃) and a new personal best step count of 30,154 for a day. Soooo chuffed with myself, and I never realised I could be so competitive! After many years of being caught in the cycle of overweight and inactive, anything physically challenging was never terribly attractive - or comfortable - so I avoided it like the plague. Now I try every day to do a little more , mostly walking and dancing in my kitchen, but it's such a surprise to find that I can actually ENJOY being active and still keep breathing! I was out walking and broke into a run four times.... me! Only managed about 100 paces each time, but still. Shocked the heck out of myself... not very graceful, like you see in TV adverts, all rippling muscles, flowing hair and gently springing along. More flapping flesh left over from losing 96 lbs, hair clapped to my forehead with sweat and clumping along, but I did it and survived. It felt like every internal organ, as well as some external jiggly bits, were trying to break off but as far as I'm aware, I didn't leave any behind. Never want to do it again but the achievement I felt made me smile - later, when I felt a bit more like myself again.

And for my next trick.... 🤔

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Very very well done. Great feel good factor and mega inspirational :) :) :)

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Great post jeelbert 😀 Funny and inspiring, thank you

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Your post has given me another reminder to get my Fitbit fixed, Kat! I used to be a steps addict and loved all the challenges, funnily enough, I still do all the walking around, but I just don't have any way of tracking it now.

You running sounds a lot like me running! I've found that super tight underwear helps with the 'blowing in the breeze' syndrome! :D

I bet you do it again and I bet you learn to love it! I shall look forward to your membership to the Tortoise and Hare Running Cub! ;)

Keep on moving, it's a condition of the nouveau slim! :)

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