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Yay and a bit of struggle

SoftBandit2 stone

Hey there, so on the 26th of May I was 20st 6. Yesterday at the doctors I weighed in at 19st 7! But at on my home scales (which I tried in different places) I got 19st 4.8 three times. I don't know which to believe but I'd like to think I've hit my target which is loosing a stone a month! Yay!

On a bit of a sour note I seem to be struggling lately which is the last few days and I wondering if it's work or stress as I'm eating and exercising the same but my weight loss (by my scales) the past few days was 19st 5, 19st 4.9 then 19st 4.8. I'm a bit worried and confused why this is happening really and wondering if anyone has come across this before.

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NannyEJHealthy BMI

Probably not good to weigh every day as this can make you a bit obsessed. Once a week should be okay, although some people only weigh once a month. I know it can be exciting to see the changes though.

Fantastic that you have already lost so much. Try to relax and trust the process as it has been working for you so far.

Best wishes EJ

SoftBandit2 stone in reply to NannyEJ

Haha! I think I am already obsessed. Yeah I will, thank you for the advice, I think I'm just a very eager beaver :P

Well done on a stone in a month... Great going.

Depending on what time of day you weigh it can fluctuate quite a bit in one day.. Its better to weigh once a week/fortnight/month to see a loss that will give you the wow factor!!

SoftBandit2 stone in reply to Minniewinny

Yeah definitely! That's my next challenge. I cannot weigh myself until Saturday (when I join Slimming World) and hope :).


Well done, softbandit :)

All scales will weigh slightly differently, so don't worry about that. Were you 20st 6lbs on your scales, or the doctor's scales? If it was your scales, you've lost 1st 1.2lbs and if it was the doctor's, you've lost 13lbs. Both are fantastic! :)

It's OK to weigh yourself daily, but take those weight with a bit of salt, as there will be natural fluctuations, a weekly tally is better, but the long term progress is what really matters! Make yourself a line graph and watch it nosedive :)

Weight loss is bound to slow down too! The big losses from early on, will be replaced with smaller, steadier ones and that's totally normal.

Keep up the great work! :)

SoftBandit2 stone in reply to moreless

Thank you for the advice, I really appreciate it. I was 20st 6 on my own scales. I think I'm just very eager to rectify my mistake but I need to realise that it won't always be like this. :)

morelessAdministrator in reply to SoftBandit

Don't you worry! Concentrate on enjoying your journey, rather than focusing on an end goal. You'll get there all the same :)

My doctors scales are set but higher then zero to start with to make allowances for shoes and clothes that's what one of the nurses told me anyway lol either way it's a great loss :) take measurements too and weigh in once a week

SoftBandit2 stone in reply to Lolowatto

I just realised, I had my keys and phone in my pocket. I'm clutching at straws now! Haha. I need to find my tape measure for measurements. Most of my clothes hardly fit anymore so I think that's shows it for now.

Thank you for the advice :)

VickyDLM2 stone in reply to SoftBandit

Don't forget clothes and shoes! Those can weigh a good few pounds as well. :)

forgottenit1 stone in reply to SoftBandit

keys do it for me too.lol

wa2un7Maintainer in reply to Lolowatto

I've maybe got this wrong but should the doc's scales not be set lower to allow for clothes etc?

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