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Too few calories per day?


I recently started noticing the calories I get from my meals every day and I have to say that I'm a little bit concerned but also amazed at the same time.

I have always been eating healthy and clean but in the past few weeks I started avoiding every single junk food that I would eat occasionally before. This is because I want to lose weight ( I'm currently 5'2" per 125 pounds) .

I actually eat between 400 and 700 calories per day! Isn't it few, considering that it should be between 1200-2000 (according to what I have read)?

Should I be concerned about this? I really do eat few but I feel always pretty full so I think that is enough for me, even though I seem not to lose any weight....

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I'm in the a similar dilemma to you. I personally only lose weight when I eat 1,700-2,000 calories, even though the calculator wants me to eat around 2,200.

If you haven't been losing weight with eating 400-700 calories, then I'd suggest increasing your caloric intake. I think I remember hearing that women should eat around 1,400 calories as a minimum, with 2,000 being the recommended. I would definitely recommend eating more calories. Your body most likely lowered its metabolism due to a depletion in the calories that it's being fed. It's possibly gone into starvation mode.

But I'd wait for the others to tell you on this forum, I'm an amateur.


Hello emrysjorthal and welcome.

I'm wondering why you think you need to lose weight. Unless you've made a typing mistake then your current weight puts you fairly in the middle of the 'healthy' range, as measured by the BMI calculator. There's a lot of people here that would love to have your BMI :)

Hidden is quite right in that you're not consuming enough and what you have read is also correct, in that you should be taking in more calories (not necessarily to lose weight but to eat healthily)... closer to the 2000 than the 1200. If you're having trouble eating that much, consider higher calorie density foods such as nuts and similar.

All the best!


Hi emrysjorthal Please can you confirm your weight? If it is 125lb then your BMI is 22.1 and you are smack bang in the middle of the healthy weight zone which means you DO NOT need to lose weight you just need to eat healthy :)

You are eating far too few calories to eat a balanced healthy diet

look forward to hearing from you



I think you should listen to Tiggerr and Hidden as I don't think anyone here would think you need to lose weight.


The thing is... I started noticing calories just now, and I have always been eating like this... I mainly eat vegetables, cereals, fruit, some poultry and occasionally pasta, because it makes me bloat ( even whole grain one). I am suprised about my calorie intake as I think I eat pretty much! I will definitely take the nuts and seeds advice, so that I can increase my calorie intake!

Regarding my BMI, All the information I gave is correct and I know that I'm in the middle of the healthy portion of the scale, but I still feel and look fat and chubby. I also do not think that my weight is badly distributed, as I have the same amount of fat in every part of my body (I don't know if that makes sense).

I think losing a few pounds would improve my appearance. I am definitely not willing to go underweight!


The people here are learning and have learnt to love themselves first, that is regardless of whether they were initially overweight or obese. It's one of the first great steps towards enjoying and making the most of your life.

You're in the middle of the healthy BMI so you'll help yourself by learning to love yourself as you are.


Hi emrysjorthal did you get told the other day when you mentioned your calorie intake that by not eating enough calories as it states on the bmi index your body thinks that you are starving it so it turns what you do eat into body fat and this weighs more than eating the extra calories does so this is why your weight is actually more. I used to do this myself and was informed on here that this was my problem. The person that told me has left now. By eating the amount the bmi calculator tells you to eat to lose weight I have now lost 2st. Please don't also make this mistake. Good luck with your journey.


Hi there!!. From what I gathered your weight and BMI are bang on. you just need to eat healthy and you can exercise in a healthy way such as a stroll around the block to keep you in shape and have fun with it.


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